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EXISTEK is an offshore software development company providing a full range of AI development services. We have gained first-hand experience to create and launch AI-based solutions across various industries and domains.

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Our expertise & AI development services

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Broader accessibility of artificial intelligence opens great opportunities for creating solutions on top of existing AI tools. AI products built on top of LLMs like Chat GPT, Google Bard, or Meta Llama 2 offer smart solutions and extended functionality powered by the latest market trends.

Machine learning

With the effective use of data and algorithms, our team knows how to improve the solution performance on your business-specific tasks. AI and ML development services support constant advancement through data-driven learning and experience.

Natural language processing

AI-assisted development also helps to make human-computer interaction more natural and intuitive. Choosing NLP offers a blend of intellectual challenges and opportunities for innovation. The versatility of techniques allows AI experts to extract meaningful insights, improve user experience, automate tasks, etc.

AI & GPT models

The cutting-edge AI models tailored to the project's needs will support the creation of more powerful and intelligent apps. Sharing our expertise, we aim to facilitate the decision-making process and smooth integration to advance your solutions with the best AI and GPT models.

Computer vision and OCR

Being one of the AI fields, it deals with interpreting, understanding, and extracting meaningful information from visual data. The demand for computer vision expertise is on the rise and can be adapted for simpler processes, better services, and cost reduction.

Smart AI assistants and chatbots

As for convenience and efficiency of day-to-day tasks, these AI-powered tools are a perfect choice. They enable interaction support with your customers and enhance their experiences through more personalized approaches. We provide a wide range of services to integrate AI assistants within software development.

Predictive analysis

Leveraging AI tools helps discover patterns, develop predictive models, forecast outcomes, and generate insights. The team embraces years of experience to anticipate trends in your industry while delivering the latest solutions.

Robotic process automation

By automating repetitive tasks and digital activities, organizations manage to increase efficiency and productivity. The RPA services are always based on a well-designed framework to automate both standard business processes and industry-specific activities.

Facial, speech and voice recognition

These technologies have many uses, from enhancing security and user authentication to improving customer service and accessibility. Our experts ensure compliance to stay up-to-date with regulations and have robust data protection in place.

How do we set up the AI development process?

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The well-arranged process starts with exploring and defining the solutions customers want to get with artificial intelligence. The responsibility of the AI development company involves defining project requirements, functionality, resource planning, feasibility assessment, etc. It's important to ensure that the AI project is well-aligned with the organization's goals and objectives and has a clear roadmap for implementation.



At this stage, the team creates a detailed design of the project, including architecture, system components, data structures, and interfaces. This step often involves breaking down the project into smaller, manageable parts and tasks. It helps to get a clear understanding of the project's logic within comprehensive tech documentation, created AI design, user manuals, and support materials.



Another integral step to be included in any AI development process. The team handles AI-specific tasks to teach models to make accurate and meaningful predictions or decisions based on patterns received from the training data. The artificial intelligence software development company focuses on training required AI models by means of collected and processed data. Only then can these models be deployed in production to make predictions or perform tasks in real-world applications.

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The core stage unveils the actual work of building the outlined product. The assigned team of AI developers, designers, QA specialists, and other required specialists turns concepts, designs, and requirements into a tangible and functional output. Careful planning, execution, and continuous monitoring allow us to meet stakeholders' expectations within the created AI product.

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Existek's team focuses on ensuring a smooth transition from development to operations. The product deployment has never been a final step. It is followed by regular maintenance and support. The dedicated AI team helps monitor product performance, gather feedback, adapt to changing circumstances, and seek ways to enhance AI solution quality and efficiency.

Why consider artificial intelligence development services for your business?

Along with leveraging artificial intelligence in software development, teams embrace unique opportunities to drive innovation, efficiency, and competitiveness within the market.

Repetitive task automation


of businesses state to streamline job processes through AI solutions.

Data management


of companies manage to improve decision-making with AI tools.

Improved efficiency


of businesses apply AI technology to increase productivity.

