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The rapidly advancing Flutter framework presents exceptional opportunities in cross-platform development. It is the primary key to explaining the increasing popularity among developers and businesses. Going to hire a Flutter developer to build a feature-rich mobile application? We recommend finding answers to the next questions:

  • How does this technology become one of the most used in 2020?
  • What things to consider when hiring Flutter developers?
  • Where to find a good Flutter programmer?

Check out the requirements and tips on how to hire a Flutter developer by reading this article.

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When it comes to Flutter development of mobile applications, developers are no more restricted to a particular platform or operating system. Cross-platform approaches enable the quick and easy creation of iOS and Android apps. Moreover, it is handled within a single codebase. An extensive set of tools and frameworks are available at the developers’ disposal.

Flutter mobile development has become in much demand just in a few years. It is among the most used technologies in 2020 and keeps on getting the highest market positions. According to the statistics, there is considerable growth in the number of developers using Flutter. It has increased from 30% to 39% over the last year. In comparison, we can mention the main competitor React Native, obtained the same market share of 42% in 2019.

Number of Flutter developers statistics

Considering the framework’s popularity, it is also an increasing demand for Flutter specialists. More and more businesses would like to hire Flutter app developers. According to Google’s statistics, 35% of them work for startups, about 20% are self-employed, and design companies hire 7%. It is worth noting that almost 3% are involved in app development for enterprises. That means companies of different spheres and sizes are interested in app development using Flutter.

The community grows considerably due to development benefits and convenience. One of the advantages is a mild learning curve. Migrating from one technology to another is quite simple. Specialists with other expertise can find specific documentation for each group of developers. It includes documentation for iOS, Android, React Native, or Xamarin developers. Previous experience and known approaches turn into a valuable background. Also, it allows them to proceed with Flutter mobile development. Excellent community support, constant updates, and accessible documentation attract other developers. Most specialists aren’t new to mobile development. Often they can switch from different technologies. Developers apply their knowledge and favor improvements with each release. 

If someone considers the framework immature, they need to check the latest updates. The new versions are released in a brief period. Moreover, they do everything to deliver web and desktop development using Flutter. 

Google released Flutter 1.20 on Aug 5, 2020. These are a few of the updates that Google has presented:

  • Performance improvements
  • A new interaction widget
  • Updates to network tracking
  • Autofill for mobile text fields
  • Mouse hit-testing
  • Responsive licenses page

Just in less than two months, they announced Flutter 1.22 on Oct 1, 2020. This release focuses on the following:

  • Flutter app development for iOS 14
  • Flutter development for Android 11
  • Internationalization and localization support
  • Google Maps and WebView plugins
  • New Dart DevTools

All these make the Flutter framework so popular among developers. And we can say that it isn’t just a current trend. Strong community support and advancing functionality are determining factors. The worldwide interest in app development using Flutter keeps on constant growth. It manages to overcome such well-known players as React Native and Xamarin.

data on Flutter from Google Trends


Looking for the main reasons to hire a Flutter developer, it is essential to understand what Flutter technology is and how developers can use it. Initially created for the Android operating system, it pursued the main goal of supporting both mobile platforms. The framework was so successful and fast in reaching this goal that Google went further with its improvements and updates. At present, companies advance both mobile and web development using Flutter. They can either build the app from scratch or add it to the existing applications.

Moreover, Google has announced the ability to create desktop applications with this framework. It is the early development stage. Though desktop support for Flutter already allows developers to compile the code to the native Linux and macOS desktop apps. Windows platform support isn’t available yet. 

Supported by Google and the community, the framework enters the market quickly. It sets new trends in mobile and web development. Presented solutions have great potential and keep on constant advancement. Hire Flutter app developers when you want to

  • avoid limitations of React Native and Xamarin
  • simplify the delivery process
  • increase productivity
  • save resources

Advantages to hire Flutter developers

Flutter for mobile developers (Android and iOS)

Mobile apps developed in Flutter can easily compete with native apps. It includes performance, functionality, and UI/UX. The variety of tools simplifies the development process and increases staff productivity. A single code base is the main advantage for developers as they can create mobile applications for both operating systems. Supporting the unified object-oriented model, Flutter has a full catalog of custom widgets. Also, it enables the implementation of fast UI coding. The interactive and structural approaches allow the creation of exceptionally designed mobile apps.

