Dedicated software development team

Draft your dream team of software engineers in a dedicated development center. Keep in-house-like control,
cut down costs by 40% and double development speed with dedicated offshore developers.

Hire a dedicated software development team in 2-3 weeks!

Senior developers added to your team risk-free.

Vast technology and industry expertise

Senior developers with 5+ years of experience

Up to 40% cost reduction

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Existek’s product has become the leading solution in its field. The team has been able to provide extensive integrations, and the customers are pleased with the product. They are honest, credible, and work hard to provide an excellent product.

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What is a dedicated team?

A dedicated software team provides the clients with professionals explicitly selected for the outlined project and tasks. The team composition of the team and the collaboration terms can vary based on the business-specific needs. It has become one of the most popular collaboration models as it embraces the benefits of acquiring remote specialists while extending your in-house team. The business can always start with hiring a few dedicated team members and grow to a cross-functional team with experts in all the required areas.

What you get

In-house control level

When you hire a dedicated software development team, you get the same level of control over each developer secured by a wide range of project management tools.

Scalable resources

A software development team owner can significantly reduce costs by scaling resources up and down as needed. The  dedicated software team size starts from one developer.

Zero time and money recruitment costs

You get experienced, dedicated developers in the blink of an eye, avoiding the long-lasting hiring process and high local hourly rates.

Wide range of technology expertise

No matter how far the development process goes tomorrow, Existek has access to a wide pool of professionals for quick augmentation.

Why choose Existek?

Full-cycle services

Our company provides professional full-cycle services to address the client's needs at each development stage. Besides dedicated developers, it's possible to build a cross-functional team, engaging business analysts, project managers, UI/UX designers, QA engineers, etc.

Extensive expertise

The project's success greatly depends on the offered expertise. Thus, to deliver sophisticated and customer-centered solutions, we specialize in a wide range of technologies, follow best market practices, and keep on extending our expertise.

First-hand experience

Our company offers more than a decade-long experience and knows how to handle a variety of projects for both startups and enterprises. We have completed a number of projects in domains like healthcare, manufacturing, eCommerce, fintech, education, etc.

Skilled experts

We partner with professionals of different expertise to give our clients access to a wider talent pool. Besides, we always encourage training, networks, and technology events to improve the knowledge and skills of our team.

High quality at reasonable rates

The delivery of consistent quality is one of the primary focus at Existek. We help our clients to optimize their expenses without compromising the quality of services. It is essential to balance quality and cost to meet our clients' needs.

Smooth collaboration

With proven project management practices, we aim to deliver full process transparency and facilitate communication between engaged parties. The collaboration with the dedicated development team is commonly supported through daily interactions, meetings, and detailed reports.

How our dedicated development team model worked for Lingit AS:

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“Existek’s product has become the leading solution in its field. The team has been able to provide extensive integrations, and the customers are pleased with the product. They are honest, credible, and work hard to provide an excellent product.”

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Sverre Andreas Holbye

Chief Strategy Officer, Lingit AS

  • The introduction of Agile methodology helped to double the development speed and effectively eliminated the project's technical debt
  • Dedicated development team in Ukraine helped to decrease development costs by 63%
  • More than 1,000,000 users of Lingit assistive technologies enjoy great products while a dedicated team is performing system maintenance and working on new functionality for more than 5 years

Our works

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demo of application

Contact us

Reach out to Existek, and our expert will be in touch soon to provide you with a quote to hire a dedicated software development team for your project.

Set up a dedicated development team to work with

How we set up dedicated software development teams?


Contact us

Let us know about the project specifications, required technologies, and number of specialists needed in the offshore development center.


Get CVs

We’ll match your requirements with our base of specialists to provide you with the very best resumes for your consideration.


Hire dedicated developers

Interview the candidates to make sure that your team perfectly meets your technical and communication skills requirements.


Manage the team

Dedicated developers start to work on your project immediately while you manage the team, direct the development flow, and adjust the requirements and the project scope as needed.


Scale the team

Dedicated development team services help our customers ramp up the development speed and reduce costs at the same time. Existek takes care of the time-consuming activities such as dedicated developers management, project management, overall product improvement, and performance optimization.

How the dedicated development team works

The dedicated software development team approach allows IT startups and enterprises to extend their reach beyond their location and gain access to a wider pool of skilled developers and technologies at a significantly lower cost and zero time for recruitment. It combines the advantages of both offshore and in-house development: you get direct control over the remote developers in a development center while reducing costs. Here at Existek, we’re experienced in the quick setup of the professional team for our partners. Our main value is to keep reliable communication throughout the production process.


Dedicated remote developers provide team flexibility and overall project scalability.


The in-house control level is secured by the project management software tools, daily meetings, conference calls, and onsite meetings.


Hire a dedicated development team of developers, experienced QA engineers, and management staff with rich expertise in various industries.


Full visibility and transparency thanks to access to Existek's task tracking and project management systems on the client's demand.

What are dedicated development team members?

We are ready to set up your cross-functional team that consists of various team roles and members based on your business needs and requirements.

