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custom ERP software development
April 09, 2021
Custom ERP Software Development – Process, Cost

Considering implementing an ERP system and don't know whether to buy or built a custom one? This article will compare these two options and tell about the pros and cons of each. You'll also find out about the custom ERP software development process and cost. 

AngularJS end of support and what does it mean
March 19, 2021
AngularJS End of Support and What Does It Mean?

What is going with AngularJS right now? What does the end of support mean for tech companies? Should they consider the transition to newer technologies or stay with AngularJS? Find the comprehensive answers in this article to make your right decision.

how to build a taxi app
March 10, 2021
How to Build a Taxi App In 2021

Taxi applications are in great demand nowadays. It's worth considering building one. This article will tell you about the possible pitfalls, give examples of successful software, and describe the taxi app development process and cost.

how to create a fitness app - blog cover
February 05, 2021
How to Create a Fitness App

How to make a fitness app? What features to include? How do you approach its development? We'll address these and other essential questions to streamline the process and deliver a valuable market product.

custom mobile app development services
December 29, 2020
Custom Mobile App Development: Client’s Perspective

You don't know what your part in the development process will be when you decide to develop a mobile app? You, as a customer, want to receive full transparency from a service provider? Read the article to find out how the development process goes step by step.

flutter vs. react native
December 02, 2020
Flutter Vs. React Native in 2021 – Who’s The Winner?

It is essential to choose the best frameworks for your project. If you're building a cross-platform application, the main competitors are Flutter and React Native. In the article, we'll compare them according to different criteria so that you can select the best option for you. 

what is EDI
November 04, 2020
What is EDI: Definition, Advantages, Implementation

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a powerful system thus it is very important to know how and when to use it. In this article, you'll find the ultimate guide to EDI: what are its formats, what kinds of documents and protocols are there, and what are its advantages.

cloud application development
October 23, 2020
Cloud Application Development in 2020: Trends, Technologies, Cost

What is the state of cloud app development in 2020? How to develop a cloud application? What technologies to apply? How much does the development cost? Read the article to find the answers to these and many other related questions.

Best hybrid app frameworks in 2020
October 09, 2020
Best Hybrid App Framework In 2021

Why hybrid apps are sometimes better than the native ones? What technologies are used to build one? How to choose the best framework when there are so many of them. In this article, you'll find answers to these questions and much more interesting information about hybrid mobile app development. 

app wireframing tools
September 25, 2020
App Wireframing Tools: Top-5 Best Solutions

This article is aimed at giving a clear understanding of what is wireframing, and why it is an extremely important part of the pre-development stage. Mockups and prototypes are also discovered here. What is the difference between these concepts, when to apply each of them, and why is it necessary to make wireframing a part of the whole development process?

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