Moreover, advanced APIs help to ensure smooth and clean animation. The hot reload feature supports change management. It allows developers to check updates in real time. It is worth noting that you can add Flutter to the existing apps. For example, when integrating a new UI, developers can import the module for rendering the application UI. This option is available for both native iOS and Android apps. These are only several samples of how Flutter makes a difference in the development process. Thus it enables the delivery of feature-rich mobile solutions.

Have more questions about Flutter development?

Our team has extensive experience in mobile app development and knows how to leverage your solutions with Flutter.

Flutter app development services

Flutter for web developers

Web support still runs in the beta channel. Though it provides fresh and long-run perspectives in web development using Flutter. Developers can compile the code into the client experience with standardized web technologies. These include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. All development features are accessible there. Thus, running a new app with web support is quite similar to projects for other platforms. Besides, developers can pack mobile apps as PWA applications to add web experience. Google aims at a unified environment for mobile and web content with no need for rewriting the code. In one of the latest releases, Google also introduced a new PWA in Flutter 1.20. It supports such features as installability and offline capabilities. We recommend following all the latest updates since the new features and improvements appear with each version.


Flutter mobile development has tremendous success among developers and businesses. This technology is relatively new, as Google released the first stable version for Android and iOS in December 2018. However, the number of developers has already grown to 2 million in less than two years. The framework is advancing at full speed. It keeps on presenting reasonable solutions for cross-platform app development. When you decide to hire Flutter app developers, take into account the following thing. It is impossible to find specialists with long experience in Flutter app development. The standard division, due to expertise in Flutter programming, isn’t workable. You can’t divide developers into junior (1-2 years), middle (3-4 years), and senior (5+ years) ones.

requirements to hire a Flutter developer

The main recommendation for setting requirements is to look at previous developers’ experience. They should be proficient in making mobile applications with other technologies. That is one of the Flutter framework benefits. Developers can apply their existing knowledge of different development approaches. Of course, they have to understand the fundamentals of the Flutter framework. And how it relies on mobile operating systems. Significant experience in Android or iOS app development is a perfect addition. They don’t have to study everything from the beginning. They can advance their skills with new solutions.

The general requirements to hire a Flutter developer will be:

  • 3+ years of experience in developing native and cross-platform mobile applications 
  • 1+ years of experience in Dart (optional)
  • Experience in one of the programming languages:
    • Java and Kotlin (Android)
    • Swift and Objective-C (iOS)
    • React Native (hybrid development)
  • Knowledge of Flutter SDK, Android Studio and IntelliJ, Visual Studio Code
  • SQLite, MySQL, and PostgreSQL databases
  • Experience with Git and Jira
  • Familiarity with Agile development approaches

Moreover, chosen specialists have to be aware of all the latest updates and market standards. 

It means they need to be somewhat adaptable. Flutter cross-platform development is advancing at a rapid speed. Also, it’s worth mentioning its mild learning curve. Though adapting to new features is inevitable. It is essential to be ready for constant improvements.

Like any other developer, Flutter programmers need to be good at problem-solving. It is an integral part of the development process. Their tasks are not limited to only a particular area. If you hire Flutter app developers, they handle the next duties:

  • Carrying out the requirement analysis
  • App architecture planning
  • Writing comprehensive documentation
  • Flutter app development
  • Testing
  • Maintenance and ongoing support
  • App functionality expansion

Excellent communication skills are another subject to consider when you hire Flutter developers. Efficient team collaboration is the key to the success of your project. The positive experience can be supported by the full engagement of the Flutter app development company. It is essential that employees share your business values. It helps to understand both the technical and business requirements of your product. In this case, they will be willing to contribute to the process. Therefore, it is much easier to create a positive experience for your customers. 

The combination of the mentioned requirements can simplify the hiring process. Now you know what to look for when you hire a Flutter developer. The next questions are where you can find them and what engagement model to choose.


