Stream Sort

SaaS product for the recycling industry

Short summary

Client: Software startup with the product for the waste recycling industry.

Need: To build a unique application that embodies the waste recycling process automation calculation in one platform.

Challenge: The client is a startup company, and meeting the deadline for an MVP delivery was a question of survival for them. Our team managed to understand the math behind the calculation and quickly build an application that helped the client to enter the market and secure the budget for the further product development.

Solution: EXISTEK's business analysis team performed a reverse-engineering of the client's prototype in a very short term and managed to create a scope of work that allowed the development team to quickly build an MVP with some major improvements to the formulas along the way.

Impact: Effective cooperation between the client and assigned developers helped with choosing the right technology stack to streamline the development process and receive the required functionality.




14 months

Team size

5 specialists
5.0 five stars

CEO, StreamSort

They seem to have very talented developers and they are transparent which is very important to us. We had to decide between Existek and the company who worked with on the prototype. It was a tough decision, but Existek seemed more experienced and we got a really positive impression from the company right from the start and throughout the consultation process.

Core features

What is Stream Sort?

Stream Sort is a SaaS web application built to organize and streamline waste recycling processes. The software functionality covers the entire workflow consolidation process and aims at addressing industry-specific needs. It involves production optimization, capacity monitoring, and recycling process visualization. This innovative software also helps organizations to reduce environmental impacts.

Input configurations

The functionality is essential for the improvement of calculation methods in the waste recycling industry. It becomes easier and faster to perform complex calculations while using special sets of data. Customers get access to the established dataset of waste types and can adjust the new material types when required.

application demo

Operational parameters

The solution collects the vital operating parameters to improve the quality of recycling. It is related to material input composition, product standards, production specifications, etc. The main benefit is that it can be practically used in advancing recycling operations and streamlining the entire production workflow.

application demo

Recycling process visualization

The advanced feature allows customers to estimate the outcome in terms of efficiency based on the material type, the recycling order, or the equipment to use. The selected process will be automaticaly visualized by Stream Sort in a detailed scheme covering all the crucial factors. Its main advantage is to provide the customer with the unique opportunity to recalculate and modify the process for better outcomes.

application demo


Along with identifying the efficient operational process, the waste recycling companies get an advanced tool to manage the finished products. It is related to gathering and managing such data as quantity and value of produced products. It only takes a few clicks to calculate the production volume per hour and check the purity and recovery rates.

application demo

Capacity monitoring

The great feature to manage growing demand according to business and industry priorities. Defining the maximum process capacity enables better utilization rates. It is designed to determine new operational strategies that are bound to increase the production throughput and volume.

application demo


The functionality includes a number of indicators to monitor and access business performance. It prepares reports covering details on key performance indicators, revenue, and operating expenses. It allows customers to optimize the return from products received.

application demo
three green-white containers for garbage with green-white machine and a man with bicycle

Project objective

The client’s requirement was to deliver a neat tech solution that organizes the waste management process, optimizes sorting operations, and increases profitability for the involved parties.

Target market

The SaaS platform is designed for the important stakeholders in the waste recycling process. The potential customers are waste management organizations, equipment manufactures, recyclers, factory builders, industry associations, etc.


  • Consolidate the entire operation workflow
  • Automate the calculation methods used for waste recycling
  • Create the security architecture
  • Meet tight deadlines to implement the solution


Technology choice

The client was looking for a provider with particular expertise as they felt sure about the tech choice they made. In our turn, EXISTEK carried out additional research and suggested changing some technologies to streamline the process and deliver outlined functionality. Efficient cooperation allowed both sides to make the final decision on the right tech stack that played a decisive role in efficient product implementation.



MySQL takes the top position in the database choice


products built with Node.js




stars on GitHub


one of three commonly used web frameworks

Development tools





Figma users


fewer emails with Slack

Technologies also used by

Architecture implementation

In order to develop a robust SaaS platform, the team brought system flexibility and efficiency into the main focus. The well-thought structure allowed them to reach high scalability, system integrity, and security. Node.js web application architecture was an excellent solution for component reusability, code sharing, and data systematization.


Mobile browser

Web browser



Web server

Business layer

Application server

yellow arrow

File system

Data layer


External system

Team composition

The good decision was to assign dedicated developers who worked together before and could start platform development right away. This team completed a number of projects and gained first-hand experience in delivering neat web products. Besides the required expertise, they are cooperative and easy to work with. The dedicated team included one project manager, three full-stack developers, and one QA engineer.

developer photo

Project manager

developer photo

Full stack developer

developer photo

Full stack developer

developer photo

Full stack developer

developer photo

QA engineer


Visibility and transparency as key elements for successful collaboration

We focus on retaining top project management and quality development by applying proven methodologies. Besides, it’s essential to encourage the client’s engagement throughout the entire process. Continuous communication and in-house control levels help to build up massive support.

Dedicated development team model
Agile methodologies
Regular calls and weekly demos

Project summary

High quality and time-saving efficiency

The client’s expectations are consistently among the main priorities for EXISTEK. Our team was tasked with building a groundbreaking SaaS solution for the waste recycling industry. It required special business and technology expertise to set productive cooperation and deliver the quality product in tight deadlines. We did our best to provide professional consultations, fastly arrange the dedicated team, complete the development process and produce the fully-functional web application with outlined functionality.

application screen

Project duration

The first development stage was completed within three months and provided our client with the MVP product ready to be presented on the market. All the following advancements were delivered based on careful analysis, user requirements, and gathered feedback. In total, it took up to 14 months to implement the final product version.

14 weeks 42 weeks
MVP development Full-scale product implementation
result stages picture

MVP development

14 weeks

Full-scale product implementation

42 weeks


Total project duration


waste types
listed in the initial database
supported to provide a multi-lingual solution
a number of screens for the web application
implemented for the waste recyclying platform
listed in the initial database
supported to provide a multi-lingual solution
a number of screens for the web application
implemented for the waste recyclying platform


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