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Existek CEO Oleg Feferman took part in the series of interviews conducted by GoodFirms among senior executives and owners of the leading software development firms.
In this post, we reprint and underline the main points where he tells about his vision of Existek’s mission, value offer for the customers, and approach to custom software development.

Existek was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Ukraine, along with a branch in Slovakia. The company, at this point, has been successfully working on outsourced software product development as well as Oil & Gas, Education, and Healthcare industries.

Oleg Feferman, being the CEO, is playing the role of the captain of the organization, ensuring growth and high effectiveness in everyday operations. In a few words, the ship of Existek consists of a bunch of guys trying to make their customers happy with the best possible experience in custom-written software sailing!

The CEO says that the crew of Existek was clueless as to what extent will they be able to make it! Initially, our aim was to reach the farthest horizon, and guess what, we are halfway there. Of course, it was a step-by-step process. The company defined its key values to lay the foundation with quality and a positive attitude. The company determined all of its efforts and passion towards building custom solutions and services that will help our customers to make their business and IT more effective even in the tiniest details.

“When you ask somebody, who is searching for outsourcing provider you’ll probably hear some typical answer about the need to extend the team etc. I believe that our clients are actually seeking for advisers instead of just executors. Existek always approaches new projects thinking of the contribution they can make into that work. If you feel that you share same values they’ll be glad to hear from you and help you in your software development project. Visit their page dedicated to the custom software development to learn more about the company and their processes or Contact page to start a discussion immediatly”

Oleg agrees with the fact that Ukraine is a unique place these days for software companies. It carries one of the best European mindsets that has been attracting the outsourcing direction of global clients for the past few years. Hence, Existek’s in-house team is enough to handle complex projects – big or small with new challenges and niches.

The project complexity usually relies on the client’s understanding of the minimum viable requirements taking into consideration the platforms, technologies, and hardware. In 2016, Existek worked on projects budget between the price range of $30000 and $150000. Not just that, the company has partnered with clients that have been continually working with Existek for three to four years.

The effort and time taken by projects, on average, is 12 to 20 weeks to develop the front end and back end of the software demanded. Also, the preferred language and framework by Existek are C# and .NET, respectively. The team believes that C# and .NET help us to give our partners the best possible outcome. When it comes to frontend – we, of course, use JavaScript and numerous frameworks made for this language, including jQuery, AngularJS, Breeze.js, Knockout.js, and React.

Read the detailed interview to know the key factors considered by Existek that decide the cost of software and the details of flexible payment methods for the same. 

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