August 1, 2019

The speed and convenience of the interface are the things that help your app to attract user’s attention. This they give it a chance to compete on the overcrowded market. In this article, we’ll explain how to hire a web developer who’ll help you to build a web application with UI that stands out.


Nowadays any application has to obtain the beautiful, fast and responsive web version. It is a common market requirement for both in-house and market-oriented apps. In order to create, improve and maintain your web application, you need to have great web development department. Such teams are usually equipped with different specialists like developers, PM, QA, and many others. However, the core of those teams is back-end, full-stack, and front-end web developers. They do all the heavy lifting and work on the technical state and functionality of the web platform. No doubts that the appearance and slick interface are the qualities that users value the most. This is why UI/UX design and implementation stages are mission-critical steps for the success of the product. Because of that, today we’ll focus on the question “how to hire a web developer”.

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According to the studies, you have only 10 seconds to convince the user to stay on your page. The market is overcrowded with different SaaS offerings and your web app has only a couple of seconds before the user abandons it for any reason. This may be laggy UI, bad design, puzzling controls or anything else. No matter what complex integrations and advanced AI features it has under the hood – the first impression is everything. Many of sophisticated software products lose the competition to more simple apps just because they have a more user-friendly interface. And it is hard to blame the users because all of us are overwhelmed with various products and services and we don’t have time to learn something new or dig in non-intuitive UI. As a result, the skilled front-end developer is a must for implementing the user-attractive web application. Their work enables functionality and determines the user experience. They are responsible for the visual side that users interact with. It is quite important to hire a front-end developer that obtains certain skills and experience to provide and support interactions with the customers. Therefore, every company needs to outline its expectations first in order to find a web developer that will meet all the requirements.


This approach is rather efficient for any company that wants to make the right decisions and find reasonable solutions. Preparation and clarity is the first step to success. You need to define all your expectations in details that will help you to take further steps.

Firstly, it is required to estimate all the tasks the software engineers will deal with.  As long as you know what you need it will be faster to find the web developer that can either start from scratch or carry on the outlined tasks. Don’t forget to add this information into the job description. You will have the chance to get your priorities straight.

Secondly, finding a good web developer might seem not that easy however make it a rule to define the basic skills and required experience in order to hire a front-end developer for your project.  Do the research and make the list of technologies that your new team member will be working with on a daily basis. Don’t expect that the candidates will be equally experienced and proficient in all technologies. Separate the technologies into “must have” and “nice to have” categories. Thus you’ll be able to prioritize the candidates into those who have minimum required qualifications and those who will bring extra value to the project. For example, you need to hire a web developer who will be working with the app that is using Angular and TypeScript. In this case, Angular will be your first priority and the Typescript will be second because it is a JavaScript component that can be learned by experienced JS developer pretty easily and quickly. If you’ll get only applications from the devs who haven’t worked with the TypeScript before – no worries, you’ll simply need a couple of extra weeks to put him on track. If you also have applications from devs who have experience with both technologies – then they are your first priority to set up an interview, give technical task and so on. When you include the detailed job description for the candidates, they are also able to assess their own suitability for the job. In short, you eliminate the need for numerous pointless interviews.

Thirdly, it is reasonable to learn the job market in order to hire a good web developer. Check the local market as well as the outsourced options. Nowadays you have so many options to choose from. It helps to manage your expenses and find a suitable offer.

Finally, the company should always check previous projects and customer ratings and analyze their technical and communication skills to set the appropriate future collaboration. The decisions need to be made only after careful consideration, so let’s concentrate on each point more attentively.

instructions how to hire a front-end developer


Fluent knowledge of JavaScript is a must for every web developer as long as most of the visual functions depend on JavaScript and its frameworks. Certainly, the performed tasks are related to the back-end layout without which nothing can exist. Therefore front-end developers should be fluent in HTML5 and CSS as well. In short, HTML5 and CSS support structural components whereas JavaScript deals with interactive functions. Moreover, React, Vue.js and Angular which have become top JavaScript front-end frameworks provide the developers with all innovative features. Applying new approaches helps to withstand rapidly changing demands of the market and become flexible. If you hire a web developer that is experienced with one of them it will be another advantage to gain.

Besides, it will be great to cooperate with the specialists who are capable of supporting responsiveness of the web application.  Responsive web design covers resizing, hiding, shrinking or enlarging automatically while using HTML5 and CSS. It is not just a trend, but today’s market requirement. The web application should be designed to get the user’s easy and quick access on different devices. It needs to perform and look good no matter the screen size including desktops, phones, and tablets. Therefore the skilled specialist will easily enable the sophisticated performance, usability, and accessibility of your web application.

Another thing to remember is the experience of the specialist you would like to hire. It is common to divide them into several ranks: junior, middle and senior ones. Experience has always been the unchallenged benefit however it is better to hire a web developer according to the tasks they need to implement. In most cases, a reasonable solution could be the team composition. For example, the collaboration of senior, middle and junior front-end developers has been successfully conducted in many projects. So let’s check the tasks they perform and what do you need to expect from each of them:

A junior front-end developer (1-3 years of experience) will handle the general tasks. It includes managing interactive components, buttons, slidders, fonts, images, etc. Basic knowledge of programming and experience in at least one of the front-end frameworks are required. In short, they can be great assistants for middle or senior specialists.

A middle front-end developer (2-5 years of experience) has already gained certain skills and concentrates on more complicated tasks. They usually deal with difficult interactive elements, various kinds of animation, complex UI/UX and responsive web design. These specialists have the ability to solve the tasks and manage the work of junior ones.

