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We are an established Angular development company powering successful engagements with our clients across various domains. Our team gathers top market specialists to assist you in creating sophisticated Angular solutions of numerous specifications.

Build your accessible and highly scalable web solutions with Angular!

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60+ talented Angular developers

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Angular development services we provide

As an Angular development company, we specialize in delivering robust and scalable solutions. We tailor our high-quality services to meet each client's requirements, ensuring their Angular applications align with the latest trends and business-specific goals.

Angular web development

Existek offers the full cycle of Angular web development services to build applications of any size and complexity. We deliver high-quality work, establish open communication, and provide support throughout the project lifecycle. Our team always prioritizes the integration of innovative functionalities to keep your Angular application ahead of the curve with smooth and enjoyable user experiences.

Angular dedicated development team

We offer dedicated development services to address complex challenges and deliver innovative Angular solutions. Our specialists bring specialized skills and required expertise to drive your business growth and user engagement. We leverage the full power of Angular's features and ecosystem to create highly interactive and dynamic applications. Besides, we focus on building tailored solutions that precisely fit your project requirements, ensuring scalability, performance, and a seamless user experience.

Angular.js app modernization

We have mastered skills to modernize and enhance your web application's performance, scalability, and maintainability. Our professional developers assist you with leveraging Angular migration services, implementing new features, improving performance, and adapting to changing security requirements. With its focus on scalability and performance, Angular remains a strong choice for modernization due to its extensive capabilities and the support of a large community.

Angular consulting services

Existek also offers practical advice and guidance to enhance your Angular project. We provide valuable insights and strategies to elevate your application's performance and efficiency. Our first-hand expertise can help you navigate complex Angular concepts and best practices, ensuring optimal project outcomes. Our assistance enables you to easily overcome challenges and streamline your Angular development process.

What Angular solutions does Existek implement?

With a deep understanding of Angular's ecosystem and best practices, we are well-equipped to tackle projects of any size or complexity. Whether you're looking to build a new application or advance an existing one, our team helps you reach results to move your business forward.

Web applications

Large-scale enterprise apps

Progressive web apps

Single-page applications

Server-side rendered apps

Web pages with dynamic content

Our featured Angular projects

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What our customers say?

5.0 five stars

Co-Founder, Prismatext

Existek provides some of the most skilled and talented specialists, including developers, designers, and project managers. They were incredibly supportive, offering innovative services, regular updates and maintaining smooth and clear communication.
5.0 five stars

CEO, Software Solutions Company

Existek is really an excellent company all-around. They seem to have very talented developers and they are transparent which is very important to us.

Our expertise across different industries

Our Angular web development company specializes in leveraging advanced technology solutions to enhance and develop robust applications tailored to various requirements of specific domains.


We help our clients improve patient care, streamline administrative processes, enhance communication among healthcare providers, and provide convenient and fast access to healthcare.

Retail & eCommerce

Our team focuses on providing your customers with a seamless, convenient, and personalized shopping experience, enabling them to make purchases, track orders, and receive support all on the go.

Transport & logistics

We aim to deliver sophisticated solutions to streamline logistics operations, manage fleets, track real-time shipments, optimize routes, and improve efficiency and customer service.


Our Angular developers have experience building fintech apps for convenient, secure, and efficient finance management, including banking, investing, budgeting, and payments.

Business intelligence

We assist our customers with developing robust web applications that access and visualize data, enabling users to take decisions based on historical and real-time data.

Manufacturing & automation

The team also creates web solutions to monitor and control manufacturing processes, manage inventory, track production, analyze data for efficiency, and integrate different systems for streamlined operations.


Existek has first-hand expertise in delivering personalized learning experiences and fostering an engaging learning environment through interactive content and multimedia resources

Field services

Our Angular development company provides solutions to efficiently manage and track work orders, schedules, inventory, and customer information, including real-time updates and streamlined communication for field service teams.


We enable your business to benefit from streamlined booking, effective guest communication, service delivery, enhanced customer experience, and operational efficiency.

Benefits to leverage Angular within your projects

What can you get with Angular development services? What distinguishes this framework from others? Check the advantages of delivering a superior user experience within functional web applications.


Any app size

Angular's modular architecture allows developers to break down large applications into smaller, more manageable pieces. This modularity, along with lazy loading and tree-shaking techniques, helps reduce the final bundle size, making it possible to deliver apps of any size with Angular.


Versatile design tools

The framework offers various design tools, including Angular Material, which provides pre-built UI components following Google's Material Design principles, Angular CDK, and guides for building custom components with consistent behavior and accessibility features.


Two-way data binding

This feature significantly improves the efficiency and maintainability of Angular applications. It allows changes in the model to reflect in the view automatically and vice versa, without manual updates or event handling. That simplifies the development process, reduces the likelihood of bugs related to data synchronization, and makes the code more concise and readable.


