Software development for startups

As an offshore software development company with over a decade of experience, we know how to power your startups with the required technology, first-hand knowledge, and dedicated resources. Our team helps you transform your brilliant ideas into full-fledged software products to compete in the market.

Looking for a professional software development company for startups?

Let's explore how we can tailor solutions to your business's unique needs!

Extensive technology knowledge and various domain expertise

Established team of software developers and managers with fine-tuned processes

Cost savings of up to 40%

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How can we kick off your startup software development?

Exchange ideas

Let’s discuss your project idea to get an understanding of the final goals.

Define the features

Together with you, we’ll use software development methodology to outline the features needed in the product.

Technology solutions design

We will select the best technology suite that will correspond best with the functional and business goals.

Develop MVP to validate the idea

As one of the steps, you can choose to create an MVP to test the idea. Existek has experience to deliver MVP time and cost effectively.

Launch the product and gather user feedback

The development team focuses on delivering full-fledged products while validating made choices and meeting user expectations.

Carry out steady improvements

Our company encourages the continuous enhancement of product quality and functionality to evolve along with user needs.

What software development services for startups we provide

Full-cycle development

Experience the efficiency of a full-cycle development process focused on meeting your specific requirements at every project stage.

Custom software development

Unleash the power of sophisticated, custom-built software solutions designed to give you a competitive edge.

MVP development

Accelerate your startup's journey to the market with our MVP development, a faster and more cost-effective alternative to building a full-featured product from the start.

Mobile apps development

Maintain your solutions continuously and introduce new functionality to remain competitive in the long run.

Dedicated teams

Build a cross-functional team committed to sharing in-depth technology knowledge to advance your startup products and services.

Startup technology consulting

Have a consultation to bring technical expertise and valuable insights into the startup development process.

Startups we helped create

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Transform your startup ideas into thriving software products

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What our customers say?

5.0 five stars

Co-Founder, Prismatext

We strongly recommend Existek as they provide exceptional development services and excellent customer support to benefit your business.
5.0 five stars

Managing Partner, IT Company

From start to finish, the folks at Existek have proven to be true to their word. I think "consistent" is the best word to describe them. They are methodical, competent, efficient, and willing to help. They are the type of company you can count on to go through the trenches with you — they easily deal with sudden challenges. Existek effectively overcame difficulties and ultimately exceeded our expectations.

Benefits to gain with the experienced development team

Existek provides professional teams that have previously collaborated to bring added advantages to our customers. That lets us share extensive experience quickly and immediately kick off your startup's software development.

Ready-to-go team

Start the development process within a few weeks, avoiding a lengthy hiring process and challenging onboarding. We have established teams of professionals, including developers, QAs, designers, and PMs, who have collectively built dozens of apps and boast an average of over five years of experience.

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Established processes

Streamline your development timeline with well-arranged and optimized processes. We take responsibility for arranging the overall delivery process, applying best management practices, keeping the involved parties, and handling the startup launch process.

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IP protection from a verified provider

Partner with a trusted software development company with a strong reputation for IP protection and security. We’ll sign non-disclosure agreements, ensure data encryption, implement access controls, conduct regular audits, and monitor compliance to reduce potential risks.

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Resource savings

Allocate your resources efficiently to make a wise investment. With a dedicated team, you'll save on hiring and development costs, gain access to skilled developers, and scale your startup product based on rising needs.

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In-house level control and full engagement

Promote open communication and efficient collaboration to achieve great success. We know how to align everyone's efforts towards a common objective and keep the involved parties informed and engaged.

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Our expertise across various industries

Deep understanding of the specific industry's needs, challenges, and regulations and effective collaboration between involved parties is critical to ensuring a successful product launch. We always turn our attention to involving industry specialists, stakeholders, and end users to develop supreme startup concepts and build advanced tech solutions.


From patient care and management systems to medical devices and telemedicine, there is a wide range of opportunities for startups to address unmet needs and improve the overall healthcare experience.

Retail & eCommerce

Gain the ability to reach a global audience, the potential for rapid growth, and the flexibility to evolve with consumer preferences and trends. We know how to help startups streamline operations, personalize shopping experiences, and optimize their marketing efforts.


There is a high demand for innovative financial services and products, especially when today's users are open to new ways of banking, investing, and managing their finances. Let's fill these gaps with advanced tech solutions.

Real estate

Regulatory changes and sustainability concerns are driving the need for new approaches in construction, property management, and urban planning, providing ample room for numerous startups to make a significant impact.


Lifelong learning and upskilling due to technological advancements create a ripe environment for innovative educational solutions. Impressive startups can be driven by a passion for education and a great desire to empower users through knowledge and skills development.