Project manager

This specialist takes the responsibility for controlling the entire development process and setting up efficient collaboration. They work closely with the client side and the dedicated development team to ensure all project goals and objectives. The project manager handles the product map, communicates project status, manages changes, improves collaboration, etc.

Business analyst

Starting the project from scratch or adding new functionality is easier with the professional assistance of specialists who bridge the gap between business and tech solutions. Their responsibilities involve gathering and analyzing functional and non-functional requirements, delivering data-driven recommendations, managing risks, and predicting trends.

UI/UX designers

If you want to enhance customer experience, improve product usability, and increase retention, it's important to engage the UI/UX designers to enable the creation of attractive products. They develop wireframes, build functional prototypes, embrace interaction processes, and implement visual components. The main responsibility focuses on making visually appealing products and winning customers' attention to your products and services.

Dedicated back-end developers

Back-end specialists handle the product's service-side logic. It involves setting up the proper architecture, databases, and various integration with existing and third-party solutions. They implement the structure that enables the overall product functionality. Besides, they embrace tasks related to data storage, security, and scalability.

Dedicated front-end developers

These dedicated developers handle the creation of the product interface. In short, they are responsible for the software part that users interact with. It's required to collaborate with other team members like back-end developers, designers, and QA engineers to deliver proper integration of the product's frontend and backend.

QA engineers

Software development is never handled without testing. QA engineers have a responsibility to monitor the product quality, identify issues, and ensure the completion of all the requirements. It's a common practice to develop and test a product in parallel. That ensures quality and adheres to the standards and outlined requirements.

Industries we have expertise in


Are you looking for some sophisticated solutions to advance healthcare? Our company has successfully completed a number of related projects and knows how to advance the user experience of both patients and medical personnel. We follow the best market practices and the latest compliance regulations to deliver attractive, functional, and secure software solutions for the healthcare industry


Do you start dedicated software development from scratch or improve the existing eCommerce store? Existek’s team is at your service to offer reasonable approaches to building online shops. Let’s balance great technical solutions and marketing strategies to increase sales and attract more customers. We’re ready to transform your ideas into workable business models.


Need assistance to launch the fintech application? We specialize in delivering different types of fintech solutions, from mobile banking to consumer finance. The assigned dedicated team will focus on bringing reasonable functionality while supporting data privacy and security. Our goal is to introduce enhanced ways to handle your financial tasks.

Manufacturing and automation

What about automating some repetitive and manual tasks within your organization? Existek has first-hand experience in building efficient solutions for manufacturing operations. Let’s introduce technological innovations on all levels of your business, from streamlining the supply chain to resource optimization. We are ready to bring the latest tech approaches to drive innovation and improve your business performance in the manufacturing market.

Logistics and transportation

Would you like to improve your fleet management or any other logistics-related operations? Our team of dedicated experts can help with implementing custom software solutions to meet your business-specific needs. Due to the dynamic nature of the logistics industry, we focus on operation efficiency, end-to-end visibility, route optimization, inventory management, and others. We know how to adapt to the changing market conditions and respond quickly with up-to-date solutions.


How to contribute to the evolution of the learning process? Whether your company decides to build software for learners, educators, or even educational institutions, we gladly share our expertise to deliver sophisticated educational applications. It involves the latest technologies and trends, including personalized learning, interactive content, gamification, and multiple integrations to deliver an extensive user experience within the implemented solutions.

More questions on dedicated development teams

What is a dedicated development team?

It is a group of professionals, including developers, QA engineers, and other specialists, exclusively assigned to work on a specific project or tasks for an extended period. The dedicated team tends to become a part of the in-house team that just works remotely. It can provide continuous support and expertise throughout the project's lifecycle.

What are the benefits of hiring dedicated development teams?

The main benefit of dedicated development team services is the opportunity to collaborate with professionals of the required expertise to streamline the project implementation. They can be involved in particular stages or handle the full-cycle development. Dedicated team members bring special expertise to work together and complete a project within the budget and time frame.

What type of projects are best suited for a dedicated development team?

This collaboration model actually suits the needs of different projects. The main point is that the client gains the ability to engage the specialists with relevant expertise on agreed terms. They become fully involved in the project, collaborate with the in-house team, and work as an extended team part. Due to the scalability offered by this model, dedicated resources are used for both small and enterprise-large projects. Our customers can scale resources up and down when required.

How much does it cost to hire a dedicated team?

The other distinct benefit that has made this model so popular is its cost-effectiveness. It eliminates the expenses for recruiting, accommodations, employee benefits, social security, and others. These things are covered by the service providers, and the client pays for the actual services provided. The payment details are agreed upon by the chosen terms and can be either a fixed price per hour or a fixed price for each resource per month.

How to manage a dedicated development team?

Efficient project management is handled by applying proven management tools and approaches. The fact is that a dedicated team is all about complete transparency and open collaboration between team members. The role of the project manager can be taken by either in-house or outsourced members. It just depends on whether you have already had the required specialist or need to hire these dedicated resources as well.


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