We’ve gone through the main requirements to hire Flutter app developers. The next step is to figure out where to look for these specialists. The majority of developers come from the top destinations using this technology.  According to Google, the most prominent communities are in:

  • the USA
  • Europe
  • India
  • China
  • Brazil

top destinations for app development using Flutter

This situation is explained due to the prospering IT industries in these locations. Destinations have recommended themselves as top places to start development projects. With the right expertise, they do their best to support Flutter advancements in general.

In the light of collaborative approaches, the companies are not limited to developers’ locations anymore. They can hire a remote Flutter developer from any country. However, they need to meet the mentioned above requirements. Besides, consider the pros and cons when hiring the Flutter app developer from these locations.


Pros: high-quality services, easy to collaborate

Cons: developers’ availability, high rates

The US market has recently experienced a shortage of IT workforce. Thus, it’s also harder to hire a Flutter developer in comparison with other locations. US developers provide quality services and have experience with different business aspects. They are good at collaboration, whereas the development rates remain the highest worldwide. 


Pros: high-quality services, reasonable costs, cultural compatibility

Cons: developers’ availability varies by countries

If we consider Western Europe, it is similar to the US. This region often lacks qualified specialists, and businesses also apply for outsourcing. Though Eastern Europe has a vast talent pool. Such countries as Ukraine and Poland have turned into world-known software development providers.


Pros: developers’ availability, low costs

Cons: service quality, business process organization, working hours overlap, cultural differences, communication skills

It is one of the popular outsourcing destinations that usually compete in means of cost. Yet, it still needs improvements in streamlining business processes and quality services. Many US-based and European companies notice a gap in culture and communication aspects. 


Pros: an increasing amount of specialists, good services

Cons: legal process, the highest development rates in Asia, working hours overlap, cultural differences

China is famous for its supportive developers’ community. It has even made a simplified Chinese version of the official website. The community runs the different mirror sites to host dependencies. As for partnering, Chinese developers usually work on local projects. Or other Asian countries choose China for outsourcing.


Pros: relatively new outsourcing destination, low rates

Cons: legal and business processes, communication skills

Brazil has an increasing number of young developers that are interested in new technologies like Flutter. US-based companies often choose this outsourcing destination. They favor geographical proximity. However, it remains risky due to legal regulations and organizational workflows.


Going through details on popular locations, we’ve come to the next question. How do you choose the best place to hire a Flutter developer? It might take some time for comparison and research. To select the top destination for Flutter development, we’ve focused on the following:

  • Professional and business aspects: Technical expertise matters a lot. But business aspects can make adjustments to the hiring process. It is crucial to handle collaboration according to legal regulations. 
  • Developers’ availability: Consider countries with a vast talent pool of Flutter app developers. It makes the hiring process faster and more productive. Companies will need less time to find the required specialists.
  • Geographical proximity: It ensures a greater degree of overlap in working hours. It allows the team to set the development process properly. As for business trips, it isn’t only about saving time but cutting down trip expenses.
  • Cultural compatibility: This is a factor that many businesses neglect. The cultural gaps often become obstacles to efficient collaboration. You have to be aware of the expected differences in values and behaviors.  
  • Service cost: Bringing down the development costs is often the decisive factor. Yet, it might lead to negative impacts. If you don’t consider the quality first, it will be hard to negotiate a reasonable price.

Analyzing these aspects, we’ve received the following results. 

destinations for Flutter development

Eastern Europe has become the definite winner as it fits into each category. 

  1. Great expertise
  2. The increasing number of IT specialists
  3. Convenient geographical location
  4. Cultural similarities
  5. Reasonable rates

If you start app development using Flutter in Eastern Europe, you have several options.

Hire Flutter developers in Ukraine

Number of software developers: 220.000

Main IT centers: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv

Ukraine is known for its mature IT industry. It is an excellent location with good IP protection law and reputation. Besides, the Ukrainian infrastructure works on constant improvements. It is worth mentioning that both business communities and the government support those initiatives. 

