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Existek provides IT Consulting Services for the vast range of industries and business domains. We are the IT Consulting Firm that truly care about the success of each of our clients. Simply tell us about your technological challenges and we will come up with a solution right away.

IT consulting services

Technology consulting services

Not sure which technology is most suitable for your custom business software or have technology blockage on your pipeline to software project delivery? We’ve got the expertise to handle all your needs.

Project recovery

Encountered an unexpected problem with your product delivery? No worries! Existek’s expert advisors, project development, and support team will rescue your project from disaster and get it fully back on track.

Tech consulting

We methodically review your processes and code via our reach experience and devise a comprehensive issues list and ideas for fixes. We are one of the IT consulting companies that have full capabilities to find the problem and efficiently solve it.

Enterprise software consulting

The Complexity of Enterprise IT Architecture grows in correlation with your business. Our team builds your architecture from scratch or redesigns it to the present scale of your business with the future in mind.

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What we do

At some point, every Software Product or Enterprise comes to the point where they need to call upon professional outside help. Existek is that full-cycle IT consulting services provider that can resolve any issue after zeroing in on it. We stand by you throughout every stage of your digital transformation or software product development.

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Project recovery services

Judging by recent surveys, almost 80% of software development projects wind up on the garbage heaps of history. Our highly skilled team of developers and tech advisors know precisely how to get things back to the condition they should be and prevent your project from falling into the abyss of production hell. The Existek tech consulting team carefully studies the source of your challenges to provide you with a plan of action and helps you turning around your project into yet another major success.

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Enterprise IT architecture

Digital transformation frequently disrupts the established order of the enterprise IT infrastructure. Intense market competition requires constant focus from the IT department and places any IT operations at the vanguard of your business. Our enterprise IT infrastructure specialists understand only too well, that the top priority of this transfer is to help the organization deliver higher results within a lower budget. Existek knows exactly how to guide modern enterprises towards digital innovation.

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IT operations improvement

IT operations are at the core of any modern enterprise. No doubt, it can be hard to maintain the balance between a high level of security and comfort of the business and its customers. Our IT consulting firm is adept in bringing that crucial balance to enterprise IT operations, ensuring flawless workings of software solutions and services, while promoting digital transformation.

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Agile delivery

The Agile Software Development Life Cycle Model is a truly awesome tool in the hands of any IT department and IT organization. Like instrument, Agile requires experience and years of practice to fully master. One of our strongest suits is the ability to introduce Agile delivery to our client’s organizations and assist them in deriving maximum effectiveness via this approach.


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