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Our client is a US-based startup company focused on making connections between professionals and entrepreneurs easier. Their main goal is to completely replace the old-fashioned way of sharing contact information on business cards with the complete digital solution. 

There are many apps to store the contact data captured from business cards. However, salespeople consider most of them to be a waste of time. All of those applications have a fundamental flaw: the contact data is either stored as a picture or plain text without attributes. Each time users have to select the text field and select the type of the field manually.

As any well-thought startup, our client had an idea of the unique feature required to stand out from the competition. They contacted EXISTEK team to build native mobile applications that would include this major feature and everything users might need. 

In this case study, we’ll explain how Existek has delivered and launched the app.

Project Technology Stack

Swift, Java, React, Node.js, Neural Network, Python ML

Timeframe and Workload

6 Months, 1 AI Dev, 1 iOS, 1 Android, 1 QA, 1 Full Stack, PM


To fulfill requirements, EXISTEK needed to implement a variety of sophisticated features. Naturally, the trademark component was the most complex one. According to the client’s vision, apps ability to recognize the type of the field on the business card will become the reason why people will keep using the tool and won’t abandon it after a couple of times.

In addition to that, the applications had to be equipped with everything that the audience might need during collecting contacts on the events or working with those contact in the office afterward.

Here is the list of what the client requested us to do:

  • Admin panel for the application owner to manage the billing, clients’ accounts, updates, subscriptions, adding ADs by himself, etc.
  • Web-based application with the full CRM functionality and the admin panel for the client’s organization to manage all the collected contacts, users, employees, organizations, add media, export all the data to a CSV file to be available to import that data to any other CRM
  • Native applications for iOS and Android
  • ORC feature with context-aware machine learning component for the business card scanning, data recognition, and classification
  • Geolocation feature to detect other app users nearby (e.g. at the event) and automatically share a digital profile and contact details
  • Option to share user’s contact info with anyone via email, text, broadcast or QR code. If the person doesn’t have the app he or she can view that info on a website.


Start of the project often defines how it will end. So we always pay a lot of attention to the preparations. At the initial stage, EXISTEK’s business analyst and system design specialists engaged with the client. For each project we make sure that the development sprints are well-planned, everything is documented, and all parts of the product are properly interconnected. After we completed mockups, wireframing, and planning, we could proceed to the active stage. The development of 2 native apps, admin and owner web portals, and the biggest app’s selling point – automated data classification module.

As the first step, we needed to create two robust applications for iOS and Android. The client focused on the slick interface, advanced features, and performance. This is why we have chosen native applications development as our approach for this project. 

For the iOS version, EXISTEK selected Swift as primary technology, because it gave us access to features that only native iOS framework could use. First of all, we needed the app to function offline to make sure that all users’ contact data is available for them anywhere at any time. Second, for the aforementioned feature with the geolocation of the nearby application users, we needed low-level OS functions and access to power management. In general, the native application worked faster and looked better then the hybrid app could ever be.

The same can be said about the version for Android. We’ve chosen pure Java to deliver pure native Android experience and implement the same features that are available for iOS users.

In a world where everything is connected, we couldn’t consider our job done until our app couldn’t easily transfer the contacts data to the sales tools that our audience uses in a typical workflow. Leveraging our experience with the business intelligence software APIs, we have integrated contacts, leads, accounts, and notes with the corresponding CRM items into Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. 

Below you’ll find a short list of what was delivered for this project:

  • iOS application powered by Swift
  • Android application written in Java
  • Context-aware AI module written on Python for recognition of the contact information on business cards via OCR
  • Web-based CRM application for app users and admins to manage contact data, subscriptions, user roles, measure performance, etc. We used Node.js as a back-end technology and React for responsive front-end.
  • Integration of the ads module for monetization of the free app’s version users
  • Integration of the contacts, leads, accounts, and notes with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Both iOS and Android applications are already published to the App Store and Google Play and available for download. At this very moment, EXISTEK is actively working on the next version of the app that will include even more exciting features.

For this project, our client had a limited budget and a close release date. Working with EXISTEK, they got the full-fledged CRM product. Now they’ve entered the market and secured resources for the next development iterations and growing their business.

We as a software company went far beyond regular mobile development. Our AI competence allowed us to equip the application with a killer feature that will finally give it a chance to break the glass ceiling of low user retention rate of such apps. 

Besides this advantage, our native applications can beat competitors in almost any discipline. They fast, beautiful, reliable and have integrations capabilities with most popular sales tools. EXISTEK worked towards exceeding expectations even of the most picky users with the best mobile app that has an advanced AI component as a cherry on top.

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