Module-based architecture

The framework's modular structure and dependency injection system promote code reusability and maintainability, which are crucial for large-scale applications. Angualr's built-in routing and forms modules simplify everyday tasks, such as navigating between views and handling user input.

Great community

Angular's strong community and ecosystem also contribute to its appeal. The framework is backed by Google, ensuring long-term support and frequent updates. The Angular community is active and vibrant, providing many resources, tutorials, and third-party libraries to extend the framework's functionality.

How do we approach the Angular development process?

Our Angular software development company aims to ensure the efficient and productive development and maintenance of Angular apps, deliver high-quality software, and meet users' needs and expectations.


We always start with gathering the essential details to define the app's purpose, target audience, features, and functionality of the future project. The team carefully analyzes to make informed decisions about future development efforts.


Our specialists help create a project roadmap and document the requirements to facilitate future development and maintenance. We also include instructions for setting up the development environment, running tests, and deploying the app.


The team focuses on creating wireframes or mockups to visualize the app's layout, user interface, and user experience. Besides, it’s crucial to design the app's architecture, including components, modules, and services.


The assigned team implements the app's backend logic with the chosen tech stack and the front end using Angular. That involves creating components, services, modules, routing, forms, and integrating with APIs and databases.


The quality assurance specialists perform various tests to ensure individual app components work correctly, check their integration, simulate user interactions, and verify the outlined app's behavior.


App deployment is a critical phase in the development process, where the Angular application is made accessible to users. It involves configuring the app for production, optimizing its performance, and ensuring its security.


Our customers receive product support through a standard 30-day warranty outlined in the contract. Additionally, they have the option to enter into a Service Level Agreement for ongoing updates, changing requirements, and new features based on user feedback.

Flexible engagement models for your success

You can choose among several options to go with your suitable engagement model. We focus on arranging smooth collaboration, open communication, and efficient management throughout the process to develop a successful partnership.

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Hire dedicated developers

This model can provide specialized skills, flexibility, and scalability to extend an existing team. The assigned developers can integrate seamlessly into the team, ensuring a cohesive and efficient working environment. They usually bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the project, enhancing innovation and problem-solving.

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Set up your cross-functional development team

The model offers access to a broader range of expertise, reduces the need for in-house training, and often results in higher-quality outcomes due to the team's collective experience and collaboration. We offer diverse skill sets, including business analysis, project management, development, quality assurance, etc.

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Apply for Angular consulting services

Our experts offer strategic advice on your tech solution, architecture design, and featured functionality, ensuring your Angular app is efficient, scalable, and aligned with industry best practices. Additionally, Angular consultants can provide support in areas such as performance optimization, security, and user experience, helping you deliver a high-quality product.

What sets Existek apart from others in the industry?

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Full-cycle development services

We’ll gladly support you through the entire development process, from the discovery phase to the deployment of your web solution.

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Domain expertise

Existek offers first-hand expertise in building Angular applications for businesses of different sizes, specifications, and domains.

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Top quality for a lower price

We help you gain substantial cost advantages while maintaining exceptional service quality.

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Dedicated recources

Our dedicated developers become integral to your team to provide necessary support and maintain productive relationships.

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Direct engagement

We keep our customers actively involved to support clear communication, ongoing monitoring, and transparent collaboration.

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Strategic management

The team ensures proactive decision-making is aligned with long-term objectives and efficient resource allocation.

Why work with our company?

Existek’s team has mastered skills to enhance your web application's performance, scalability, and maintainability. Based on your project needs, let’s explore Angular capabilities together.


years in the tech industry


successful Angular projects


average review rating on Clutch

More on Angular development services

Why choose Angular for front-end development?

The technology stands out for front-end development due to its two-way data binding, component-based architecture, dependency injection, powerful CLI, and comprehensive tooling. Angular, an extensive development framework maintained by Google, offers a complete solution for building modern web applications.

What kinds of tech solutions can you build with Angular?

This versatile framework is used to build various applications across different platforms and industries. It includes web applications, large-scale enterprise applications, progressive web apps, single-page apps, and other solutions.

What is the difference between Angular and React?

Angular is a full-fledged development framework powered by Google that offers solutions for building web applications with TypeScript. In comparison, React is a JavaScript library supported by Meta for building user interfaces. It focuses on the component-based approach, allowing developers to create UIs as a composition of reusable components.

What key aspects should you consider when choosing your Angular app development company?

It's always essential to assess the company's proficiency in Angular, review the portfolio with previous projects, understand their development approaches, evaluate the team's skills, and ensure their specialists can comprehend and fulfill your project's unique needs.

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