Swing Catalyst

An application for estimating and analyzing sports performance

Short summary

Client: Initial Force — a Norwegian company that build sports performance software and hardware for golfers and baseball players.

Need: The client already had the basic desktop app and required the dedicated team to work on the new product releases. Later on, they asked us to create the mobile app from scratch.

Challenge: When the client approached us, they already had the hardware used for sports - 3DMotion and Balance sensor plates. We needed to develop an advanced video player and editor that would integrate with the plates for analyzing the data gathered from them.

Solution: Existek provided a dedicated team of engineers who quickly got up to the speed with the available information about the product and started new features development after one week of onboarding.

Impact: Our team helped Initial Force to deliver new features for the customers two times faster than before. The introduction of the mobile companion app further increased customers engagement rate and increased video lessons sales through the built-in store by 170% on average.



Core Tech

Team size

5 specialists


25 months

We wanted to expand our ecosystem with two mobile apps and a desktop app based on customer requests. Existek created native applications that integrate with company's cloud services and a desktop solution. The team delivered constant improvement to the project. They were pleasant and flexible to work with. We were really satisfied with the results.

Stain Gran, CTO, Initial Force AS

What’s the app for?

Swing Catalyst is an application for sportsmen, golfers, and baseball players in particular. It is a part of the whole training ecosystem developed by Initial Force. The application integrates with balance and pressure plates that help estimate the pressure of both feet, body position, applied force, etc. Sports are not only about the muscles. They are about complicated calculations that Swing Catalyst software helps to perform.

desktop application demo

Desktop app

A desktop component of Swing Catalyst software includes an advanced video player integrated with the performance plates, such as 3D Motion and Pressure Boards. Users can replay videos at any speed, compare videos side-by-side, and synchronize them with the data received from the sensor plates. The application also includes a simple calendar with the training schedule.

mobile applicatoin demo

Mobile app

A mobile application duplicates the desktop app’s functionality but in a less detailed view. So, via a mobile app, users can access the most necessary features on the go - video playback, drawing component, core measurements, training schedule, exercise guides. However, for a more thorough analysis of sports performance, it’s better to use a desktop component.

Core features

Video recordings with KPIs measurement

The application integrates with the existing physical performance plates: balance and pressure boards. They are based on sensors. Swing Catalyst allows recording a video of a sportsman’s actions, and synchronizing them with the performance plates’ data. It shows the pressure on both feet, which affects the position of the upper body, in real-time.

application demo
application demo

Video playback and side-by-side comparison

If one of your attempts appeared more successful than the others, you may want to see what position your body was in, and what torque value the ball has had. Swing Catalyst provides a useful feature with side-by-side video comparison, playback speed control, and drawing tools for comparing gestures, poses, etc.

application demo
application demo

Body position control

Force factor, max ball torque, graphs, measurements - all information gathered from the performance plates is available within one tab. You can see visually presented graphs with all physical performance data along with the video playback on the right side of the screen. Control the playback speed to notice even the smallest inaccuracies in your body position.

application demo
application demo

Learning module

Self-education is essential in each and every field, including sports. However, sometimes it’s not that easy to master new skills without a professional coach by your side. Fortunately, Swing Catalyst includes numerous exercise guides with verbal descriptions and video examples.

application demo
application demo
application screen at mobile phone

Project objective

We needed to create the desktop and native mobile applications for a sports performance software company. Our client’s company has sensor-based pressure and balance plates, ball tracking tools, etc. We needed to create a solution that will display all gathered data in a comprehensible view.

So, basically, we’ve developed a video player that allows replaying video with different speed, zooming in and out, editing video on the go: adding axes, drawing trajectory, etc.

Target market

The main target audience is golf and basketball players, and their instructors. However, the platform is steadily extending, so later on, it will also be useful for other kinds of sport, such as ski jumping, for example.


  • To synchronize video with the data received from the sensor balance and motion plates
  • To create an advanced video editor with all features the players may need to analyze their performance
  • To develop three components: two native mobile apps and a desktop app

Collected requirements

Client's vision and main goals
  • Three applications: two native mobile apps, and a desktop app
  • Possibility to draw axes or trajectories on the top of the video to analyze body position and other details
  • Synchronization with the existing sensor plates
  • Robust performance

Discovery stage

How we conducted the requirements analysis
  • A UI/UX designer involved producing mockups and wireframes
  • Over 20 meetings with a customer
  • About 200 hours spent on documentation development


What Existek produced during the analysis stage
  • Accurate project timeline and cost estimation
  • A developed project plan including milestones, sprints, and deliverables



Sportsmen need to have the possibility to see the immediate change in their position or movements, that’s why robust app performance was one of the main requirements for Swing Catalyst.

To meet the client’s expectations, we needed to create two native mobile applications and one desktop app for the Windows platform. These are the technologies we’ve chosen.

Desktop development





IDE - Visual Studio - is used for WPF


websites use ASP.NET in the USA

Mobile development




Java virtual machines globally


organizations use Swift for their projects

Development tools




companies use Jira as a powerful PM tool


app demo versions in TestFlight are available to the client

Technologies also used by

Dedicated team

In order to develop a robust SaaS platform, the team brought system flexibility and efficiency into the main focus. The well-thought structure allowed them to reach high scalability, system integrity, and security. .NET application architecture was an excellent solution for component reusability, code sharing, and data systematization.

Provider’s team

human icon
human icon
human icon
human icon
human icon
blue curly braces

report to
Vendor’s PM/CTO

Client’s team

human icon
human icon
human icon
yellow curly braces

report to
Client’s PM/CTO

A dedicated team has numerous benefits compared to other collaboration models. It is perfect for the development of some separate parts of the product when the client’s team misses some specific skills required for it. It was so in our case.

The main advantage of the dedicated team model is that clients can choose developers specifically with the knowledge they need, but they receive a tight-knit team instead of individual programmers that have never worked together. For this project, we offered a team of 2 mobile and 2 desktop developers and a project manager they report to. Regarding the dedicated developers model, clients highly appreciate that they don’t have to go through the lengthy recruitment process and receive people with great experience in teamwork at once.

developer photo

Project manager

developer photo

Mobile developer

developer photo

Desktop developer

developer photo

Mobile developer

developer photo

Desktop developer


How we ensure transparency for the client

During such a complicated development process, it’s important to make sure that a client sees progress and isn’t kept in the dark. For this, we constantly keep in contact with our customer, conduct regular check-ins, and provide app demo versions on the different development stages.

Regular calls and check-ins
Current app version on your phone
Dedicated project managers


spent by the development team on coding
time dedicated to QA testing
duration of the development stage
spent by the development team on coding
time dedicated to QA testing
duration of the development stage

Project summary

Exemplary development approach and uncompromised quality

This project was an interesting experience for our team from both software and hardware perspectives. Currently we’re working on a new release that includes fully-functional body tracking system and it is will be ready for release soon. Existek’s team have been working with Initial Force for more than two years. During this time we gradually improved their desktop app with the new features and released two native mobile applications. For this, we offered our client a dedicated team consisting of 5 specialists. By choosing this approach, the customer benefited from the tight-knit team and lots of saved time that would otherwise be spent on the long-lasting recruitment process.

We worked according to the Agile methodology, which helped us deliver the uncompromised results quickly.


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