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Existek provides the full cycle of ERP software development services to organizations of various specifications. With a decade-long experience delivering ERP solutions, we can bring your business processes and operations to the next level. Our team knows how to build custom ERP systems following the latest requirements and market trends.

Discover the transformative impact of ERP development services:

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What can we do for you?

The team of experts works on sophisticated products to cover every enterprise-specific need through customized approaches. Whether you need to improve the existing solutions or build ERP solutions from scratch, we do our best to set up your efficient and smooth business processes.

Create ERP from scratch

Have your ideas about developing ERP software? We know how to turn them into workable solutions with required functionality. Let’s create your custom software, leading to improved business efficiency and competitiveness in the market.

Upgrade your ERP system

Have you thought about upgrading your legacy ERP? Let’s focus on gaining a robust ERP solution to meet the rising needs of your enterprise. We always go the extra mile to upgrade or replace old solutions and leverage the latest technology.

ERP implementation

Need to set up a centralized ERP platform? Our team has extensive experience in integrating and streamlining operations and processes for organizations from different domains. We aim to deliver advanced functionalities considering urgent and growing business needs.

ERP consulting

Have more questions about enterprise resource planning? Existek provides professional consultations to find the best approaches to streamline business operations and deliver functional ERP products.

ERP integration

How do we ensure smooth integrations? We provide experienced integration specialists to conduct thorough research, create connections between ERP modules, and integrate the system with other required solutions.

Our ERP development process

We take the responsibility to undergo the ERP development stages, leveraging our expertise and resources to deliver a tailored solution that aligns seamlessly with your organizational needs and objectives.


We always start with gathering project requirements and specific functionality details while examining strategies to achieve the customer's objectives.

Business process analysis

The assigned team initiates the development plan by gaining a deep understanding and conducting a detailed analysis of your organization's strategy and existing business processes.

Project documentation

We furnish comprehensive documentation with precise project estimates, database design, and ERP system architecture, aligning with your unique needs and requirements.


Our professionals create an SRS Document outlining essential components, including visual presentations, and prioritize a modular architecture for easy customization and expansion.


After establishing a resilient and secure database, it's time to proceed with implementing the ERP solution utilizing the chosen technology stack.


We help you connect the leveraged ERP platform with existing business applications to share data seamlessly and collaborate efficiently within your enterprise.


The QA team conducts rigorous testing in parallel to identify and promptly address any bugs, ensuring the system is ready for launch.


With the ERP launch, we ensure comprehensive user training, conduct thorough testing, and provide ongoing support involving key stakeholders.


We offer product support based on mutually agreed terms, ensuring comprehensive assistance and customer satisfaction.


Additionally, clients have the option to enter into a Service Level Agreement for ongoing updates, scaling, and the incorporation of new ERP modules.

Our successful ERP projects

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ERP modules we develop

Our custom ERP development company encompasses a diverse range of implemented solutions and leveraged tech capabilities. It allows our experts to ensure comprehensive proficiency in crafting tailored systems that precisely meet your requirements and objectives.

Manufacturing management

How to adeptly manage manufacturing operations? Gained proficiency in manufacturing management extends to strategic planning, production planning, inventory management, resource allocation, and workflow optimization. Let's leverage advanced technological approaches to enhance production efficiency and meet quality standards.

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Supply chain management

Need expertise in effectively handling supply chain management? Our team utilizes the latest technologies and good market practices to optimize processes and ensure seamless coordination throughout the entire supply chain ecosystem. ERP development services embrace real-time visibility, enabling proactive decision-making and reducing lead times.

a man with a laptop is checking some boxes

Human resources

Why look for comprehensive HR management solutions? Custom human resources modules are designed to meet unique business needs, ensuring effective talent management, employee engagement, and compliance. It contributes to introducing innovative HR policies and overseeing personnel matters.

two women and a man are talking around the table

Customer relationship management

How to enhance customer interactions while optimizing business processes? Focusing on personalized strategies ensures that CRM solutions align seamlessly with the organization's goals. Our commitment to following industry trends allows us to deliver innovative CRM solutions that address evolving business needs and contribute to long-term success.

