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October 30, 2018
List of ERP Technologies: What is Right for Your Project?

The role of information technology in ERP is immense. In the article below we have thoroughly discussed the list of ERP technologies that are used in the ERP development projects.

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October 16, 2018
Types of IT Outsourcing and Types of Contracts In Outsourced Software Projects Management

Choosing between various types of contracts in software project management is everything in engagement with the offshore software development company. Depending on the selected outsourcing model you can expect some variations in the payment terms, work progress reporting, your ability to manage the team directly etc.

First of all, we need to define what are the usual suspects when talking about the various offshore development models and outsourcing contract types.

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August 08, 2018
DMS Software Development and How Much It Would Cost

Moving from papers to digital documents is no longer an innovation; it is a path all organizations should follow to be successful. However, handling digital files can be challenging. The electronic document management system software is an important part of the enterprise business intelligence and automation system part and responds to a problem of dematerialization: the tracking and management of digital documents.

How much the development of such a system would cost? This is the question we are addressing in this blog post, as well as describe the development process and the timeline for this kind of software.

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August 02, 2018
Existek Excels: Recognition as an Industry Leader

This recognition comes from Clutch, the Washington, D.C.-based research and reviews firm. Existek had our market presence, customer satisfaction, and industry experience, among other aspects of our operations, studied and scored by Clutch and sister site, The Manifest, attesting to the all-around strength of our performance and products. We very much appreciate this nod to the quality of our team members and work, but we would like to thank our clients for also acknowledging our efforts.

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July 06, 2018
What Is Technical Debt and How to Calculate It

In an ideal world, every project is finished on time, and within the estimated budget, even better the budget has allowed to develop additional features and test everything one more time before the release. In the real world, the development process can encounter several difficulties, and technical debt is among the most common issues the project may face. It is essential to understand what is technical debt, how to evaluate them and especially how to tackle them.

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June 23, 2018
How to Write the System Requirements Specification for Software Development

As an experienced software development company, we know that writing good system requirements specification is pivotal to the success of any software project. Working with dozens of different requests from various industries we have accumulated knowledge and created a vision of how ideal SRS documentation should look like. We share our best practices for creating outstanding SRS documentation which will be both very comprehensive for the developers and protect your project from some of the challenges you and your business may face without having well-outlined system functionality and requirements to the final software.

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June 14, 2018
How much does custom HR Software Development Cost

HR Software often lies at the core of the business. The bigger the enterprise than higher it relies on the human resource management systems. In this article, we are going to show you how much does HR software development cost as well timeline for such project and what resources you're going to need to make a system that truly empowers your human resources management.

how much does it cost to build an erp system article cover image
June 08, 2018
How Much Does It Cost To Develop an ERP

Despite the price is not being the most important selection criteria for business intelligence software, it still matters. This article will help you to understand the cost of building custom ERP from scratch for your organization and compare it to the cost of buying and implementation of the ready-made solution.

what is smart contracts blockchain and its use cases for business article header image
May 23, 2018
What Is Smart Contracts Blockchain And Its Use Cases in Business

What are the smart contracts and how they can help you to make the business more agile, productive and customer-oriented? In this article, we explore the common use-cases of this technology in 2018 and bring to the table some of the best smart contracts implementation examples in the actual software products.

how to calculate man-hours for software project blog post cover image
May 07, 2018
How to Calculate Man-Hours for The Software Project: Explanation with an Example

Costs estimation is at the heart of the software development process. It is important for every business to have the ability to have an estimate for each project they have. Estimation can be thrown randomly to advance quickly but that would not really make sense. There is a long process that leads to cost estimation. Besides costs, there is another important aspect that needs to be taken into account: how long would it take to deliver the product? When answering these questions, there are a few things we need to understand: how to calculate software development cost? How does software development project estimation work? How to calculate man-hours for a software project? Let's find answers to those questions together!

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