Ukrainian developers work with a wide range of technologies, including evolving ones like Flutter. Moreover, they are highly rated in the world market. For example, they’ve got the 6th position according to TopCoder statistics and the 11th place in All HackerRank Challenges.

Why hire Ukrainian developers?

Want to find out more about Ukrainian developers? Read the following article. You’ll learn about the main strengths, service costs, IP protection, where and how to find the best developers.

How to Hire Ukrainian Developers

Hire Flutter developers in Poland

Number of software developers: 250.000

Main IT centers: Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw

The Polish tech market is growing at a considerable speed. By the way, this country has the biggest developers’ community. It offers an excellent IT infrastructure with competitive operating costs. Being a European Union member, the government follows all the EU regulations and legislation.

As for world rankings, developers in Poland have got the 5th position due to TopCoder statisticsAlso, they held 3rd place at coding challenges on HackerRank. By the way, the community organized the biggest Flutter Conference in Europe in Warsaw in January 2020.

Hire Flutter developers in Romania

Number of software developers: 110.000

Main IT centers: Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timișoara

Romania is recommended as a reliable destination for outsourcing. The sustainable economic climate attracts different foreign investments. Also, the Romanian government supports fostering IT infrastructure. This IT industry can offer extensive expertise in Flutter programming.

Romanian programmers have the 20th position among the best developers worldwide, according to HackerRank. As for TopCoder statistics, they’ve got 25th place.


Figuring out the hiring process, you are more than likely to come across the question, “What is the Flutter developer hourly rate?”. It is quite simple to use websites like Glassdoor or PayScale to monitor the charges. You can compare the Flutter developer hourly rate by location, job category, industry, or company size. They have a particular salary calculator to find the most valid data. Continuing to study the top 5 destinations using Flutter, we’ve come across the following figures.

THE USA $75-120/hr
INDIA $35-40/hr
CHINA $40-55/hr
BRAZIL $45-50/hr

As a result, Flutter developer hourly rate depends on the destination you hire specialists. Be careful with making final choices only due to development rates. Our team always suggests addressing this question from a different perspective “What influences the Flutter developer salary?”. First, let’s check it in terms of numbers.

Flutter developer salary 

  • The average monthly salary of the US Flutter app developers is  $7 900.
  • The Flutter app developer can earn, on average, $5 000 per month in Western Europe and $4 000 in Eastern Europe.
  • The costs of hiring senior mobile developers in India start at $2500 per month.
  • $3 600 is the average monthly salary of application developers in China.
  • The company spends approximately  $4 000 to hire a Flutter developer in Brazil.

what influences Flutter developer hourly rates

Prices depend on general factors like cost of living, utility expenses, or local market rates. Indian developers become way cheaper in comparison with the US or European ones. Moreover, charges are decreased due to a large number of available specialists and high market competition. Many US-based or Western European companies prefer to partner with developers from Ukraine or Poland. Known for excellent technical skills, they have great experience in mobile development. These developers can offer quality service at reasonable fees.

Businesses spend more to deliver development efficiency and high staff productivity. The fact is that professional services cost a bit higher than the average market price. Companies have to be ready to pay for the quality they want to get.

Global Software Development Rates 2020

Draw a comparison of the developers’ rates in different locations.

Check the Report on Global Software Development Rates

Hiring cheap developers doesn’t necessarily mean savings. Attracted by low costs, companies often aren’t aware of hidden expenses. Besides the Flutter developer salary, the product cost includes other spending. It covers training, onboarding, and support costs. For example, we can take a specialist that isn’t proficient at maintenance. He will spend more time on testing, code review, and bug fixing. It usually slows down the development process and increases the working hours.

Moreover, it requires the time of such team members as QAs or project managers. Another challenge is managing a developer that lacks communication skills. The elementary level of the English language leads to misunderstandings and extra explanations. 

Savings on Flutter developer salary can end up paying the same amount or even more. Hiring experienced developers for higher rates is a great solution. Cooperating with professionals means no need to solve unexpected issues. You won’t deal with bad quality code or look for new specialists to fix it for you. You should hire Flutter app developers based on their professional skills and experience. The price can’t go in the first place. It would be best if you managed expenses by choosing the right engagement model.


