Ruby on Rails development company

Team up with an experienced Ruby on Rails development company and enjoy all advantages of creating your next project with the best RoR services and web programming methodologies. We are capable of creating software solutions for the businesses of any size. Whether you’re a startup who needs rapid devising of an MVP or an enterprise who needs an advanced web app - we can help you.

Our technology stack

As a professional Ruby development company, we are proficient in all the technologies that may be required on the way to your project completion.  A wide variety of community supported Gems, including Bundler, Thor, Rake, Active Support, mime-types, multi_json and many others allows Existek to develop, scale and test rich internet applications that are secure, scalable and easy to maintain.


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Why we use Ruby on Rails

Ruby is a trendy technology that is constantly evolving thanks to the community support and its open-source nature. From APIs and complementary modules and to the feature-rich enterprise web applications, extensive RubyGems library empowers us to create the solutions that push your business to the next level.

  • Fast time‑to‑market
  • Stability and maintainability
  • Rich feature set
  • Flexibility
  • Quality
  • Productivity

Web apps

We build feature-rich web portals that will amaze your customers, users or workers with the stability, responsiveness, and speed of work.

RoR Web applications

We leverage all power of Ruby on Rails framework to create web applications which have both powerful backend and excellent user experience.

Rails CMS Development

Our team is capable of using RoR technology for CMS development. Our CMS solutions always have code quality, smart design and are easy to use.

RoR enterprise applications

Your enterprise applications running on RoR will be available from any device, everywhere and at any time to provide your business with more agility.


Our Ruby on Rails team creates easy to use and functional eCommerce solutions of any complexity to provide your customers with an excellent shopping experience.

RoR porting and migration

Ruby framework is a perfect choice to make your existing software solution or product to make it more flexible. And we can help you with that.

Ruby on Rails dedicated development team

Our customers are working with the dedicated teams built by Existek for more than six years. During this time we have mastered this model of collaboration and have become efficient in creating distributed work environments, set up extensive knowledge transfer process, and ensure flawless communication. Our business model is very flexible so we can start with the small team of one or two developers and then scale up. Give it a try!

  • Work at any scale: no matter if you need one Ruby software engineer or a large team to work on your project - we can help you.
  • Direct Control: You can manage each task progress directly or leave this to us in case you will need assistance from our PM and business teams.
  • Price advantage: hiring dedicated developers in Eastern Europe is two or three times cheaper than in North America or the EU but guarantees you the same quality level.
  • High quality and rich technical expertise: we staff teams with the middle developers with 3+ years of experience and senior developers with 5+ years of experience.
  • Scalable team: we can ramp up and down team size depending on your current workload. Pay for resources you actually use.
  • Mature infrastructure and management process: we have the know-how and required experience to make a remote collaboration model effective.
  • Flexibility: we don’t have any requirements for the PM tools, methodology or tools. Our team seamlessly integrates into your habitual workflow.
  • Quick hiring process with zero cost: we build the dedicated teams in weeks. There are no extra expenses for hiring and you can interview and choose the candidates.


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