Mobile application for learning a new language while reading a book

Short summary

Client: Prismatext

Need: to build a mobile application and an admin panel for product management

Challenge: The client looked for an efficient alternative to improve the book delivery to readers. Originally, Prismatext distributed books through digital downloads in eBooks format. Prismatext uses a unique blending process that mixes up foreign words with English texts of the books according to a specific algorithm that introduces new words at a comfortable learning pace.

Solution: Together we analyzed the blending technique and created a system architecture and UI/UX design that accurately renders diglot weave learning into a convenient mobile app.

Impact: With a new mobile application and an admin panel, Prismatext can offer a completely new end-to-end experience for users. The product combines innovative learning techniques and one of the best reader apps on the market with extra features for the language-learners.







Team size

8 specialists


14 months

What is Prismatext?

Prismatext as an ecosystem consists of two components: a mobile application and an admin panel to manage the content in the mobile application. The mobile application serves as a reader with advanced features for language learning and an embedded book catalogue. An admin panel helps the Prismatext team manage the mobile app and processes books produced by employing the diglot weave technique for accessing them through the mobile app.

trainer application demo

Web-based admin panel

The admin panel focuses on the additional functionality to streamline business-specific tasks. It embraces essential features such as user management, book processing, content management, and order tracking.

trainer application demo

Mobile application

The mobile app's goal was to present the advanced e-reader as it supports better customer experiences and engages them in learning. Leveraging hybrid Flutter app development, the team implemented a cross-functional solution for iOS and Android users.

Core features

Mobile app features

application demo

Language-learning oriented reader

Prismatext is designed around foreign words blended into the text. The app incorporates a widget with everything you might need to learn new words in one place: pronunciation, translation, transliteration, and the ability to make notes for a specific phrase.

application demo

Book catalogue

It’s essential to help users find the book they love. The customer can apply advanced filters to explore books to find the required genre in a few taps. Moreover, each book has a detailed description and offers a book sample. The application uses full-text search so that users can find any book by author, name or description.

application demo

Flexible reader appearance

That is a core feature that embraces the overall app idea. The distinctive advantage is that the user can adopt the appearance of the e-reader according to their individual needs. Besides, it supports both online and offline reading. Also, Prismatext has OpenDyslexic font as an assistive feature.

application demo

Variable new words density

Every book contains hundreds of foreign words. Though users still have the opportunity to increase language density and cover even twice more new words within one book. Automatic word substantiation is handled by the diglot weave technique.

application demo

Bookmarks and notes

Prismatext provides a suite of tools for navigation through the book. A list of content, bookmarks and notes are available for users who want to revisit some memorable word or phrase later.

application demo

Books catalogue, wishlist and samples

The mobile application displays the entirety of books offered by Prismatext with the description, ability to add the book to the wishlist, and read the first chapter of each book as a sample.

Web-based admin app functionality

Book upload and processing

The book uploads are done via the admin panel. It covers all the required functionality to process the book and get it ready for publication on the mobile app. It helps to streamline different business operations like checking the book review status, uploading details, etc.

mobile application demo

Book catalogue management

Building an online product isn’t possible without a good catalogue. It’s an essential task to introduce the book in the best light so the user will be interested in reading it. Besides, it involves filing all the necessary details to present a well-organized and categorized catalogue.

mobile application demo

User management

Admin panel gives Prismatext team all the tools to manage users’ accounts, see the purchase history, and collect the data about learning preferences.

mobile application demo

Order tracking and management

It’s essential to keep order management at the highest level. Order details, tracking updates, and real-time order status make it possible to arrange effective interactions with customers. Moreover, it focuses on such vital aspects as smooth customer experience and high user retention.

mobile application demo

Discovery & UI/UX design


Collected requirements

Client's vision and main goals
  • Cross-platform framework for cost and time effectiveness
  • Great user experience
  • Advanced e-reader
  • Customized design
  • Additional management tools

Discovery stage

How we conducted the requirements analysis
  • Assigned the business analyst and UI/UX designers
  • Involved the technical lead to conduct the comprehensive research
  • Discovery meetings and presentations with the customer
  • 180+ hours to produce documentation


What Existek produced during the analysis stage
  • the Software Requirements Specification (SRS) Document
  • System architecture
  • Database design
  • Mockups and wireframes
  • Project timeline and cost estimation


The app design contains Electric Indigo color scheme of various tones, shades and tints. It allows designers to create a unified look and make a good user impact. Moreover, blue is a classic option to combine with other colors that appear on each salon’s logo, images, etc.


Main active color


Active color


Additional color


Additional color


Active color


Active color


Plain text




The variety of fonts brings additional value to the text. It's easier to perceive the information in how users choose themselves. The reader's appearance enables the individual choice of font, text size, alignment, line spacing, and many others.


To increase readability for users with dyslexia, Prismatext has an OpenDyslexis typeface. It supports the ability to read faster and with fewer mistakes. The unique letter shapes help prevent confusion and make reading more comfortable for the targeted customers.

app page example

Covering both sides of UI debate

Primatext team has decided to introduce both light and dark modes, thus leaving the users with a free choice to interact with app designs.

mobile application demo
mobile application demo
app demo at two phones with the light and dark mode

Development and testing

Technology choice

The right set of technologies can make a significant difference to the entire development process and project success. The team’s task was not only to cover the project requirements but also to correspond to the latest market tendencies. Hybrid mobile development with Flutter was a perfect match as it enabled twice faster time-to-the-market and native performance at less cost.


Node.js MySQL


increase in app performance with Node.js


MySQL gets the largest share among databases

Hybrid mobile app



Flutter & Dart packages


developers in the community

Web-based admin panel



GitHub stars


projects implemented with Angular

Technologies also used by

How we ensure transparency for the client

Existek always focuses special attention on transparency and visibility along the development process. Besides, we encourage full engagement of the client. It’s essential to constantly stay in touch, track the team's progress, support regular check-ins and conduct product demos through different development stages.

In-house - like control level
Continuous communication
Agile methodologies


regular meetings
we constantly stay in touch with every client
core features
implemented to meet project requirements
of coding and testing, conducted in parallel
we constantly stay in touch with every client
implemented to meet project requirements
of coding and testing, conducted in parallel

Project summary

Existek’s team has conducted the full-cycle development process to deliver the advanced book app for learning foreign languages. The project involved active collaboration from the comprehensive requirements analysis to the successful app launch in App Store and Google Play. Also, they’ve presented a separate admin solution to be integrated with the mobile app and be used for various management tasks.

Delivered features for the user application


  • Book catalogue
  • User profile
  • Advanced mobile reader
  • Automatic text blending with foreign words
  • Translation, pronunciation and transcription of foreign words
  • Bookmarks and notes
  • New words density options
  • Offline reading
  • Dark mode
  • Accesability features
  • Wishlist

Implemented functionality for the admin app


  • Book upload and processing
  • Book catalogue management
  • User management
  • Order tracking and management
  • Mobile app and other integrations
Mobile & web development Post launch support & updates
8 weeks 20 weeks 4 weeks 20 weeks
Discovery & design Launch
result stages picture

Postlaunch support & updates

20 weeks


4 weeks

Mobile & web development

20 weeks

Discovery & design

8 weeks


of active collaboration
to set up a cross-functional development team
full-fledged products
including a hybrid mobile app and a web-based admin panel
user score
combined app’s review score in App Store and Google Play
of active collaboration
to set up a cross-functional development team
including a hybrid mobile app and a web-based admin panel
combined app’s review score in App Store and Google Play


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