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Existek is a trusted Node.js application development company with a proven track record of highly scalable projects catered to our clients’ needs. We primarily focus on quality and aim to create products that exceed expectations and endure over time.

Boost your Node.js development capabilities with tailored solutions!

Seasoned Node.js development team

Extensive tech expertise along with strategic planning

Our average Node.js developer’s experience - 5+ years

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Node.js development services we offer

Partner with a professional Node.js development company to leverage best market practices within your products and services. Existek has gained extensive expertise in delivering Node.js solutions of different specifications for multiple domains and industries. Our expert teams help transform your innovative ideas into full-fledged functional solutions.

Full-cycle Node.js development

Existek provides end-to-end Node.js development services to help you create applications from scratch. We know how to address unique business needs and develop high-performing, full-featured Node.js products.

Node.js web development

Let’s boost your business operations with powerful web applications. As a Node.js web development company, we introduce advanced web functionality, robust performance, and security according to your project-specific needs.

Node.js backend development

Existek’s experts can help you unlock the full potential of Node.js powering your software backend. Our services are tailored to build efficient solutions capable of managing and processing numerous queries and high-traffic spikes.

Node.js migration services

As a Node.js app development company, we can share our expertise in modernizing your applications, improving performance, scalability, and security, and ensuring compatibility with newer technologies and Node.js frameworks.

Node.js microservices

Want to leverage Node.js for microservices? Our Node.js development company has gained first-hand experience implementing a microservice architecture to focus on specific capabilities and develop each service separately without impacting other application parts.

Node.js consulting services

Our Node.js consultants can bring specialized expertise to your team, helping you build high-quality, scalable applications, optimize performance, and stay updated with the latest best practices in Node.js development.

MEAN stack development

Existek offers end-to-end development capabilities to implement your web solutions. Our experts ensure a cohesive and efficient development process, leveraging the full power of the MEAN stack for robust and scalable web applications.

Node.js API development

We also deliver various API services, from creating custom APIs with Node.js to ensuring seamless integration with other solutions. Our goal is to provide a structured way for app components to communicate with each other and connect with external services.

Node.js plugin development

What about some expansion capabilities? Our team also specializes in developing robust and resilient plugins with Node.js tech stack. We help you discover excellent options to scale your web and mobile applications.

Our projects built with Node.js

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Create your highly scalable, real-time solutions with Node.js

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What our customers say?

5.0 five stars

Co-Founder, Prismatext

We strongly recommend Existek as they provide exceptional development services and excellent customer support to benefit your business.
5.0 five stars

CMO, Winstars Technology LLC

They genuinely care about the success of the project development's each step and its impact on users and engagement.

We develop all kinds of Node.js applications for various industries

As a professional Node.js development company, we know how to deliver a wide range of solutions to meet your project-specific needs. Existek’s specialists share extensive experience in bringing unique functionality to advance your products and services. 

Business intelligence

We build BI solutions to provide you with valuable insights and customized analytics.


Let’s integrate your core business processes with tailored ERP solutions.


Get your efficient CRM system to manage customer interactions and drive business growth.


Let’s create a functional platform to offer unique and personalized shopping experiences.


We help to deliver robust features to differentiate your financial services in the market.


Our specialists leverage the latest technologies to enhance healthcare and deliver innovative solutions.


We create robust business management suites for a flawless service experience.

Transport management

Let’s build a one-stop system to manage fleets, drivers, routes, inventory, and other related things.

SaaS products

Our Node.js development company also assists in implementing scalable, easy-to-use, and regularly updated SaaS solutions.


We focus on delivering top-market products to support teaching and learning processes worldwide.

Manufacturing management

Our experts apply the latest tech solutions to optimize your business processes and resources involved in manufacturing.


We also specialize in improving government service delivery and enhancing citizen engagement.

The technology stack we apply

We are committed to delivering customized Node.js solutions that meet your project expectations and cover your technical needs. 

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SQL Server

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Google Cloud

Experience advantages of Node.js

Why choose Node.js development services to implement your applications? How can it benefit your business? Let's embrace the following aspects to fully experience Node.js' advantages and build high-performance, scalable solutions.

Event-driven architecture

Leverage Node.js's non-blocking, event-driven architecture to handle multiple requests efficiently, making your apps lightweight and fast.

Full-stack JavaScript

Use JavaScript for frontend and backend development to enable code reusability and streamline development and maintenance processes.

