Our innovation-driven team at Existek creates custom, world-class solutions with the sole purpose of helping our customers gain competitive advantage in their industry and marketplace. We want our clients to succeed, and we contribute to our partners by sharing our software development and IT strategy skills. Through a combination of our industry experience and expert support and guidance, Existek has become one of the top partners for IT and development outsourcing.

Existek - top custom software development company in UKraineThis recognition comes from Clutch, the Washington, D.C.-based research and reviews firm. Existek had our market presence, customer satisfaction, and industry experience, among other aspects of our operations, studied and scored by Clutch and sister site, The Manifest, attesting to the all-around strength of our performance and products. We very much appreciate this nod to the quality of our team members and work, but we would like to thank our clients for also acknowledging our efforts.

In reviews that former clients shared on our Clutch profile, our expertise and exceptional commitment to customer service were two attributes of Existek that were particularly touted. We take great pride in knowing that our clients have found their collaborations with our team as beneficial as we did, and we thank our customers for their trust in us as a partner.

“The developers at Existek are a key value for my business since their work is excellent. They make me look good. I’m very happy with the developers as they are,” emphasized one client. “Their ability to deliver on time, reliability, and availability are all impressive. The developers are very committed, even working nights and weekends when required. If there’s anything we need to resolve, they come online very quickly. I have continuous conversations with the team. They never say ‘no,’ and they always do whatever they can to fix things.”

“We came across them while doing online research. We were impressed by one of their past projects, so we reached out to discuss our challenge. They spoke very knowledgeably about their field and explained in detail how they would tackle our problem. They seemed to have more expertise than their competitors, so we decided to hire them,” mentioned a second client in detailing how Existek was chosen as a partner. “They were easy to work with and provided quality code that my internal team was able to easily integrate. They were very good about communication and hitting deadlines. Our project required a specialized skill set, so their expertise was a crucial part of this project.”

For world-class innovation and expertise, know that Existek is the ideal partner for your software and IT challenges. We always commit to serving our clients as best as we can, and exceeding expectations is just part of our goal. We would love to provide additional details of our approach or experience if you want to hear more, and we look forward to continuing our efforts with new clients and projects soon! Contact us via the form at our website or start the conversation in the chat and we will be glad to leverage our rich technical and business expertise to solve the most complex challenges of your business.

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