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Why hire ooffshore developers for tech startups - blog cover

May 08, 2017

Why Hire Offshore Developers for Tech Startups

The dedicated development team model is a unique way to hire professional talent offshore. This popular software development model is used to deliver managed IT services remotely from all over the world, decrease the cost of a company’s development expenses, increase productivity levels, business agility and strengthen its development process.

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April 21, 2017

WPF Validation: How to Validate the Whole Form on the Button Click

User data needs to be validated in almost any application that has the forms. Probably, you already have experience with the validation implementation in some way if you ever have worked with forms in WPF applications. Despite the huge number of available options majority of them are designed to work at the “field level”. As the result, you will find lots of information on how to use IDataErrorInfo when you search for “WPF validation”. And what if you need to validate the whole form?

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April 11, 2017

IT Outsourcing Trends 2017. What to Expect?

We’ve witnessed a growth of outsourcing integration challenges this past year, as well as enterprise systems and production workloads hitting the cloud, with security being at the top of the agenda.

What has already happened with IT outsourcing in 2017 and what is yet to come? Let's see together what IT Outsourcing Trends trends will be on top in 2017.

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March 07, 2017

Dedicated Development Team: 10 Collaboration Tips

Outsourcing still is the answer to many of the modern business challenges. Tough budget, lack of human resources with some rare technical skills, or high taxes. However, remote development brings some issues that can be quite unexpected and tough to address. Some of them include time differences, rare project management tools and techniques, and unfamiliar technologies that make estimation nearly impossible. Fortunately, after completing dozens of remote development projects, we can say that outsourcing can be even more productive and pleasant if stakeholders will stick to a few very simple pieces of advice.

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Selecting Oil and Gas ERP - blog cover

February 21, 2017

Selecting Oil and Gas ERP: Top 5 Things to Consider

Over the last six months, the oil and gas industries experienced some agitations. This agitation devastated so many petroleum companies and has left so many production infrastructures with no choice but to shut down or cut down on supply, and the transformations in the regulatory surrounding have made entry into the new international market a lot stiffer. This event has caused lots of manufacturers and producers of petroleum products and services to become more effective in reacting to the present background of volatility for oil and natural gas sectors.

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February 16, 2017

Dedicated Team Model In Details

In this article, we explore major benefits that Dedicated Software Development Team Model brings to both parties in comparison with standard outsourcing models. Outsourcing continues to face challenges that don’t generally come to mind with regards to engagement purposes. What’s even more troublesome is the captive model some organizations use. Although the model is developed to offer extra regulation and ownership, in several instances, such a model is treated just like a regular outsourcing relationship, taking away the intended “competitive advantage”.

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February 09, 2017

Pharma CRM Implementation Challenges

Sophisticated pharma CRM software may become the major competitive advantage for almost any company, no matter on which market they’re oriented. Like FMCG companies, direct interactions with end consumers is not a common practice here. The pharmaceutical business draws on healthcare professionals’ confidence.



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