High performance

Optimize the performance of your Node.js app due to asynchronous programming, module loading, efficient database interaction, load balancing, and best scaling practices.


Build scalable Node.js applications to manage multiple connections without compromising fast performance.

Vast ecosystem

Have access to extensive documentation and a wide range of libraries, frameworks and tools to stay up-to-date with best practices and trends in the Node.js ecosystem.

Community support

Enjoy the support of a large and active community of Node.js developers with great opportunities for collaboration and networking.

How do we set up the Node.js development process?

We provide the entire cycle of development services and follow strategic approaches to ensure the delivery of high-quality Node.js apps.

Requirements analysis

Gathering, documenting, and analyzing the requirements is essential to delivering consistent products. Our business analysts go into the smallest detail, defining your business goals and project outcomes.


Careful planning lays the firm foundation for handling the overall development process. Our Node.js app development company provides clients with comprehensive estimates, including detailed task lists, cost and timeline evaluations, and more.


Our Node.js development company ensures that your app is well-structured, meets user needs, and can be developed and maintained effectively. We also deliver functional prototypes to demonstrate user flows and app appearance.

Software architecture

Node.js developers focus on defining how different application components will interact and ensuring that the architecture meets the project's scalability, maintainability, and performance requirements.


Existek primarily employs Agile methodologies to focus on progress, gather feedback, and adjust the development roadmap as necessary. The core stage often varies in length depending on the software's complexity and the development methodology.

Quality assurance

The QA engineers perform thorough testing to detect and promptly resolve bugs, preparing software for deployment. They collaborate closely with the development team to streamline debugging and maintain high-quality standards.


Node.js app deployment involves preparing your solution for production, configuring servers or cloud services, setting up databases, managing dependencies, and ensuring the application runs smoothly in the production environment.

Support & maintenance

It involves continuous activities to ensure a software product remains functional, secure, and up-to-date after its initial release. Our Node.js application development company also offers comprehensive product support and maintenance services based on mutually agreed terms.

Select engagement models according to your needs

Choosing a suitable engagement model with a professional Node.js development agency is easy. We always start with a careful requirements analysis to outline your project needs and pick the right fit. Our team encourages communication and client engagement to offer quality services and reach the outlined goals.

Node.js developers

Partner with experienced Node.js app developers to create robust and scalable apps for your business. Whether your project requires specialized expertise or you need to extend the existing team, hiring individual developers with Existek brings unique skills and perspectives to your project. We help you reach flexibility in building your development team while collaborating with required specialists. Our team offers extensive expertise in creating Node.js apps across different domains.

Dedicated teams

Set up a professional team to start custom Node.js app development from scratch. Existek provides committed experts who are solely dedicated to your project, ensuring higher levels of efficiency, productivity, and quality. This model ensures better scalability and control over the development process, aligning with your needs and goals. We foster open communication and transparency to get our customers fully engaged with an assigned dedicated team.

Node.js consulting services

Consult with a team of experienced Node.js developers to ensure your solution is developed efficiently and effectively. Our team can offer valuable insights and best practices, helping you avoid common pitfalls and meet the highest quality standards. Receive an in-depth audit of your existing Node.js project to thoroughly assess its performance and functionality. We’ll gladly share our expertise to open up new opportunities to advance your existing app or help with Node.js migration services.

Why work with Existek?

Our Node.js software development company prioritizes creating top-market Node.js applications and is dedicated to forging successful partnerships with our clients. We offer highly skilled teams committed to sharing our extensive expertise and delivering custom product development to enhance your business.


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More questions on Node.js development services

Is Node.js suitable for enterprise apps?

Node.js is well-suited for enterprise applications due to its scalability, performance, and extensive ecosystem of libraries and tools, which can fulfill the requirements of large-scale applications.

How long does it take to build a Node.js app?

The time it takes to develop Node.js solutions can vary widely depending on the app complexity, the business-specific requirements, the team composition, etc. Node.js application development usually takes from several months and longer to complete.

How much could it cost to create a Node.js application?

Development costs could range from a few thousand dollars for a single-page application to hundreds of thousands for a large, complex Node.js project. To get an accurate estimate, it's essential to carefully plan the project, define requirements, and work with an experienced development team.

How can Node.js development help your business?

Node.js provides businesses with a fast, scalable, and efficient platform to deliver server-side applications, real-time web applications, APIs, etc. It enables rapid development, high performance, and easy scalability, making it ideal for building efficient solutions and delivering a seamless user experience.

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