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What we do

Mobile CRM iOS and Android Application

Mobile CRM application with advanced AI natural language processing feature developed by EXISTEK for the US-based startup company. We have created two native mobile apps leveraging Swift for iOS and Java for the Android version. A key part of the product - neural network with NLP component capable of the business cards optical scanning and the text fields context recognition.


Swift, Java, React, Node.js, Neural Network, Python ML

Team and workload:

6 Months, 1 AI Dev, 1 iOS, 1 Android, 1 QA, 1 Full Stack, PM

ERP and CRM solution for Global Oil and Gas Company

Custom Oil and Gas ERP Software solution that helps one of the largest global oilfield service company to perform everyday tasks faster, better, and more efficiently. The software includes functionality for the Order Tracking, Fully Configurable Analytic Reporting, Logistics, Repair, Health, Safety, and Environment Management, Quality Assurance, Human Resources management, and more.


.NET, C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, MSSQL

Team and workload:

Ongoing, 7 developers

Mobile Application for Sales Force Automation

Our client is one of the largest liquor beverages wholesaler and distributor in Texas. As a part of the digital transformation strategy, they needed to equip field representatives with the Sales Force Automation software. The application should be able to track field workers performance, assist in customer-facing, and provide a set of digital presentation assets for everyday tasks.


UWP, SQLite, Entity Framework Core

Team and workload:

5 Months, 2 Developers, Business Analyst

Web Owner & Admin Panel for the Software Product Management