ERP Consulting Services

Existek provides comprehensive support for every aspect of the ERP process, dedicated to tailoring the platform to align with your unique processes. Our ERP consultants assure you a reliable partnership for both ERP software consulting and scalable business expansion.

How our ERP consultancy services can help you

Consider ERP consulting services when your organization requires assistance selecting, implementing, customizing, or optimizing an ERP system to streamline business processes, improve efficiency, and achieve strategic goals.

Face intricate business processes?

Existek’s team knows how to free your operations from the constraints and limitations to support business efficiency.

Lack of ERP expertise?

Partner with our professional ERP consultants to share first-hand knowledge and expertise to advance your solutions.

Need a broader assessment?

We leverage the latest market practices to improve efficiency and optimize processes based on valuable insights.

Difficulties to select ERP solutions?

Apply for a professional consultation to match the chosen ERP with the rising needs of your organization.

Require extensive integrations?

Our specialists are proficient in delivering a wide range of consulting services, including customization and integration opportunities.

Deal with legacy systems?

Get help advancing your existing solutions, including planning, managing, and executing the ERP solution migration.

ERP consulting for different industries

Existek delivers services across multiple industries, offering our customers versatility, innovation, adaptability, and comprehensive expertise. Our ERP consulting company ensures a dynamic and resilient response to diverse challenges, ultimately enhancing your business success.



Transport & logistics


Waste management



Field services


Our successful ERP projects

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What out customers say?

5.0 five stars

Chief Digital Strategist, SparkYou Consulting

Existek delivered a high-quality solution with clean code, providing several suggestions for its improvement along the way. Their ability to transform ideas into results and adapt to customer needs made the collaboration smooth and rewarding.
5.0 five stars

CMO, Winstars Technology LLC

Existek has successfully integrated the 3D configuration module into the client's ERP system. Their team is knowledgeable about module integration, making it easier for the client to work with them. Moreover, the client commends their efficient project management and excellent communication.

Benefits to gain with ERPs

We help you seize distinctive ERP opportunities to foster innovation, enhance efficiency, and achieve a competitive edge in the market.

steel wheel mechanisms that work together

Streamlined processes


of companies have plans to integrate advanced automation and artificial intelligence capabilities into their ERP solutions

columns representing data

Enhanced data accuracy


of businessess that employ AI-integrated ERP note improved data accuracy and quicker decision-making.

conveyor line at the factory

Production optimization


of SMBs have optimized production processes with ERP, leading to accelerated product launches and improved manufacturing efficiency.

a man in a suit holding a happy emoticon in his hands

Customer satisfaction


of organizations leverage ERP to enhance their customer service.

a man in a suit with a pen checks documents

Regulatory compliance


of organizations opted for leveraging ERP systems in response to compliance and regulatory demands.

a person follows the rise and fall of the market on a chart

Growth and competitiveness


of respondents recognized ERP as the foremost technology investment priority alongside CRM.

Alternative ERP services we deliver

Whether you're navigating the complexities of building ERPs, seeking process optimization, or planning scalable growth, we have the knowledge and resources to assist you.

ERP customization

Our team can help you undergo a transformative customization process that entails substantial modifications through custom delivery, adapting an existing platform-based or bespoke enterprise resource planning system.

ERP integration

We'll also assist teams in linking the existing infrastructure with the chosen ERP solution. Our experts help connect internal enterprise systems, custom software, and third-party applications for collaborative operation and data exchange.

ERP development

Our development team encompasses the entire process of creating custom ERP software, including design, delivery, testing, and deployment. We specialize in constructing and maintaining tailored systems to unify the process across various departments.

ERP implementation

Existek can deliver tailor-made functionalities to meet unique business processes while leveraging pre-built modules for standard operations. This approach provides the agility of customization alongside the quick implementation associated with off-the-shelf solutions.

Why choose Existek for your next ERP project?

We specialize in enhancing enterprise software solutions that facilitate automation, analytics, and productivity for businesses of all sizes. Our expertise lies in harnessing cutting-edge technology to improve efficiency and increase revenue for your company.

Relevant expertise

A deep understanding of domain-specific challenges and requirements leads to successfully implementing customized and effective ERP solutions. Existek willingly shares its extensive experience, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange to enhance the project outcomes.

Proven approaches

Existek leverages the latest development approaches and expertise to deliver solutions that meet industry standards, adhere to best practices, and effectively address client needs. We ensure a smoother delivery, minimize risks, and contribute to long-term perspectives in the dynamic landscape of technology and business.

Quality services

The primary emphasis revolves around ensuring and upholding high-quality standards, guiding every aspect of development approaches to deliver excellence in our ERP products and services.


The main goal is actively involving every participant throughout the entire process, fostering collaboration and ensuring a comprehensive engagement that contributes to the project's overall success.

More questions on ERP development services

What factors should businesses consider when selecting an ERP consulting company?

Businesses should take into account the consultancy's expertise in the specific ERP systems, industry experience, track record of successful implementations, scalability of services, cost, and the quality of ongoing support and training offered.

Can an ERP consultancy assist in legacy system migration, and what challenges may arise during the process?

The service provider has to conduct a comprehensive assessment, develop a detailed migration plan, engage key stakeholders, and offer thorough training to support legacy ERP migration. Besides, it makes the teams ready to meet challenges, including issues with data migration, resistance to change, complexities in integration, and potential disruptions to operations.

How do ERP consulting services contribute to cost savings and improved efficiency for a company?

The primary purpose of ERP consulting lies in its ability to align the ERP system with business objectives. It involves tailoring the ERP solution to specific needs, eliminating redundant processes, and fostering a more responsive organizational structure. That helps identify areas for improvement, adapt to changing demands, and drive sustainable growth.

What is the ERP consulting role in fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement?

The provided services involve optimizing business processes, integrating cutting-edge technologies, and offering strategic insights. Therefore, it contributes to increased efficiency and adaptability, fostering an environment of ongoing enhancement within the organization.

What strategies can ERP consultants employ?

ERP software consultants employ various strategies, applying individual approaches tailored to each client's unique needs. It includes conducting thorough business assessments, understanding organizational goals, customizing ERP solutions, providing training, and offering ongoing support to ensure successful implementation and optimization.


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