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Oil & Gas ERP

Custom Oil and Gas ERP Software solution that helps one of the largest global oilfield service company to perform everyday tasks faster, better, and more efficiently. Being integrated with all the company services, this custom ERP software for Oil and Gas industry helped our customer to achieve significant increments in field force efficiency, asset optimization, and strategic reporting. Custom Oil and Gas ERP Software includes functionality for the Order Tracking, Fully Configurable Analytic Reporting, Logistics, Repair, Health, Safety, and the Environment management, Quality Assurance, Human Resources management. We brought the feature list to the consolidated and user-friendly interface.

Project Technology Stack

.NET, C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, MSSQL

Timeframe and Workload

Ongoing, 7 developers


When the customer adapted all operations and assessment management for the digital ecosystem, none of the off-the-shelf solutions comprehensively addressed all their needs and requirements, without disrupting their existing processes. The only way not to struggle with the shift of long-lasting workflow and operations order was to develop custom Oil and Gas ERP Software solution. The company needed to speed up the development process but faced the issues, while trying to find professionals locally. Existek was differentiated by providing the full cycle of the custom software development and consulting services with the highest quality and a competitive price. Here are some of the global customer’s goals and challenges we met on our way to the product finalization:

  • Setting up fully functional offshore dedicated development center in the tight time frames
  • Quick acquaintance with the specification of the ERP software for Oil and Gas
  • Utilization of the real-time data for the optimization of the assets in the field and increment of the field operations visibility
  • Streamlining the Reporting and Analytics


Existek team was hired with limited time for the onboarding and had to learn specifications of the ERP software for Oil and Gas industry and establish a dedicated development team in a timely manner. Some of the customer’s global goals were the utilization of the real-time data for the optimization of the assets, streamlining the analytics and reports with real-time data, which required a deep understanding of the industry. We overcame those challenges with these actions:

  • Quick adjustment of the development and management teams to the ERP software for Oil and Gas industry business requirements and fast establishment of the offshore dedicated software development team of hand-picked pros
  • Consolidation of all the data to the digital forms
  • System of the real-time asset optimization


Existek’s dedicated software development center helped the customer to roll out custom ERP software for Oil and Gas and CRM solutions in due time and with all planned functionality. The results of digital tools implementation were quick and impressive. Information consolidation and organization in legible form increased the number and quality of operations over the period of time. Data standardization enabled the oilfield service company to generate reports and analytics to screen performance of territory units and avoid potential obstacles. Speedup of routine activities, like payrolls, improved customer experience. At this moment, our dedicated development team continues to work on the project to ensure platform stability and quickly address all ERP software for Oil and Gas demands and trends with new features and functionality.