TextPilot - writing and reading assistive tool

TextPilot – reading and writing assistive software suite for norvegian ISV

Textpilot is an assistive learning aid that helps students write better texts. It has advanced spelling check, text prediction, and Text-To-Speech features and can work across different applications, like office suites, messengers, web pages, etc., even if these applications provide no integration/communication possibilities/APIs. Custom made licensing and user data servers allow better control and analysis of user data.


Project technology stack

.NET, C#, C++, JavaScript


Timeframe and workload

Over 12 month


TextPilot is aimed at being the best universal assistant to help users improve their spelling across any application. When we started to collaborate with Textpilot, their product needed a major revision of the delivery process and improvement of the spelling check and text prediction features. Working on that project, we faced these challenges:

  • Inability to determine priority tasks and track progress. Development and delivery processes were not established before we were involved in development.
  • “Technical debt” and monolithic architecture slowed down the implementation of the new features.


One of Existek’s major tasks was to help TextPilot find the right methodology for project management and help them on their way to implementation. After development audit, it appeared the core code required significant revision to improve and speed up the delivery process. Here’s how we overcame those issues:

  • We introduced SCRUM and continuous integration.
  • Existek team did major code refactoring and standardization to lower efforts for project maintenance and speed up introduction of new features.
  • In addition, we are continually working with the TextPilot team on the new functionality and maintenance of the platform to keep it up-to-date with the fast-changing business and technology landscape and secure its stability.


Our outsourcing development and consulting services enabled TextPilot to react faster to the end user demands and plan future product elaboration better and efficiently. As a result, TextPilot secured its position as one of the most successful and technologically-advanced players in the spelling check, text prediction, and Text-To-Speech niche. We are proud and happy to make our contribution to the product with some of the best features available on that market.


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