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How to hire AI developers - blog cover

September 28, 2023

How to Hire AI Developers?

Why has the market need changed for AI developers? How do they become so demanded for implementing various tech solutions and projects over recent years? Read the detailed guide about AI developers, their roles and responsibilities, and some efficient approaches to hiring your AI developers.

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Node.js alternatives - blog cover

September 05, 2023

Node.js Alternatives: How to Choose?

How do you make the technology choice for your project? What about including a detailed evaluation of viable alternatives? How essential is it for building sophisticated solutions? In this article, we're going to consider Node.js as one of the most used web technologies and its alternatives to be applied in web development.

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what is a stealth startup - blog cover

August 16, 2023

What is a Stealth Startup?

Why do some companies choose to operate in silent mode? What benefits can it bring to startups? Read the article about the stealth startup, its specifications, and how to leverage it efficiently for your specific-business case.

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React Native app development - blog cover

July 20, 2023

React Native App Development: Why Choose It?

How has React Native become popular in the market? Is it worth considering this technology for your project implementation? Check the article to discover essential details on React Native app development, common use cases, prominent advantages, and how to approach the development process.

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what is Firebase - blog cover

June 20, 2023

What is Firebase?

How to implement your project with Firebase? How efficient is this tech solution to streamline the development process and deliver the outlined functionality? Check this article to find out how Firebase works, its products and services, and how it's used across various domains.

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How to hire a cross-platform developer - blog cover

June 14, 2023

How to Hire a Cross-Platform Developer?

In recent years, the popularity of cross-platform app development has skyrocketed, offering viable solutions for developers and companies. When making an app for your business, it's worth considering this highly effective development approach. The article offers a detailed guide on essential factors to prioritize, the process of hiring a cross-platform developer, and the advantages you stand to get.

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What is .NET used for - blog cover

May 08, 2023

What Is .NET Used For?

Creating powerful and dynamic applications is more critical than ever before. Developers require platforms that can provide the tools and features to build fast, reliable, and secure applications. .NET provides developers with a comprehensive set of tools and libraries to build a wide range of apps. This article discovers what .NET is used for and explores the features that make it a go-to choice for developers across various industries.

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nearshore software development - blog cover

April 04, 2023

Nearshore Software Development

How to access a larger talent pool and build an efficient team for your project? Let's explore what nearshore software development is and how this outsourcing approach can be used to your advantage. Find more details to discover its advantages, good practices, and other engagement specifications. 

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Cross-functional team - blog cover

March 28, 2023

Cross-functional Team: Composition, Benefits, and Good Practices

Why do businesses choose cross-functional teams? How does this type of team become so popular in software development? Read this article to find out more details about the cross-functional team and how it can streamline the development process.

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.NET MAUI vs Flutter - blog post

March 02, 2023

.NET MAUI vs Flutter: How to Choose?

Have you realized how important the technology stack is for the success of your project? How to make the right decision, leverage great functionality and stay up-to-date? In this article, we'll compare .NET MAUI vs Flutter as the main competitors among popular solutions for cross-platform development.

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