Besides regular full-time engagement, companies can hire freelancers or partner with outsourcing companies. All of them can offer exceptional services for app development using Flutter. The way you engage with hired specialists is fundamental. It has to be chosen considering the essential details of each model. Moreover, make sure to define your development needs clearly. The way you hire a Flutter developer differs from project to project. Some companies set up the whole team to start development from scratch. Other ones can hire a remote Flutter developer just to advance the particular app feature. Consequently, the engagement strategy is entirely different.engagement models to hire a Flutter developer

Regular full-time engagement

The standard model supports direct hiring for long-term projects. The company opens the full-time position of the Flutter programmer. They are responsible for covering all the matters of this employee. The hiring process, onboarding, and training, conditions of employment are subject to handling. All these increase the final service charge. Besides the salary cost, you need to include expenses on

  • recruiting
  • accommodations
  • taxes
  • social security
  • employee benefits

Moreover, this model requires more selectivity. Companies need to evaluate each resume fairly. So they can compare available Flutter developers for hire objectively. After, they can interview the best candidates. Sometimes companies can engage staffing or recruiting agencies to simplify the hiring process. However, businesses held onboarding and training on their side. This engagement model is suitable for long-term collaboration. To start direct hiring, companies have to provide all necessary working conditions for their employees.


It is the easiest way to hire a Flutter developer. Many specialists offer their services on freelancing platforms like Upwork or Fiverr. The platforms suggest developers due to experience, hourly rates, or locations. Thus, you choose the specialist in the shortest period. It is an excellent option for small-size projects or one-time tasks for ready applications. Moreover, it enables team scalability that results in service cost efficiency. 

On the other hand, this model stays the riskiest. You have the lowest guarantees and a lack of control. Working relations are rather specific. It is essential to understand that freelancers are less committed to your project. They can even work on other projects at the same time. Another aspect to consider is weak IP protection. It is unreasonable and risky to engage different developers for each task. Besides lacking development continuity, you always need to worry about quality and security. 


This engagement model combines the advantages of both in-house hiring and freelancers. You can partner with Flutter app developers all over the world. Contractors handle such moments as hiring, training, and utility expenses. They provide working conditions and take legal moments. You can choose between the services of individual developers as well as the dedicated team. The outsourcing model carries out

  • better control
  • transparent management
  • consistency
  • the ability to scale the team whenever required

The main task is to find a reliable service provider. The other part is handled on the provider’s side. Outsourcing vendors allows you to focus on the development itself. They offer unique expertise and help to handle the organizational aspects.

What is the most rewarding engagement model?

Outsourcing has recommended itself as a beneficial engagement model to hire Flutter developers. Companies can access unique expertise, streamline the development process, and, what’s more, cut down costs.


The choice of service providers exerts an influence on product development. The company has to consider a lot of important details during the search. Collaboration needs to be implemented within the most efficient engagement models. Simplify this process with some simple steps. It allows companies to find a reasonable Flutter app development company. It isn’t just about costs or expertise but combining all the possible benefits of Flutter programming.

If you want to hire a Flutter developer, you need to remember that it is a new technology, and providing Flutter application development services is new to many companies. You need to expect a small portfolio and a small number of Flutter projects. Finding a provider that has 1-3 Flutter projects in the past year will be a max. At the same time, solid experience in web and native mobile development is a must-have. The previous knowledge and expertise in other frameworks are always an excellent addition to Flutter mobile development.

It is worth mentioning that successful collaboration depends on both parties. The service provider has to be proficient in service delivery. In their turn, customers have to be fully engaged in this process. They are the ones who initiate collaboration and control its efficiency. Both parties put considerable effort into fulfilling the project goals.

So how can you identify a reasonable Flutter app development company? The search consists of several stages each company has to go through.

how to identify a reasonable flutter app development company

1. Define your needs

The initial project requirements outline the foundation of future collaboration. It is important to remember that nobody knows your needs better than you. Of course, you can ask for assistance from business analysts and tech experts. Yet, your expectations help to estimate the tasks and define the required skills for Flutter development. 

