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We are an established development service provider specializing in React software development services. Our team is committed to blending robust functionalities with appealing visuals in your React applications.

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React development services we offer

Our React development agency comprises top-market specialists to help you create sophisticated tech solutions. With our expertise, we ensure that your React projects are not only developed to the highest standards but also extend your business capabilities to meet future challenges.

React web development

We'll gladly share our expertise in React and related technologies to create high-quality, scalable, and efficient web applications based on clients' needs. That includes responsibilities such as designing user interfaces, developing components, ensuring optimal performance, etc.

React dedicated development team

Our React software development company offers a full cycle of software development services to deliver React applications from scratch. We aim to create high-quality, tailor-made solutions that meet each client's unique needs and bring users exceptional value. Besides developers, your dedicated team can include UI/UX designers, QA specialists, project managers, business analysts, etc.

App migration to React

Existek's experts help carry out a seamless migration process, maintaining data integrity while improving performance and user interface. With our migration services, you can harness React's power without sacrificing your current application's functionality or user base.

React consulting

The comprehensive services cover expert advice, guidance, and support for software development projects using React. The professional team will share React expertise to support best practices, architecture design, performance optimization, and troubleshooting to help businesses successfully implement this technology in their projects.

What React projects does our team implement?

Our React app development company can help you explore the possibilities of leveraging React within your projects. We aim to adopt best market practices and maximize the outlined solutions. Each project type comes with its own set of requirements, considerations, and challenges, so our team takes responsibility for carefully planning and designing your React application to meet your business-specific needs.

Web applications

Static and server‑rendered apps

Single-page applications

Real-time web apps

Progressive web apps

Web portals

Our featured React projects

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What our customers say?

5.0 five stars

Managing Partner, IT Company

From start to finish, the folks at Existek have proven to be true to their word. I think "consistent" is the best word to describe them. They are methodical, competent, efficient, and willing to help. They are the type of company you can count on to go through the trenches with you — they easily deal with sudden challenges. Existek effectively overcame difficulties and ultimately exceeded our expectations.
5.0 five stars

CEO, Aibly Corp.

They delivered the required functionality in a reasonable time frame. I felt the quality of the work was good and their productivity was too.

Our React expertise for different industries

Our company focuses on the React development service and excels in using cutting-edge approaches to enhance and build robust applications customized for specific domain requirements. We are passionate about pushing the boundaries in software development, which fuels our commitment to delivering robust and unique solutions across many industries.


Let’s build healthcare solutions to improve efficiency in healthcare delivery, reduce healthcare costs, empower patients to manage their health, and facilitate communication between healthcare providers and patients.


Our React development company can provide you with the tools and capabilities to compete effectively in the digital marketplace. We have broad experience in delivering robust eCommerce solutions for the success and growth of your business.


Would you like to leverage ReactJS technology to innovate and streamline your financial services? Our specialists help you revolutionize the fintech market to include greater accessibility and enhanced convenience.

Manufacturing & automation

We’ll help you enable remote monitoring and control of industrial processes, improve efficiency through automation, and provide data analysis for better decision-making and optimization.

Business intelligence

Building web applications enables organizations to make informed decisions, track key performance indicators, and gain insights into market trends and customer behavior through collecting, analyzing, and visualizing data.

Transport & logistics

We can make your React app an indispensable tool for modern transport and logistics operations. It commonly embraces route optimization, shipment tracking, inventory management, and other related functions.


Existek’s team has exceptional expertise in making full-fledged tech solutions to revolutionize education. Our primary focus is making learning more accessible, efficient, and engaging.

Field services

Our developers pay special attention to bringing real-time visibility into field operations. The introduced functionality helps field teams support better decision-making, customer service, and communication between them.


Let’s help your business attract and retain customers by offering them convenient and personalized services. We deliver a variety of functionality to enhance guest experiences through personalized recommendations and other advanced features.

Why React for your web project

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Component-based architecture

Construct user interfaces using modular components that provide structured and efficient approaches to make the web development processes more manageable and scalable.

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React ecosystem

Access a rich and vibrant collection of tools, libraries, and best practices that surround the ReactJS library and allow web development teams to extend the core app functionality.

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Design opportunities

Design and assemble your own components, such as Thumbnail, LikeButton, and Video, and seamlessly integrate them to form complete screens, pages, and applications.

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Constant upgrades

Keep your React applications up-to-date with the latest features, performance improvements, compatibility capabilities, and security patches.

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Smooth integration with other technologies

Use it with various backend technologies like Node.js and different frontend libraries and frameworks like Redux, Material UI, etc.

