January 14, 2020

Taking into consideration the standpoint of the software development life cycle, the right choice among top front-end frameworks will be the fundamental step of your future success. The market has a wide diversity due to the vast set of challenges that developers solve every day. Thus the number of new front-end frameworks considerably increases. More and more different frameworks appear, and in this article, we would like to discuss top front-end frameworks in 2021.


When you make your choice, keep in mind certain requirements that will help you greatly. Selecting among top UI frameworks, take into account both the users’ and development teams’ perspectives. Those features cover design, development, testing and maintenance stages. The best front-end frameworks simplify and advance the development process at the same time. It should provide flexibility for further achievements whereas the customer receives excellent UX and UI. As for the development team, look for the framework that is comfortable to work with. Top front-end frameworks are always easy to maintain and test. Regular updates are must-have due to the rapidly changing demands of the market, new security threats, and versions of technologies.

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Most of the web development frameworks offer the developer tools and support the unit testing and can ensure backward compatibility. Stability and community support are also the factors not to be forgotten therefore the availability of experienced specialists on the market won’t be the issue. In order to achieve the desired results, you should find the best suitable web front-end framework that will meet the general and your own requirements. To find out more details, let’s start with the current trends and the overall JS framework market share.


When the new JavaScipt framework appears, it is always designed with some specific goals in mind. Thus we can observe the competitive market that is full of varieties and choices. At the same time, we faced the problem that many front-end technologies sharply increased their popularity and in a short time came across the moderate decline of developers’ interest. The market of UI frameworks anticipates those trends as the new ones constantly develop and take the leading positions.

top front-end frameworks in 2020 angular and react

According to Stack Overflow, developers’ interest to React and Angular constantly growing since 2015, while the interest to jQuery AngularJS on the way down over time.

At the same time, we can observe Vue.js as a new strong contender for the “older” JavaScript frameworks.

vue.js has become of the new top web development frameworks for the past years

Same Stack Overflow interest level data shows, that Vue.js is the only web development framework among the “younger” technologies, who started to show great potential in 2015 and can contend with “older” brothers such as React and Angular in 2021.

Those trends are fully dependable on developers and their framework decisions. According to the following survey, the most market belongs to such JavaScript frameworks as React, Angular, Vue.js.

most popular front-end frameworks in 2020

In 2019 developers community picked up the top front-end frameworks. Considering the constantly growing interest to React, Vue.js, and Angular, the trends will keep the same for the next few years. Credits: stackoverflow.com

Those three have features that affect productivity and are known for their high usability. UX developers turn their attention to such features as state management, form processing, validation, templating, HTTP communication, and routing. React, Angular and Vue.js. have already recommended themselves as the top UI frameworks by meeting all these requirements. Something that should be mentioned is the simplicity of integration. Sometimes developers have to apply additional tools from different libraries. Avoiding that extra hustle with integrations and having all the needed tools in one place will be a great benefit for devs. Analyzing the survey data, we can get the following results on the most used frameworks in 2021: React is mostly applied by Node.js, Python and Rails developers, Angular is often used by Java, PHP, and C# developers, whereas Vue.js is popular among the PHP, SCC, and Node.js ones.

Obviously, technology adoption still depends on developers and companies. They try to choose the best technology based on its stability and community support as well. But we can easily admit that the overall professionals’ technology satisfaction level had considerably increased during the last year compared with the previous ones. Front-end development medium is rather dynamic and changeable, but for now, React, Angular, and Vue.js have reached their leading positions and remain the best UI frameworks in 2021.