Outsourced dedicated development team in Eastern Europe is one of the opportunities to develop your product by applying some of the best IT specialists in the world at a competitive price and with superior quality. It is always worth hiring an outsourced development team that consists of qualified specialists.

It becomes obvious that the outsourcing companies have already recommended themselves for years of their services and the mature industry. Different companies have the chance to hire software developers from different corners of the world. During this time they have proved not only to be the workforce but also the source of new IT ideas. There is a variety of outsourced companies for the great choice whereas you can take into account a lot of factors: geographical location, language requirements, time difference, professional background, and even the cultural similarity. Compiling those criteria Eastern Europe has represented itself as one of the best outsourcing options. Today we will focus our attention on the dedicated development team in this region.

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At first, a lot of companies have experienced a growing demand for qualified services. The IT industry is developing every day, new technologies are appearing, companies need a talented workforce that is aware of brand-new IT approaches. Those factors induce the increasing number of outsourcing companies in Eastern Europe while the US and Western Europe experience a talent shortage and lack the number of required specialists. Some in-house developers are excellent in certain technology that they have worked with for a long time but at the same time are not always willing to change their technology for another one, usually, it will require time and money for retraining. Therefore they are interested in collaboration with the outsourced development team that is flexible, open-minded, and outgoing. Eastern European companies are always a great choice for building a software development team. Convenient geographical location can guarantee short business trips and fewer expenses for them, the high level of education – qualified specialists with knowledge of foreign languages, developing economy with fair competition – affordable prices.

When Eastern Europe has become an attractive location for outsourcing a development team?

Due to mentioned factors, this region has become an attractive location where outsourcing services are provided starting from the 90s. It has grown up into a separate industry that has already existed for a few decades. The outsourced development team has a huge experience to manage different services. We should mention the fact that the IT industry of Eastern Europe is constantly developing with approximately 300 000 highly qualified IT specialists in Ukraine, Belarus, and Poland. It just couldn’t be noticed by market leaders like Samsung, Cisco, Oracle, and Rakuten. Those are only some of the global companies that employ the service for certain projects as well as the regular support of the outsourced development center in Eastern Europe. The service processes have already been established and greatly recommended themselves for Western European, American, and other companies.

How Eastern Europe has become an attractive location for outsourcing a development team?

Consequently, this collaboration has the desired results. Companies hire dedicated developers who succeed in completing different tasks while providing high-tech services at reasonable costs. It is known that a lot of US and EU companies invest in the technology industry equally as different outsourcing startup companies in Western Europe. Applying for the service here you will cooperate with well-educated, talented, and experienced engineers who are capable to take into account your specifications. Outsourced developers are acquainted with brand-new technologies, often participants of different workshops, constant winners of various IT contests. They are functioning as the dedicated resources for a big amount of customers by covering assigned tasks, meeting the requirements, and reaching the set targets. Due to cultural similarity, it is not also a problem to arrange the communication between two sides – the customer and outsourced development team. In addition to this, you can choose between different models of collaboration suitable for your business.


No question that it has been working successfully for a lot of companies. Remote developers are qualified specialists who can become part of your own outsourced development team. It will be a good idea to hire software developers when you are interested in both efficient and economical service. Of course, you have a variety of qualified companies to choose from, they have experience in different technologies, thus the hiring process will be convenient and quite quick. At the same time, competition among these companies causes reasonable prices for high-tech services. In addition service costs will be also lower as there are no expenses for the office, housing, severance pays. Take into account the fact that you can always manage the scalability of the hired outsourced team.

As a rule, you start with a few members of the outsourced software development team, but you have the ability to add more developers as you go on. As a matter of fact, the outsourced development team includes not only developers. You can engage creative designers, skilled UX/ UI specialists, experienced business analysts, and proficient quality assurance engineers. If you come across the question “how to manage the software development team“, it has the solution as well. The tech leads and projects managers are responsible for leading engineering processes, there is the ability to assign them either by the customer or the outsourced development center

What perks does Eastern Europe offer in terms of the outsourced development team?

Eastern European developers have validated their knowledge of different kinds of expertise by completing thousands of successful projects. On the one hand, they are experienced in new and trendy technical expertise such as AI, the blockchain, smart contracts, AR and VR, neural networks, Big Data, etc.

The service of outsourced developers in Eastern Europe is widely known for superior quality and qualification. Those are people who have attained educational degrees, continue improving their professional skills, stay aware of all innovations and possess a consistent level of English.

Owing to the location of the outsourced engineering centers, geographical proximity has become an advantage for most companies. Geographical proximity and the small-time difference will help you to keep in touch on regular basis and visit the outsourced development team personally thanks to inexpensive travel costs. In addition, Eastern Europeans also maintain Western mentality, and in a lot of cases, it is a great plus.

