Mobile application development services

Existek is a software development house providing ISVs and enterprises with the full range of the mobile application development services. We know how to create the application which will take the top charts of the App Store by storm or will become reliable companion app of your field force workers thus helping bring your business effectiveness to the next level.

What we do

Are you looking for the trustworthy development service provider who can research and implement the most advanced features for your application that your competitors don’t have? You came to a right place. Our experience in many domains of IT gives us a capability to create innovative solutions. No matter if you need building everything from scratch or, for example, implement OCR features in the existing product – we got it all covered.

Native iOS & Android application development

Our team knows how to develop the most advanced application that runs smoothly on any platform leveraging all power of the languages and frameworks for the native mobile development, utilizing strong points of each OS and avoiding its weaknesses.


Whether you’re a startup company launching the first version of your product or an enterprise company who needs a cost-effective transition of the business software into the mobile app – we make sure that your cross-platform application will work perfectly on all devices.

Mobile front-end development

Having a great product or business software that is needed to be introduced to the wider audience on the mobile devices? We can help. Our UX, UI, and front-end software engineers will transform your solution into the excellent mobile application that is a joy to use.

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demo of application
demo of application

Technologies we use

Our team combines knowledge of the frameworks, libraries, and SDKs needed to create the powerful backend and beautiful frontend to provide your application with both reliable server-side architecture and fluent interface.

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How your app development process will look like

It is not that hard to create and publish a great mobile app. At least if you have an experienced technology partner at your side. We know how to develop mobile application starting with collecting your requirements, creating first user stories and up to publishing to the marketplaces. Our business and engineering teams will be the force that drives you through all the development process.

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    Stage 1 — Application design

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    Week 1 — Requirements & BA Analysis

    We guide you through this stage using our standardized proven approach to effectively collect your functional and nonfunctional requirements.

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    Week 2-3 — UX Design

    We write and brainstorm the user stories and approve the user flow with you to make sure that app performs its primary tasks and looks good.

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    Stage 2 — Application development

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    Week 3-4 — UI Design

    We create the attractive and clean design cleverly bonded with the application functionality using strong sides of each platform.

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    Week 4-8 — Back-end development

    Using the software development best practices and trendy technologies we create reliable server side for your app.

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    Week 8-12 — Application development

    We wrap up the backend and UI into the fluent application. This stage is divided into milestones each delivered for your acceptance with the demo.

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    Week 12-15 — Testing & Launch

    Final version undergoes through the series of manual, automated and user acceptance test to eliminate all potential flaws and then we launch it. Existek guarantees post-launch bug fixing and support warranty period.

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    Stage 3 — Support, maintenance & updates

What you get

We keep our development process reasonably formalized and well-documented. Our company makes everything needed to make sure that after the project completion you will have everything needed to effectively maintain, update and extend your application.

Project documentation

For each project, we create a product specification document and design document with the full scope of work described. After the project, you will get all the documentation needed to maintain, extend and update the product.

Extra business value

Users appreciate interconnection between services that perform different tasks. We design our application the way they are ready and easy to integrate with which will help you win an extra market share.


Users appreciate interconnection between services that perform different tasks. We design our application the way they are ready and easy to integrate with which will help you win an extra market share.

Post-launch warranty

Our standard agreement contains the two months bug fixing and support period after the project completed which means that all the issues with your application backend or frontend will be fixed for free.

Complete transparency

Every our project is splitted into the milestones which are paid separately. We plan each stage with our customers to deliver you the results of each iteration in a form of a demo to get your feedback and change the project flow if needed.

IP protection

Existek cooperation agreement, company policy, and security measures provide our customers with the superior IP protection when you’re the sole owner of the idea and all assets created under the working agreement.

Our expertise

For 10 years on the market Existek has worked on dozens of projects for different industries and business domains. We are ready to leverage that experience to deliver more value to your mobile app and enhance the final result with the innovative ideas we have learned during all that years in the software development medium.

Digital health & mHealth

Existek is helping the clients from the medical sector to provide better healthcare services for their patients, whether these are the complex tasks like VR/AR training simulators or more simple but still important visit scheduling and medical records management solutions.

IoT & wearables

We know that the user experience with an IoT device or wearable device almost completely relies on the interaction with mobile applications. We help vendors and service providers to pack the true power of connected things into the easy-to-use mobile apps.

eLearning solutions

Extensive experience in the software development for education gives us an understanding of how to create the highly-interactive applications and assets for the eLearning to increase the users’ engagement rate and learning process effectiveness.


Our company is experienced in researching and development of the immersive experiences with the latest technologies such as Apple ARKit and Google ARCore to provide your business with the most engaging way of customer interaction.

Field force effectiveness

Development of the mobile CRM, ERP and sales force effectiveness solutions which perfectly duplicate data and functionality of their desktop and web-based counterparts is one of our core strengths. We help make your business mobile.

Image & data recognition

The solutions created by Existek allows our customers to provide their users with the next level of real-world interaction with their mobile devices. We are experts in creating and improving solutions for printed data OCR and image recognition.

Why go with Existek for your next project?

Existek develops and improves enterprise software that helps businesses of all sizes to enable automation, analytics, and collaboration. We know exactly how to leverage the cutting-edge technology solutions to generate more revenue for your and create greater value for your customers.

Full-cycle of the services

Existek offers the full cycle of the services you might need to build an application of any complexity, from zero to final product, in one place. These services, among others, include product requirements analysis, UI/UX, development, testing, post-launch support, and updates.

High quality for lower price

Eastern Europe, especially Ukraine, is recognized as one the leaders in IT sphere. Our rates are at least 30% lower than prices in Europe or North America, which allows you to save money. Use your savings for marketing, new features, or other projects.

Agile methodologies

We use Agile as our main software development life-cycle model for the projects. Experienced project managers and Scrum masters will ensure that your project systematically meets all your requirements, goals, and milestones.

Highly-skilled developers

Equipped with the experienced and certified engineers, our team is capable of crafting compelling applications with maintainable and secure code.


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