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.NET MAUI vs Flutter - blog post

March 02, 2023

.NET MAUI vs Flutter: How to Choose?

Have you realized how important the technology stack is for the success of your project? How to make the right decision, leverage great functionality and stay up-to-date? In this article, we'll compare .NET MAUI vs Flutter as the main competitors among popular solutions for cross-platform development.

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Cross-platform development - blog cover

February 27, 2023

Cross-Platform Development: Benefits, Frameworks and Solutions

Why does cross-platform development become extremely popular? How can you leverage this development approach for your business? Let's read the article to find out how to enhance flexibility and deliver advanced applications with it.

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SharePoint as a database - blog cover

January 31, 2023

SharePoint as a Database and How It Can Be Used

How to utilize SharePoint as a database? What are the steps to create and manage a database in SharePoint? Take a closer look at this article to find answers to these questions and learn how to use it for your business needs.

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Software development for financial services - blog cover

January 27, 2023

Software Development for Financial Services: Technologies, Trends, Challenges, and Best Practices

Software development for financial services is often mentioned in the context of high regulatory and security standards. In this article, you will find out what to expect if you plan to create your own finance application.

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ERP vs CRM: what is difference and how to choose - blog cover

January 19, 2023

ERP vs CRM: What Is the Difference and How to Choose?

Don't know whether to choose a CRM or ERP system for your business? Take the time to read this article on these business systems. It includes a detailed comparison of the features and capabilities of each, the most common use cases, and some helpful advice on making your reasonable decision.

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January 10, 2023

What Is Soft Launching and How to Use It to Your Advantage

How to approach the launching of your software products? What are some efficient strategies to apply? Read the article to learn more about software product launches and how a soft launch can benefit your business needs.

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staff augmentation - blog cover

December 20, 2022

Staff Augmentation: Benefits, Types and Use Cases

Staying agile in a regularly changing environment can sometimes seem overwhelming. The evolution of technology creates opportunities and puts pressure on businesses looking for a competitive advantage. Being unable to react fast enough during prosperous and unanticipated moments can lead to further missed chances. That said, producing the required IT resources to capitalize on such opportunities may be pricey and complicated. In this article, we'll consider staff augmentation as one of the efficient approaches to extending existing teams and gaining significant advantages with it. 

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Flutter vs Xamarin - blog cover

November 04, 2022

Flutter vs Xamarin: What’s Better for App Development?

How to make a choice regarding the best technology for cross-platform solutions? What aspects are worth special consideration? Check the detailed comparison of Flutter vs Xamarin to discover differences, find advantages and simplify your final choice. 

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relational vs non-relational databases - blog cover

October 04, 2022

Relational vs Non-relational Databases: How to Choose?

What is the difference between relational and non-relational databases? How to choose the right solution for your project? Read the article to find decisive aspects of these database types, their pros and cons, use cases, and popular databases.

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mobile app ui/ux design - blog cover

August 30, 2022

Mobile App UI/UX Design: Process, Duration, Tools

How to approach the mobile app design and create an intuitive user experience for your business? How to streamline the UI/UX design process and meet the project needs? Read the article to discover the important details of the process, design principles, available tools, required specialists, etc.

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