Last but not least that is certainly the price. It is always well-balanced between the cost and the quality. In comparison, you get the same quality as in the US and Western Europe, but its cost will be at least two or three times lower. You receive high-quality service and pay less. What can be better?

What kind of tasks can be outsourced to the development team in Western Europe?

At the same time, remote software developers practice expertise in advanced enterprise technologies such as Ruby, .NET, Java, etc. That means that not only do they know some basic and outdated technologies like PHP, but also are aware of the latest advances in IT. In general, the developers can deal with trendy technologies, but what is even more important, that in opposite to India for example, the outsourced development team in Eastern Europe will be proficient with enterprise technologies. Yes, it is important to be on the bleeding edge of IT and know how to deal with Hyperledger, but consistency and proficiency in enterprise technologies such as C# .NET, Java, and Ruby are what truly make this region a great choice.
The outsourcing industry in countries like Ukraine started big, with the projects and dedicated development centers for Cisco, Samsung, Comcast, Universal, and Vodafone. Thus it accumulated a huge number of IT specialists who started their work about 5-10 years ago. For all that time, they have been working for large global businesses creating and maintaining sophisticated enterprise applications using the latest frameworks or updating those systems to the latest technology version. With that said, Eastern European countries are a great place to outsource both projects where you need specialists who can leverage AI and projects where you need a big outsourced team or well-trained professionals methodically working on the complex enterprise system written on .NET.

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Eastern Europe has become the best option for building an outsourced development team on the grounds that a lot of countries have recommended themselves by offering high-quality services, applying new technologies, and providing tech support for customers. European and American companies are hiring dedicated developers as well as housing an outsourced team there.

What are the countries that are well-known as the best places for an outsourced development team?

Ukraine is one of the countries with the fastest developing IT sector. It has already occupied the leading positions for providing outsourced development team services. With the continuing growth of the IT industry, education is also constantly being upgraded. Therefore Ukraine owns a vast IT talent pool that has a great range of IT experts and various technologies they specialize in. The number of IT specialists increases to about 105,000 providing custom software development services. The capital of Ukraine – Kyiv is one of the major IT centers. Ukraine is a good choice to settle your outsourced team as you will receive a talented group of professionals where the average cost of services will be $20-40/h.  

Poland has one of the fastest-growing economies in Eastern Europe and the largest working population in Central Europe. Therefore over 118,000 specialists are involved in the IT industry. Krakow and Warsaw are the centers of the country’s IT development. Poland is not only providing outsourced software development team services but it is also known for hardware design services. Thus the IT industry is one of the significant parts of the Polish economy. Companies have great experience providing outsourced IT services for both Europe and countries overseas with an average service cost of $40-60/h.

Belarus is another good option for placing the outsourced development teams. It is the country where half of the available specialists (the total amount is approximately 30,000) are involved in outsourcing software development services. The IT industry is greatly supported by the government which has dispensed the residential IT companies from taxation. The improvement of the IT industry is being encouraged for making a contribution to the growth of the country’s economy. The center of the Belarusian IT industry is Minsk. It is worth building an outsourced development team of specialists while the average cost is $20-35/h.

Collecting all these details we can say that Eastern European countries such as Ukraine, Poland, and Belarus are among the best options for outsourcing a development team. These are countries with developing economies where the IT sphere is strongly supported. The majority of dedicated offshore developers have at least one university degree. They are talented and initiative developers who complete the set targets and create new technologies. For years of collaborating outsourced development teams in Eastern Europe have demonstrated their professional skills, applied high-tech expertise, succeeded in providing outsourced engineering for a lot of foreign companies. Fair competition between them is causing attractive and affordable prices for different services, especially the outsourced development teams.


Outsourcing services are offered by a lot of countries all over the world, but without hesitation, we could say that Eastern Europe has become the leading destination for an outsourced development team. Western Europe, North America are interesting in investing in offshore development centers. Over the last decades they have faced both talent and workforce shortages, thus they are willing to hire software developers. Besides companies have the opportunity for building an outsourced software development team, not even mentioning the additional number of advantages they receive. For instance, such Eastern European countries as Ukraine, Poland, and Belarus. These are the countries which are developing their own economies, they have the willingness for improving, their outsourced team services are highly rated, therefore the number of IT specialists boosts.

If you make a decision to build a dedicated software development team in Eastern Europe, you will manage talented and professional employees. As you remember except for this you obtain efficient and fair approaches. High-quality services are meeting the market requirements while service costs are being affordable and reasonable. Investing in an outsourced development team is always a good choice for all kinds of businesses. EXISTEK will be glad to ensure you have the most proper staff to help you. You are always welcome to contact us for advice. You can fill in the form at our contact page, send us an email, or start the discussion in the chat widget on the right and we will be glad to provide you with the consultation.

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