Custom software development company

We are a software development company with the focus on making hardware and software work together in a synergy which connects and efficiently streamlines your business processes and fuels greater productivity.

Custom software development services

We are a custom software development company that designs powerful tools for automation, collaboration, and unification. Send us your requirements and we'll actualize them in a sophisticated solution.

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Enterprise apps

Enterprise workflows are complex, and they require complex software to manage them, and we help create them. As a custom application development company, we have experience in building large-scale applications that aim at improving such business spheres as assets, human resources, inventory management, and others.

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Mobile apps

Every business needs a mobile app to reach its maximum efficiency. We build mobile applications for different operating systems that help improve client’s business. We know how to make an app a market sensation. For this, we leverage the best technologies and work hard to develop interfaces that result in the best user experience.

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Web apps

Existek develops web apps that enable access from any point at any time. We implement innovative and reliable front-end technologies to make an app that functions correctly irrespective of the browser and operating system. Web apps allow saving resources that would otherwise be spent on hardware and servers.

Our works

Our 10-year experience in building high-quality software results in a diverse range of the implemented projects. No matter what size your company is and what sphere you work in, we can deliver an application that will help your business thrive.

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demo of application

Technologies we use

It is important for us to deliver the best custom application development services for an affordable price. One of the crucial aspects that define how successful the software will be is the technology choice. We always opt for reliable and innovative technologies for backend, frontend, databases, and DevOps tools.

Web development

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Mobile development

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Desktop development

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Microsoft .NET

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Windows Forms

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Cloud providers

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Our achievements in custom software development

Looking for a custom software development firm you can trust? Existek has been successfully collaborating with clients from Western Europe, the USA, UK, Norway, and other countries for 10 years. We know how to make custom product development as effective as possible.


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Who we work with

Years of work have taught us to find an individual approach to our clients regardless of their sphere of work and business size. We are ready to deliver the best custom application development services to startups, middle-sized businesses, and enterprises



Don’t have many time and financial resources for custom product development? We know what technologies to use to deliver an app fast without compromising the quality.


Middle-sized businesses

We use the latest technologies and methodologies that result in quality apps with high performance. Share your view with us, and we’ll do our best to meet your expectations.



Business application development is one of our main strengths. We know how to integrate complex functionality in large-scale applications that will bring your business processes to the next level.

Why choose custom software development services?

It’s a common occurrence when off-the-shelf products can’t address all company needs. Your business processes are crucial and disruption of the existing ones is never a good option. At this stage, many small, medium, and big companies consider software development services as a way to avoid that. This approach is cost-effective and, more importantly, gives you the feeling of complete ownership over the development process.

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You pay only once and the bespoke system stays with you forever. Forget about revenue sharing, buying licenses for new users, or annual payments.

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Quick and responsive support

Unlike ready-made solutions, you can always count on our lightning-fast response and fixes, since you’ve got exclusive ownership.

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Unrestricted customization opportunities

Your new business requirements are the only driving force behind the new functionality. You get exactly what you need in an organized and timely manner.

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Reasonable development cost

Ultimately, bespoke solutions frequently cost less than implementation, customization, and integration of generic products available on the market.

What we offer you

Starting a new project doesn’t have to be a brutal process. That is if you have a skilled team backing you up. From the idea scribbled down on a coffee-stained napkin to launching the resulting complex custom enterprise solution - we innately understand how to get the job done and deliver the best results to our clients.


Our top priority is the quality and reliability of your custom-builе application. We combine manual QA and QA automation in order to deliver fail-safe solutions.

Low-risk agile methodology

Scrum approach enables us to rapidly design solutions of any complexity and adapt to requirements changes on the go.

Intellectual property security

Our processes and documentation adhere to the highest security standards to ensure your complete ownership of all the codebase and development assets.

Deep analysis

Our Enterprise Solution Consultants carefully inspect your entire ecosystem to zero in on flaws and create an improvement plan based on your specific business needs.

Our process

Starting a new project doesn’t have to be a brutal process. That is, if you have a skilled team backing you up. From the idea scribbled down on a coffee-stained napkin to launching the resulting complex custom enterprise solution - we innately understand how to get the job done. Starting with the requirements analysis and finishing with the post-launch support and updates.


Contact us

Fill in a form and try to tell us about your project as much as possible. We will be in touch within 24 hours to discuss your needs.


We shape your іdea

In close collaboration with you, our business analysis team conducts the project discovery phase and presents our vision.


Executing legal part

Together we align the collaboration terms and sign the time and material or dedicated development team contract.


Project mapping and management

We create the solution architecture design, software requirements specification, plan the project schedule, and arrange the development process.


Launch, support and update

We start the transparent development process with the regular updates, demos, and features deliveries. Once the work is done - we help you to launch the application, support it with updates and fixes.

More on custom software application development

How long does custom software development take?

It is impossible to define accurately how long custom application development takes. Its duration depends on the complexity of an app. But we can name approximate timeframes. For a solution with basic functionality, it’ll take up to a couple of months. A medium app will take from 3 to 6 months, and enterprise application development starts at 6 months and can go indefinitely.

How much do software development services cost?

While defining the cost of custom product development, we’ll consider app complexity and project duration. The starting cost of a simple app is about $40,000, the price of a medium app varies from $50,000 to $80,000, and a solution that manages complex workflow and has sophisticated features will start at $120,000.

What does collaboration with clients look like in terms of custom-built software?

While working with our clients, we aim at making the custom software development process as transparent as possible. We conduct regular meetings with the customers so they can see all the stages that the software goes through and offer some adjustments if necessary. We prefer Agile methodologies because they allow us to make changes upon the client’s request without waiting for the end of development.


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