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Finance and accounting

How to streamline financial processes? Integrating finance and accounting in ERP is vital for centralizing financial data, ensuring accuracy, facilitating real-time reporting, and providing a comprehensive view of the organization's financial state. That also embraces operational efficiency and ensures compliance with financial regulations.

a woman is working with a computer

Business intelligence and analytics

Why incorporate analytics and BI in ERP? The team works toward the common goal of providing real-time insights, facilitating informed decision-making, and identifying trends. We support proactive strategical approaches to assess, monitor, and optimize the effectiveness of each department within the organization. It helps to optimize business performance and foster continuous improvement.

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How to streamline financial processes? Integrating finance and accounting in ERP is vital for centralizing financial data, ensuring accuracy, facilitating real-time reporting, and providing a comprehensive view of the organization's financial state. That also embraces operational efficiency and ensures compliance with financial regulations.

a man is working with some data in the computer

Stock management

Why enable real-time visibility in inventory levels across various locations? We help with creating an advanced stock management module to track and manage inventory levels, ensure timely restocking, prevent stockouts, minimize excess inventory, and optimize overall supply chain operations. Our team knows how to support informed decisions about procurement, production, and distribution.

there are three monitors with graphs on the table and a man is checking the data on one of them

Orders management

How do we facilitate quick and reliable order processing? Our experts help you to cover the entire order processing workflow, starting from order creation to fulfillment, ensuring accuracy and minimizing errors. The orders management module tracks order status, automates workflows, integrates with other ERP modules for seamless information flow, supports demand forecasting, and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Which industries do we leverage ERPs for?

Our expertise lies in adeptly utilizing cutting-edge technology solutions to enhance and develop sufficient enterprise software for different industries and domains.

a lot of big metal tubes


ERP software is crucial in industries where efficient production processes are essential. We help manage production schedules, inventory, supply chain, and quality control. The systems are implemented for integrated management of critical manufacturing processes.

warehouse cars drive around the warehouse


Businesses involved in distribution benefit from ERP by optimizing warehouse management, order fulfillment, and transportation logistics. The industry considerably relies on centralized control and consistency management to enhance coordination, reduce errors, and improve customer service.

port crane lifts the container for loading

Transport & logistics

Functional ERPs remain crucial for the operations of logistics and transportation companies. These systems benefit the management of material flow, inventory tracking, transportation coordination, and addressing various tasks essential for optimizing business performance.

builders are laying fittings for a multi-storey building


Companies within this industry need to judiciously handle their resources and exhibit great adaptability in project management. ERP development services allow teams to manage project timelines, budgets, resource allocation, and collaboration among various stakeholders.

the line of the plant where garbage is processed

Waste management

Given the industry's responsiveness to evolving legislations and regulations aimed at strengthening waste regulation and reporting obligations, it is well-suited for ERPs. The delivered software can promptly transmit real-time alerts and contract updates through cloud channels.

a doctor with a stethoscope and a notepad


The healthcare industry needs ERPs for integrated information management, streamlined processes, improved patient care, regulatory compliance, cost control, enhanced collaboration, data security, and scalability. The implemented system optimizes resource use, making it crucial for efficient and effective healthcare operations.

many colorful bags from the store


Due to the complexities inherent in the retail sector, it emerges as a prime candidate for substantial benefits through adopting ERP. The software is vital in optimizing diverse functions such as sales, payments, inventory, marketing, and tracking. Furthermore, immediate access to data elevates business efficiency for the management team.

a man in protective glasses works at a machine

Field services

The ERP system can serve as a centralized platform covering essential aspects of field service operations. It includes customer information, work orders, inventory, scheduling, and other critical data. Robust analytics and reporting tools allow businesses to analyze field service performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.

a long table for negotiations, on which papers are prepared for consideration


In the hospitality industry, it's essential to integrate various elements into a seamless platform to guarantee optimal service for customers. A lack of holistic operation within a company may lead to diminished revenue and managerial challenges.

Custom ERP vs off-the-shelf ERP

How can we ensure that the ERP system remains relevant and effective? Existek provides high-quality services to gain a functional and well-documented product, coupled with a robust marketing strategy, contributing to the overall success of your business.