Enhanced customer experience


of customers trust businesses that leverage AI-powered tools.

Digital assistance


of businesses use digital personal assistants on a regular basis.

AI security


of companies go with AI adoption in fraud management and cybersecurity.

Industry-specific AI development services

Great solutions always require a balance between industry-specific expertise and suitable technology adoption. Our goal is to deliver high-quality AI application development services across different domains while encouraging best market practices to cover every project-specific need.

AI in Retail & eCommerce

Leverage the latest AI development solutions to enhance customer experiences, optimize operations, personalized recommendations, drive sales, or use AI-powered chatbots.

AI in Healthcare

Take advantage of artificial intelligence to improve patient care, advance medical research, simplify collaboration between healthcare professionals, assist in diagnosing, and make treatment recommendations.

AI in Manufacturing & Automation

Choose the services of a professional artificial intelligence development company to optimize the supply chain, streamline the manufacturing processes, automate repetitive tasks, reduce material wastage, improve worker safety.

AI in Fintech

Enhance financial services with AI-based solutions to handle financial transactions, improve customer support, make informed business decisions, maintain security measures, suggest investment opportunities.

AI in Logistics & Transportation

Deploy cutting-edge solutions through AI development to optimize routes, monitor vehicle conditions, automate industry-related tasks, manage the fleet, track shipments, reduce waste.

AI in Hospitality

Adopt custom approaches to personalize guest experiences, modify reservations, complement their preferences, analyze customer feedback, and implement AI-driven staff training programs.

AI in Construction

Implement AI models to create building designs, monitor construction sites, ensure efficient resource utilization, support quality control, minimize construction waste.

AI in Education

Harness the power of AI tools to personalize learning, automate assessment, immerse educational experiences, assist researchers and teachers, generate educational content.

AI in Business intelligence

Engage AI developers to help your business enable data-driven decision-making, automate repetitive tasks, uncover hidden insights, and ensure data security, tailoring project-specific needs.

What could you get with Existek AI development services?


Our AI development company culture and mindset are about fostering a deep commitment to meeting customer needs and creating value for them at every touchpoint in the customer journey.

First-hand experience

Being passionate about what we do, we gladly share our decade-long experience and do our best to provide our customers with the services we’d like to experience ourselves.

Vast technology choice

A broad knowledge of AI technologies allows us to offer reasonable solutions, implement required functionality, and remain oriented toward our customers’ needs.

Full-cycle services

We provide the complete cycle of AI development services to assist you at every step of the development process, including building custom solutions from scratch.

Dedicated team

It’s an excellent opportunity to extend your existing team with professional AI developers, ensuring open and direct communication along with the in-house control level.

High quality at reasonable prices

There is no need to choose between quality and cost when looking for your artificial intelligence development company. We do our best to provide high-quality services at reasonable rates while covering the latest market demands.

More questions on AI software development services

What is AI development?

AI technologies have introduced numerous advancements to be delivered within sophisticated products and services. That embraces the process of creating various solutions powered by AI across different industries. It allows businesses to streamline solutions and tasks that typically require human intelligence.

Why integrate AI/ML development services into your business solutions?

As for artificial intelligence app development services, that easily becomes beneficial for businesses of any specifications. It brings numerous advantages, including enhanced efficiency, improved customer experience, digital assistance, effective resource allocation, etc.

How to use AI in software development?

It’s definitely worth considering the importance of AI in software development. It involves the considerable advancement of the industry and new functionalities delivered by development teams. They focus on a variety of specific solutions to train AI models required for handling and simplifying numerous tasks.

How to get started in AI development?

To start AI development for your organization, you can either set up an in-house AI team or collaborate with third-party providers that specialize in that domain. Both approaches have their pros and cons that should be considered in advance.

How to choose an AI/ML development company?

As long as the organization decides to collaborate with an AI application development company, they need to start with defining project requirements. Later, they can research potential partners and choose the company corresponding to the primarily outlined needs and offering the required artificial intelligence development solutions.

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