Flutter app development services

Existek is a professional Flutter app development company. We provide Flutter application development services to businesses of any scale. We know how to turn Flutter app development to your advantage, whether you are a startup or an enterprise.

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Existek provides some of the most skilled and talented specialists, including developers, designers, and project managers. They were incredibly supportive, offering innovative services, regular updates and maintaining smooth and clear communication.

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Flutter application development services

You are just in the right place if you want to build a product that has the native look and performance across all platforms. We're the top Flutter app development company that provides the full range of services.

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Flutter development services

We help our clients to build applications from scratch and make them the next market sensation. Existek is a Flutter app development company who builds hybrid applications that look and run like native on iOS and Android. Our apps are 50% more cost-effective than native, and twice less expensive to maintain.

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We create impressive, functional, and modern UI/UX visual design



We use the latest technologies and methodologies to make the coding process as efficient as possible

MVP and prototyping

We validate your idea with minimal features and refine it based on real-world feedback


Support, maintenance, updates

We provide continious maintenance, inlcuding timely updates and bug-fixing

Flutter applications developed by Existek

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Let’s develop your Flutter application or
MVP together!

Existek’s Flutter application development process


Our business analyst collects your requirements, suggests how specific features can work and how the goals can be achieved. We create documentation for the software architecture and specifications


EXISTEK’s UI/UX designers draw wireframes and mockups of each screen of the future app. You’ll have a functional prototype that represents the app look and user flow

Documentation сompletion

Upon the completion of the discovery stage, you get the final visual presentation and documentation that describes every bit of the application even before we start the development. That is how we ensure that the final result will meet all client's expectations


EXISTEK structures application development in sprints with the set of features that should be delivered under each milestone. The client has constant communication with the team, weekly demos, and has access to the work-in-progress build on the device


EXISTEK uses Agile and Scrum as the main software development methodologies. Our project manager constantly reports progress to the client, collects feedback, and if needed, makes the changes to the development roadmap

Quality assurance

We use the Specifications Requirements Document created during the discovery stage to implement features and make sure that the app behaves as planned. The same document is used by the QA team to constantly test all the workflows in the application and report bugs that have to be fixed by the dev team


Upon the completion of the project, we can sign a Service Level Agreement for future fixes, updates, and new features or assign a dedicated team on our side who will continuously work on the future versions

Warranty period

According to our standard contract, you have 30 days of the warranty period. All the bugs discovered during that time will be fixed by us for free immediately

Existek develops Flutter MVPs. Quick, beautiful, and robust. Try it out!

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Are you a startup and want to launch an MVP?

Flutter allows you to build an application for Android and iOS utilizing twice less the development resources and time. On the contrary, two separate native apps will require two teams for development and maintenance.

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Will you have to remake the app if your budget grows?

Flutter is flexible and scalable enough to extend your app’s functionality up to the infinity. For example, the AliExpress marketplace is built on Flutter.

Flutter fits all your needs

For startups

With Flutter app development services, you’ll get a mobile app that can compete with native applications for a twice lower cost and two times quicker. Low maintenance cost and overhead are nice bonuses

...and enterprises

Need to get a functional companion app for your business as soon as possible and don’t want to compromise quality or security? Flutter is a perfect choice for the quick and uncompromised delivery

Problems that Flutter application development solves

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Emphasize on a budget?

Get a product running on each OS at the price of one app

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Don’t have much time?

Build an app for both iOS and Android simultaneously

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Care about appearance?

Flutter is the most native-look hybrid framework to date

Use the advantages of multi-platform development with Flutter

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Flutter multi-platform development offers you:

  • iOS and Android ecosystems from one codebase
  • Shared codebase for Flutter web development and desktop development
  • Custom embedded development
  • Native performance for a lower cost
  • Quicker time to market
  • Flexibility and scalability

What’s possible with Flutter?

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Reduced development time and cost

You build one app and it works everywhere. Sounds like a dream? It is possible with the help of a professional Flutter mobile application development company. We leverage the latest technologies for efficient UI work and development.

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Native look

Flutter is designed around widgets that look and behave the same as they look and work on iOS or Android. Your users will get a complete 100% native experience in the application.

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Native performance

Google, eBay, BMW, Alibaba Group already leverage Flutter. Keep up with them! The powerful SKIA graphic engine, created by Google, is at the core of it. It results in smooth animations, and, consequently, in an amazing performance.

More on Flutter mobile app development

Why is Flutter the best choice?

Many people refer to Flutter as a framework. In fact, it is a Software Development Kit. SDK is a much broader concept. It includes frameworks, libraries, etc. Being an SDK raises Flutter app development to the next level. Flutter is extremely self-sufficient as it doesn't require almost any third-party tools. This framework is as friendly as possible, which makes the Flutter app development process more comfortable for IT specialists.

Why should we choose hybrid Flutter app development services instead of native?

Native apps used to be faster. But with a properly chosen framework, like Flutter, it is a non-issue. Hybrid development saves many resources for both sides: a Flutter mobile app development company and a client. Hybrid development means working with a single codebase (one app for both iOS and Android instead of two). It significantly reduces the time and cost of Flutter app development services.

What is Flutter app development cost?

Development cost depends very much on many aspects: team composition, developers' location, experience, and project complexity. EXISTEK, as a top Flutter development company, combines the best options of each criterion in order to deliver the optimum ratio of price quality. While working on a project, we form a team of the optimal size and choose the best technologies. With all that considered, we have about $40k - $80k for a project of medium complexity.

Why choose Existek for Flutter app development?

Existek has extensive experience providing Flutter mobile app development services to build efficient solutions while meeting your business goals. Our Flutter experts know how to transform your needs into sufficient products to compete in the market.

Is Flutter better than React Native?

Flutter development embraces distinct advantages for app development. It is related to the fast, efficient process, broad customization options, app performance, extensive scalability, and high security. Flutter offers more advanced and up-to-date approaches to benefit your projects.


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