October 1, 2019

If you are interested in the question “how much does it cost to hire a web developer?”, make sure you take into account several moments to figure out the answer. The web developer fees will differ due to specialists’ skills and experience as well as where they are located. In this article, we have checked the hourly web development rates in different regions and estimated the average web development cost per month.

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Tech job market dictates its own rules and some specialists can be more demanded than the others. This is true for the web development world with its ever-changing landscape with an oversupply of certain specialists and new frameworks released every month. Thus the same specialists, with the same qualification and experience can cost 20% more or less per month simply because they work with different JavaScript libraries.

The hiring process starts with defining the project needs and expectations. This greatly helps to outline the requirements that the specialist has to meet and find out the answer on how much do web developers charge for those tasks. It goes without saying that the technology stack will be quite different depending on the application complexity and even industry.

Since these developers deal with front-end and back-end development, you can hire full-stack developers who are balancing between server and interface technologies and are more universal in general. However, most developers deal either with the front end (user side) or the back end (server side). The knowledge of HTML5 and CSS is a must-have for every front-end specialist whereas the other JavaScript frameworks will differ. They should specialize at least in one of them: Angular, React, etc. The back-end developers apply such languages as Java, PHP, NodeJS, .NET. Wrapping up, years of experience and mastered frameworks equally define how much does it cost to hire a web developer. The more advanced skills you look for, the higher cost of hiring a web developer you might pay.


Another thing to remember is the experience of the specialist you would like to hire. It is common to divide them into several ranks: junior, middle and senior ones. Experience has always been the unchallenged benefit however it is better to hire developers due to the tasks they need to implement and pay accordingly. In most cases, a reasonable solution could be the team composition. For example, the collaboration of senior, middle and junior developers has been successfully conducted in many projects. By any means, every project covers both simple and complicated, standard and advanced tasks. In order to manage your workforce and cost effectively, the mixed team composition has proven itself since everyone is responsible for assignments they are capable of. So let’s check the tasks they perform and what do you need to expect from each of them:

Junior Devs (1-3 years of work experience)

A junior specialist (1-3 years of experience) will handle the general tasks. It includes managing interactive components, buttons, slidders, fonts, images, etc. They can work on the outline of the simple web pages for the single page applications and can successfully deal with tasks like interface development for the login screen or the screens with the list of some items. Basic knowledge of programming and experience in at least one of the JavaScript frameworks are required. In short, they can be great assistants for middle or senior specialists.

Middle Devs (3-5 years of work experience)

A middle specialist (2-5 years of experience) has already gained certain skills and concentrates on more complicated tasks. They usually deal with difficult interactive elements, various kinds of animation, complex UI/UX and responsive web design.

Senior  Devs (5+ years of work experience)

A senior specialist (5+ years of experience) is the expert that carries out the most complex tasks such as sophisticated animations and system logic, technical optimization of overall performance. Due to considerable experience, they find new solutions, resolve the issues and become professional advisers in making final decisions. These specialists have not only the ability to solve the tasks but also manage the work of junior and middle software engineers, which makes them the core of any team.

Therefore, the question “how much does it cost to hire a web developer?” is much easier to answer when you take into account skills and experience. We have prepared a list of the web developer fees and divided it due to various locations.


Finding a good specialist depends on your requirements as well as the budget. The cost of hiring a web developer depends on the complexity of the tasks, specialist’s expertise, and experience curve. The location of your developers also determines the cost of the project. The company can either choose the in-house developers or get the advantages of outsourcing. Many companies have faced the talent and workforce shortage on their local markets and applied for the help of software development outsourcing services. They have acknowledged the number of advantages like unique expertise, increased efficiency, a huge pool of professionals, flexibility and the service cost cut down. So how much does it cost to hire a web developer in different locations?

Web developer hourly rate in the US

Historically, the most expensive and qualified software development professionals are located in the US. However, with time outsourcing industries in other countries, such as Ukraine, became able to compete with the US companies not only in terms of cost of hiring a web developer but also in terms of quality and complexity of the tasks that can be successfully completed. Below you’ll find the average web developer price in the US.

Senior Devs$75-115/h
Middle Devs$60-80/h
Junior Devs$40-60/h

Web developer hourly rate in Western Europe

Western European developers have proven their position on the job market by the good quality of services and extensive experience. You can notice that hourly rates are relatively lower in comparison with the US but higher than average ones around the world. So how much does a web developer cost per hour in Western Europe?

Senior Devs$65-80/h
Middle Devs$45-65/h
Junior Devs$30-50/h

Web developer hourly rate in Asia

When the company wants to shorten the cost of hiring a web developer, Asia is certainly attractive because of its low-priced offers. On the one hand, it seems like a good option for customers limited on budget. On the other hand, they are often provided with compromise quality.

Senior Devs
Middle Devs$18-30/h
Junior Devs$15-25/h

Web developer hourly rate in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe has become a new pool of talented professionals. If you decide to hire developers in Ukraine, Poland or Belarus, you will find an impressive number of qualified specialists who can offer superior quality along with reasonable prices. Let’s check how much to hire a web developer here.

Senior Devs
Middle Devs$25-35/h
Junior Devs$20-30/h

We can make the conclusion that the answer to “how much does it cost to hire a web developer?” will differ due to different hiring locations as well as developers’ experience. But we can say for sure that many projects have succeeded because of outsourcing that is opening new development opportunities.


Every project implementation requires certain resources including a skilled workforce, budget and time. Let’s see the monthly cost of hiring the fully functional development team. We are going to estimate the price for some SaaS solutions which are the most common tasks of the web development teams. In order to develop the cloud CRM system, you will need to arrange the team of one project manager, two front-end developers (junior and senior ones), two back-end developers (junior and senior ones), one UI/UX designer and one QA. 

It is obvious that looking for the reasonable cost of hiring a web developer is only half of the way. They always collaborate with other team members. Any project should be carefully planned and efficiently managed by the experienced project manager. Moreover, its implementation won’t stand without testing that is conducted by QA. As long as you want to build an attractive, user-friendly product, UI/UX designers are going to handle the company’s requirements and users’ expectations to provide the best user experience. Consequently, estimating the custom web development cost has to include not only web developer cost but other team members сharges.  

So how much does web development cost per month at Eastern European rates?

  • The project managers charge $20 per hour thus the monthly salary is about $3200.
  • Front-end developers that are fluent in Reach will cost $20 (junior), $25 (middle) and $40 (senior) per hour. As we set the team of two front-end developers, one junior for simple tasks and one senior for complex tasks and guidance –  we have received the monthly charge of $9600.
  • Back-end development also takes $9600 per month since the NodeJS specialists have the same web developer fees and work the same hours as the front-end ones.
  • The UI/UX designer is paid $15 per hour so the monthly design fee will be up to $2400. However, we should mention that they usually complete the design for 1-2 months whereas the rest of the team continues to work on the project. 
  • QA usually charges $10 per hour and has to work full time until the project completes. Their monthly salary is about $1600.

As a result of the calculation, we have received the following monthly web development fees:

Project Management$3200
Back-end Development$9600
Front-end Development$9600

Generally, the average web development cost for the overall functional team would be about $26500 per month. However, you can easily make your own cost estimation using the hourly rates above as every project has its own timeline and required resources.


Figuring out the answer to “how much does it cost to hire a web developer”, we have found a lot of important details that should be taken into account. Developers’ skills and experience, product complexity, required technology stack, and specialists’ locations are the main things to consider while setting the project budget. 

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