A senior front-end developer (5+ years of experience) is the expert that carries out the most complex tasks such as sophisticated animation, technical optimization of overall performance. Due to considerable experience, they find the new solutions, resolve the issues and become the professional advisers in making final decisions.

Defining your needs helps to make the right choice due to the technical requirements. In addition to this, remember so-called soft skills like collaboration, creativity, problem-solving and willingness to learn. Since teamwork is a common part of the front-end developers’ everyday life, good communication is essential here. They need to be ready to collaborate effectively in order to provide a valuable product.


Finding a good web developer depends on your requirements as well as the budget. The cost depends on the complexity of the tasks, specialist’s expertise, and experience curve. The location of your front-end developer also determines the cost of the project. The company can either choose the in-house developer or get the advantages of outsourcing. Many companies have faced the talent and workforce shortage on their local markets and applied for the help of software development outsourcing services. They have acknowledged the number of advantages like unique expertise, increased efficiency, a huge pool of web developers, flexibility and the service cost cut down. So how much does it cost to hire a web developer in different locations?

Web developer hourly rate in the US

Historically, the most expensive and qualified software development professionals, and front-end developers, in particular, are located in the US. However, with time outsourcing industries in other countries, such as Ukraine, became able to compete with the US companies not only in terms of web developers rates but also in terms of quality and complexity of the tasks that can be successfully completed. Below you’ll find the average web developers rates in the US.

Seniority LevelHourly Rate
Senior web developer$75-115/h
Middle web developer$60-80/h
Junior web developer$40-60/h

Web developer hourly rate in Western Europe

Western European developers have proven their position on the job market by the good quality of services and extensive experience. You can notice that hourly rates are relatively lower in comparison with the US but higher than average ones around the world.

Seniority LevelHourly Rate
Senior web developer$65-80/h
Middle web developer$45-65/h
Junior web developer$30-50/h

Web developer hourly rate in Asia

When the company wants to hire a front-end developer, Asia is certainly attractive because of its low-priced offers. On the one hand, it seems like a good option for customers limited on budget. On the other hand, they are often provided with compromise quality.

Seniority LevelHourly Rate
Senior web developer
Middle web developer$18-30/h
Junior web developer$15-25/h

Web developer hourly rate in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe has become a new pool of talented developers. If you decide to hire web developers in Ukraine, Poland or Belarus, you will find an impressive number of qualified specialists who can offer superior quality along with reasonable prices.

Seniority LevelHourly Rate
Senior web developer
Middle web developer$25-35/h
Junior web developer$20-30/h


Following all these steps, you will definitely come up with the question “What is the best place to hire web developers?”  The point is that technologies have expanded the number of market offers and the choice is not limited anymore. It is much easier to find a web developer or set up the whole team due to your requirements. There are several options to check:

In-house workforce

The first option to choose is to hire the front-end developer that will be a member of your in-house team. It will be great to find a good specialist however it usually takes some time due to the workforce shortage. Take into account the facts that except for the salary you also need to spend money on medical insurance, equipment, facilities, and utilities.

Freelance websites

The popularity of freelancing has formed open platforms that connect the customers with contractors all over the world. The searching process is greatly simplified thanks to search engines that help to hire a freelance web developer that fits the particular requirements. You can classify them by expertise, experience and services’ cost. Looking for a web developer only takes referring to one of those websites, for example, Upwork, Fiver, etc. However, it is the only option to jump on. Freelance developers are often chosen because of the many advantages although some disadvantages have been caused by knowledge retention and lower level of control. You can check a full comparison of freelance developers vs dedicated teams in our latest article.

Hire a professional web development company

The most common option is to search your local market and hire a professional web development company with extensive expertise and relevant experience. They are considered as the established contractors that can provide high-quality services, find reasonable solutions and assist you with different kinds of consultation. Nevertheless, many customers have faced the challenge of finding the needed company in their city, region or even country. Moreover, be ready to extend your expenses due to the highest services costs.


This market approach has become a reasonable solution for many successful projects. Nowadays, it doesn’t really matter where your developers are located as long as they are skilled, experienced and have great communication skills. These are only a few of the reasons to hire a professional web development company offshore. You can choose the company due to your own additional criteria such as geographical proximity, time difference, cultural similarity, etc. Moreover, it has happened to be an advantage for most of the customers. It reduces their limitations on specialists’ availability, highly-demanded expertise, and budgets as well.


The starting point might always seem confusing, as every company wants to know how to hire a front-end developer that covers all the requirements. Check some additional advice that is so easy to apply in practice but impresses and pays off the customers’ expectations.

Team composition – Depending on the complexity of your tasks, you need to estimate the right number of specialists. Don’t hesitate to ask for the professional consultation. You just need to provide at least the approximate description of your needs whereas the specialists will be able to consult you and help to set up the appropriate team strategy.

Budget flexibility – Estimate your budget limits to know your alternatives. Make sure you ask for quotes to evaluate the potential candidates.

Customer rating – Spend a moment to check the examples of the previous projects and read the feedback of their customers.

Responsibility – From the very beginning pay attention to work ethic, communication skills, ability to collaborate.

Testing – Make sure you give a few tasks to watch the overall delivering process as well as check the final results. Paid tests are the perfect option for both sides.


Most decisions usually require careful consideration, time and even some efforts. We hope that in this article we have shed some light upon the question we raised. “How to hire a good web developer” is a common question for many customers. Taking into account all the details, you will be capable to hire a front-end developer that meets your needs, fits the team and the most important creates the attractive, responsive and fast web applications.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact Existek. We are the outsourcing software development company with extensive experience in UI/UX development and design. We will be glad to provide you with further consultation via our contact page or start a discussion in the chat widget right now.