With unique startup concepts, whether in accommodations, dining experiences, or travel services, businesses have the opportunity to differentiate the market and attract a loyal customer following. 

Manufacturing & automation

Startups within this domain can introduce better ways of production, improve efficiency through automation, reduce costs by optimizing manufacturing processes, and enhance safety through advanced control and monitoring systems.

Logistics & transportation

Respond to changing market trends with startups prioritizing customer experience by offering personalized services, real-time tracking, and responsive customer support. This flexibility helps drive innovation and make new players shape this domain's future.

Business intelligence

Startups in BI can innovate rapidly, offering agile solutions to evolving data challenges. They often provide specialized, cost-effective BI tools and solutions catering to the needs of smaller businesses or specific industries.

Technologies we mastered

We do our best to stay ahead of the curve and provide cutting-edge solutions that apply the latest technologies and tools. Our team has considerable expertise in adopting different frameworks, tools, methodologies, and development approaches to fit every customer's needs.

Web development

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.NET development services



Java application development services


Mobile development

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React Native

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Desktop development

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asp dot net core blazor icon

Core Blazor

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Cloud providers


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Google Cloud

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SQL Server


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Why collaborate on the startup software development with the external team?

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66% of small businesses outsource development services

It’s an excellent opportunity to access a wider talent pool with specialized skills to launch products under more reasonable conditions.

team meeting in zoom. Two members of the team are sitting at the table in an office, and another nine are online

75% of startups have boosted productivity by leveraging remote teams

The extended team offers expert knowledge, flexibility, additional resources, and open collaboration, contributing to increased productivity.

48% cost savings when outsourcing software development

Lower development rates and reduced infrastructure expenses lead to considerable savings that help balance the startup budget.

a person follows the rise and fall of the market on a chart

42% quicker scaling based on the rising needs

Dedicated resources support scaling up or down rapidly based on the project's needs, allowing for agile and responsive growth of your startup.

What we deliver as a provider of software development services for startups?

At Existek, we stand out from the competition by delivering robust solutions and deeply understanding our clients' businesses. Our commitment to gaining in-depth technological knowledge and addressing our customers' needs sets us apart and ensures the success of your project.

Product focus

Our team always prioritizes customers' needs and is committed to delivering robust market products with extensive functionality.

Idea protection

We ensure that the unique ideas, innovations, and technologies developed during the partnership are legally protected to safeguard your intellectual property.

Strategic approaches

Our expert team works on capitalizing on new opportunities, navigating challenges with ease, and helping your business achieve long-term goals.

Industry best practices

We leverage the latest technologies, tools, and approaches based on industry best practices, trends, standards, and successful case studies.

Fast time to market

We understand the importance of speed in the startup world. Our team is adept at streamlining the development process, making efficient decisions, and executing tech solutions smoothly to bring your startup to market faster.

Experienced staff

We partner with top-market specialists to boost productivity, share relevant expertise and implement advanced solutions within your projects.

Different models to engage with required specialists

Choosing your preferred engagement model is always worth the effort as it sets the foundation for a successful project. Our team aims to address your specific needs, establish open communication, and allocate resources efficiently. Whether looking for an individual developer or the entire cross-functional team, Existek is at your service.

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Dedicated development team

a man is working with the computer

Staff augmentation

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IT consultants

Why choose our company?

We’re open to sharing our first-hand experience with you. Existek’s team has extensive expertise in custom software development for startups and knows how to boost new tech solutions for your business. Let’s build advanced software products to succeed in competitive markets.


years of average team member experience


clients in 10 countries


years on the market

More on software development for startups

Why is it important to sign NDAs?

Our team treats IP as a top priority. Establishing a legal obligation to keep sensitive information confidential is crucial. This agreement helps safeguard your trade secrets, proprietary technology, business strategies, or other project-related information from being disclosed. It ensures higher security, added protection, and trust in your business relationships.

What specialists can be assigned to your startup development team?

Existek partners with top market specialists, so we can help you set up your professional team, including software developers, QA specialists, project managers, UI/UX designers, business analysts, etc.

How much does it cost to develop software for a startup?

It’s a hard question to answer as software development costs always depend on a number of aspects. It embraces the type of software (mobile app, web app, etc), the tech stack, applied development approaches, the project complexity, developers’ rates, team compositions, and other factors. Therefore, startups should carefully consider their budget and requirements when planning their software development project and plan their expenses accordingly to balance their budget.

What engagement models can you select?

Our clients can choose from several models to suit their specific startup goals and requirements. Each provided model (fixed price, time and materials, dedicated team, hybrid) offers unique benefits and is chosen based on project complexity, client preferences, budget, etc.

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