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Existek is a one-stop shop for the full-cycle of web development services. We can create a user experience and interface for the new software product from scratch to increase the engagement of your users. Also, we know exactly how to give a new fresh and clean look to the existing enterprise software with trendy front-end technologies to make it run faster, look better and outstandingly perform on any device desktop, tablet or mobile.


Combination of HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript represented by the frameworks and libraries like AngularJS and React give us all the tools we need to develop sophisticated yet easy to use UI and UX. The precision of the controls and overall speed of the interface comes to life in every piece of software we are working on thanks to our rich experience in the latest front-end technologies and striving to perfection even in the smallest details.



On average, a user makes a decision that he will ever again launch or purchase your web, desktop or mobile app in the 30 seconds after the first launch. The core criteria are how trendy, modern and intuitive the interface is. As a web development company, we have accumulated experience and know-how to develop fast single page applications for SaaS companies, easy to use and secure enterprise solutions, and addictive mobile applications.


Existek creates the next-gen frontends for the single page applications, web-based software, and SaaS solutions that seamlessly work across all browsers and devices. Our core value is to deliver the responsive and attractive interfaces that will delight your existing users and convince anybody who tries your software once to stick with it for a long time.


Our team of web software engineers, UX specialists, and designers works across all platforms for the mobile wearable devices to deliver the best possible user experience for everyone regardless of what phones, tablets or multimedia devices your TA is using. We know the advantages and flaws of each system and get the maximum use of each platform’s strong sides and avoid its weaknesses.


We believe that there always will be a need for stable and bulletproof software that is running on your local machine. Our team is ready to leverage our deep understanding of the architecture of the desktop operating systems and hardware to embody your most complex technical requirements in desktop solutions that combine the advantages of desktop software and the latest web development design trends.


There is a set of simple rules we follow when it comes to web development. We value high usability, beautiful appearance, rich functionality, interactivity, and stability. Existek team knows that the application vested with these features will help our customers to keep a high user retention rate, effectively deliver their message and achieve the business goals. Our team believes that the latest technologies under the hood of the modern frontends are used not just for the sake of technological achievement but for creating modern, scalable high-performing interfaces that are simple and enjoyable to use.


We all feel comfortable working with software where everything intuitive and located just in the right place, where we expect it to be. This is how your customers and employees should feel when using your web portal or app. Giving the development of your UIs to Existek you can be sure that it will be easy to use and to navigate.


Remember how you decided to abandon yet another web application just because you logged in for the first time and saw an outdated design or overloaded controls? Our services aimed at creating an eye-catching presentation that will both reflect your brand’s identity and combine simplicity with appealing visuals to make sure that this will never happen with your app.


Today everybody expects a web application to have the same or better functionality than its mobile or desktop version. Our engineering team knows how not disappoint your users and embody your most brave business ideas in the single page web applications that flawlessly running on any browser and device providing interactivity beyond their expectations.


Nobody likes to wait, struggle with lagging interface or lose their progress for the last half of an hour. And so do your customers. We believe that stability, fast interface, reliability, and 24/7 uptime are the keys to winning customers’ acquisition and retention online. Choosing Existek as your partner you can be sure that your web interfaces will be developed with that in mind.


Making your web application accessible for your target audience on any browser, device, and form factor is our primary target when we develop a responsive frontend for your product. Our team will make all the distribution channels equally effective help you to reach your users simultaneously on all platforms in order to achieve your business goals.


A dedicated development center service at Existek is an engagement model focused on building productive dedicated teams driven by the long-term exclusive outsourcing partnership. We offer full-fledged teams of software engineers of any scale to help you to augment your in-house team with the needed development resource in a timely and cost-effective manner or build an entire web development team offshore.

  • Lower expenses: hiring a dedicated development team in Eastern Europe is at least three times cheaper than getting an equivalent team in Western Europe or the US. Our clients get a significant price advantage while keeping excellent code quality.
  • Quick and easy setup: Existek has access to one of the largest talent pools of the developers in Eastern Europe and can offer you a much shorter time for staffing your team and launch the project.
  • High engagement level: entering a long-term contractual partnership with Existek dedicated development center you get the team which will become fully-functional part of your business under your direct control.
  • Niche technology and domain expertise: having Existek as your provider of the dedicated development center you get access to the developers with rare technology expertise who can be engaged as needed.
  • Flexibility: all Existek customers enjoy flexible team scalability and can increase and decrease the development team size based on the current workload to pay for the resources they are actually using.
  • Well-tuned development process: as an experienced offshore software development company we have accumulated know-how in various industries, technologies and know exactly how the software projects should be managed.
  • Full control: we adopt methodologies that ensure full transparency of the offshore development center working process as well as provide smooth communication and continuous monitoring of the performance.
  • Transparent hiring: our dedicated development center engagement model allows you to hand-pick the software engineers who will be working on your project alongside your in-house team.

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