Custom ERP systems

We create tailored solutions that align with specific processes, requirements, and unique workflows, providing greater flexibility, efficiency, and a competitive edge. Custom ERP software development enables companies to adapt to evolving business needs, integrate seamlessly with existing systems, and maintain a higher level of control over functionality and features. We know how to optimize overall business performance by precisely aligning the system with the strategic objectives.

  • Longer time for implementation
  • Higher upfront costs
  • Unlimited integration with the software and hardware
  • Limitless customization
  • Custom-tailored to your business processes
  • No licensing cost

Out-of-the-box products

Our team helps businesses carefully balance between standardization, flexibility, and user-friendliness. We always conduct thorough market research to understand industry and company needs for choosing a relevant solution. Our ERP development company offers first-hand expertise in implementing systems powered by Oracle, Dynamics, etc. Let our specialists handle the smooth integration of pre-configured standard processes, addressing specific challenges and resonating with your customer base.

  • Faster deployment
  • Lower upfront costs
  • Restricted integration
  • Limited customization opportunities
  • Excessive functionality
  • Expensive licenses

Benefits of ERP development services

Why choose custom solutions and start building ERP systems from scratch? Custom software development refines internal operations and positions businesses to adapt proactively to evolving market demands.

Tailored solutions

We ensure that the software is created to fit your business's unique processes and requirements. Therefore, it results in a more efficient and streamlined workflow.

Improved efficiency

By tailoring to the specific needs and workflows of a business, custom development facilitates streamlined processes, task automation, and enhanced resource allocation.

Seamless integration

We help you deliver a cohesive and unified infrastructure, including data migration and integration with existing legacy systems and other required solutions.


Custom ERP solutions become more cost-effective in the long run. They eliminate the need for unnecessary features and licensing fees associated with ready-to-use software.

Competitive advantage

A tailor-made ERP system can give your business a competitive edge by providing unique features that differentiate you from competitors and advance your business.

Future proof

We focus on the strategic alignment of the software with your business goals, ensuring that the system actively supports and enhances your overall business strategy.

The technology stack we apply

Our expert team is dedicated to providing exceptional service, bringing together proficiency in the latest front-end and back-end technologies, as well as leveraging automated development tools. We are ready to to address your technical challenges, ensuring that we meet your expectations with tailored solutions.

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Java application development services


Why choose us?

Existek has been engaging in successful partnerships with clients from different countries worldwide, including the USA, the UK, Norway, and others. Our team of experts possesses all the required expertise to leverage custom product development for your maximum effectiveness.


years of experience


successful ERP projects


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What out customers say?

5.0 five stars

Chief Digital Strategist, SparkYou Consulting

Communication was excellent. We also managed to transfer a lot of industry knowledge to them. Existek is one of the rare providers that can transform a pure idea that started on a napkin into a customized software that meets all needs. Their technical and business expertise allowed them to come up with suggestions that added significant value to the final results.
5.0 five stars

CEO & Founder, Consulting Services Provider

Users have been satisfied with each solution, giving reason to expand the original scope of the engagement. Existek meets deadlines and communicates daily. The developers are committed and resolve problems quickly when they arise. They never say “no”.

More questions on ERP development services

How to manage ERP projects with Existek?

We adeptly oversee ERP development services with precision, employing a comprehensive approach that includes meticulous planning, effective execution, and continuous monitoring to ensure successful outcomes.

How to select the right ERP software for your organization?

Selecting ERP solutions tailored to a company's needs involves carefully assessing specific requirements, industry nuances, and scalability considerations. The team has to ensure the chosen solution aligns seamlessly with the organization's long-term objectives and operational dynamics.

How does an ERP development company tailor solutions to meet the specifications of different industries?

Existek offers comprehensive services encompassing diverse solutions addressing various business needs. The customization focus includes adapting modules, workflows, and features to align with industry requirements, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems, and providing industry-specific reporting and analytics.

What are the key factors when choosing an ERP software development company?

That is one of the critical decisions that directly impacts the efficiency of handling business operations. The company can ensure a well-informed decision by prioritizing factors such as industry expertise, customization capabilities, integration abilities, support and maintenance services, client references, the company's commitment, and shared values.

How much does it cost to develop ERP systems?

The ERP development costs vary depending on project complexity, chosen modules, applied tech stack, team composition, etc. The cost of the medium-complexity systems starts from $200k.

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