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Active community

Take advantage of the active community that provides support, resources, and opportunities for businesses to learn, grow, and build better React apps.

How do we go through the React development process?

As a React web app development company, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality software covering business-specific needs. We prioritize staying abreast of the latest ReactJS web app development trends and best practices to assist our clients in receiving cutting-edge solutions.


We begin by collecting key information to outline the app's objectives, user roles, and features it will cover. Our team of experts conducts thorough analysis to ensure the right decisions regarding app development needs. This step helps us lay a solid foundation for the project, setting the stage for successful web development and implementation.


Our specialists are adept at providing a project roadmap that outlines the essential steps for successful app development and maintenance. This stage includes documenting all requirements in detail to ensure clarity and efficiency throughout the project lifecycle and the full description of the future outcomes.


The primary focus shifts towards crafting wireframes and prototypes to visualize the future React application. It allows designers to present the app layout, user interface, and user experience. This development process ensures that the chosen solution is well-structured, scalable, and meets the project's requirements. Additionally, the team conducts regular reviews and iterations to refine the design and improve its usability.


The professional team starts working on the backend logic, leveraging the selected technology stack and the front end with React. Our web developers ensure your app is highly secure, implementing best practices to protect user data and prevent unauthorized access. They also focus on optimizing the application for performance, considering numerous factors like load times and responsiveness to deliver a smooth user experience.

Quality assurance

The QA team takes responsibility for performing multiple tests to ensure that each app component functions correctly, verifying further integration, simulating user interactions, and confirming the expected behavior of the application. Additionally, they collaborate closely with developers to resolve any discovered issues promptly, ensuring a smooth and error-free app deployment.


With good practices and exceptional attention to detail during deployment, developers can ensure React applications launch successfully and provide a reliable and responsive user experience. Besides, we always handle the app launch, staying agile in our approaches and practices.

Support & maintenance

Ongoing support, monitoring, and iteration based on user feedback and market trends are crucial for maintaining the app's relevance and your business competitiveness in the long run.

Choose your efficient models to engage with required experts

We offer the flexibility to select your preferred engagement model from various options. Besides, the team always prioritizes discovering your unique business requirements and tailoring our collaboration approach to meet them. It's our professional responsibility to ensure that the project is given the attention and expertise it deserves. The goal is to not only meet but exceed your expectations, delivering a React product that adds significant value to your business.

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Hire individual React developers to extend your team

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Set up your dedicated development team

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Request React consulting services

What do you get for your React project with Existek?

Our Reactjs web development company offers the first-hand experience we’ve gained through a wide array of implemented solutions and leveraged technological capabilities.

Extensive expertise

With decade-long expertise in web development, we ensure that your React apps are created to the highest standards and aim to extend capabilities to meet your business challenges.

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A full cycle of services

Our team covers React app development services from scratch to precisely fit the project's needs and provides high-quality services at each implementation stage.

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Highly-skilled resources

We partner with top market React developers experienced in frontend development practices and capable of delivering performant and highly interactive web applications. 

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Active engagement

We always foster communication between the engaged parties to increase productivity and better outcomes within successful partnerships.

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Agile approaches

Our development team promotes collaborative, iterative approaches that are well-suited to the dynamic nature of web technologies and user expectations.

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Reasonable service costs

Receive high-quality development services without compromising your budget. As a professional provider, we help you achieve your project goals efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Why choose our React development company?

Efficient React web development services require combining technical expertise, open collaboration, and a focus on delivering high-quality applications. We do our best to create React solutions that meet client needs and exceed expectations. Additionally, prioritizing security, accessibility, and scalability, we help your team stay competitive in the ever-evolving field of the tech market.


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More on React development services

What is React good for?

React is a great choice for creating modern web applications. Its flexibility, performance, and developer-friendly features make it a perfect tool for implementing engaging and dynamic user interfaces that require frequent updates.

How long does it take to create React applications?

The timeline for making a React application depends on chosen features, implemented complexity, team size, development approaches, etc. As a result, the average web app development timeline commonly starts from several months.

What is the cost of React app development services?

Evaluating the app development costs and planning the budget has always been important. Clearly outlined requirements, accurate estimates, and reasonable development rates allow businesses to manage their expenses on web app development. On average, the costs fluctuate around $100k and more.

How to choose your React development agency?

Along with defining your needs, checking reviews, researching the market, evaluating expertise, discussing collaboration terms, considering pricing, and finalizing the agreement, you can select a provider that aligns with your requirements and delivers high-quality development services.


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