2. Look for Flutter app development providers

You can visit review and research platforms like Goodfirms or Clutch. There it is easy to classify providers according to expertise, hourly rates, locations, etc. Besides Flutter’s expertise, you can check on the previous projects’ complexity and the industry focus. It is excellent to hire a Flutter developer that is familiar with products similar to your specification. Moreover, you will find reviews from other clients.

3. Visit the provider’s website

It is always a good idea to search the company’s website. There you can find more details on provided services, expertise, and technologies. Reliable companies are still willing to share their previous experience. For example, they refer to different case studies and client reviews on provided Flutter development services.    

4. Contact the company’s representatives

The reasonable Flutter app development company takes your needs first. Clear explanation, extensive consultation, and strong IP regulations are requirements for successful collaboration. They also help to arrange the process of hiring the Flutter programmer.

5. Choose the engagement model

With the assistance of the chosen provider, you can select the most suitable business model. You either hire individual Flutter developers or set up a team of dedicated specialists. Any chosen outsourcing contract has to meet safety regulations and contains a non-disclosure agreement.

6. Support regular connections

Both parties need to stay involved. It is easier to find a common language if you keep in touch frequently. Don’t hesitate to share your ideas to find workable solutions.


Another benefit of hiring a Flutter developer from outsourcing vendors is the ability to choose the contract models. This perspective allows businesses to manage the development process and expenses reasonably. The model should correspond to the project-specific needs. As it helps to organize aspects related to:

  • Work scope: The agreement area that defines tasks to be performed. Some projects require the completion of specific assignments. With other Flutter development projects, the team could re-scope it during the execution. 
  • Budget: Setting budgets can be a challenging task. The contract models allow you to manage it gradually or choose the fixed price option. Depending on your budget, you choose the engagement model to hire a Flutter developer. It can be direct hiring, freelancers, or dedicated Flutter programmers. 
  • Time frames: The project timeline depends on an array of variables. It includes the scope and requirements of the product. It is not easy to make the development entirely predictable. However, it gives a better understanding and determines the approximate time frames.
  • Payment: The payment options vary from one business model to another. Some companies prefer to hire a remote Flutter developer and pay a fixed price per hour. The others go with the predefined budget for the agreed work scope.
  • Team scalability: Another aspect to consider when you hire a Flutter developer. For some projects, team scalability is as important as project scalability. If the company deals with a complex product, the business model must provide efficient team extension opportunities.

Let’s consider some of the most popular business models to hire a Flutter developer.

Business models comparison

Time and material model – Fixed price per hour allows businesses to manage the developers’ working hours. It is based on the number and complexity of tasks. There is no issue with increasing or decreasing the work scope. The final cost depends on the person-hour and is paid after its implementation.

It is an excellent option to hire a remote Flutter developer for one-time tasks. For example, you can partner with outsourcing providers. So they can quickly find the necessary expertise within reasonable service costs.

Fixed price model – The contract ultimately defines the developers’ tasks. It includes a timeline to finish as well as the costs of the agreed services. This model often requires prepayment. Any extra services are subject to a different contract.

Companies can choose this business model for MVP development. It focuses on the implementation of prior features. Thus it helps to learn from feedback and work on further improvements. The business receives valuable results and minimizes expenses on app development using Flutter. 

Dedicated resource hiring model – It enables long-term business relationships. Thus, it turns out to be a good option for reliable collaboration. You can hire a Flutter developer as a remote member of your in-house team. Or you set the whole development team with the service provider. As for payment options, companies apply management fees, cost per resource, and hourly rates.

This business model combines the advantages of previous models. It is suitable for companies that are interested in the broader perspective of Flutter programming. 

Even though each of these models has its pros and cons, you can select the one that suits your needs. Hire a Flutter developer that delivers the exceptional functionality of your application.


Hiring has always been a complicated process. It requires proper research and careful planning. We hope that you have found all the necessary information. So you can hire a Flutter developer due to the project needs.

Flutter mobile development is considered among the best options for building applications. It offers a quick and efficient development solution.  Always consider technical skills, developers’ previous experience, location, and collaborative models. Combining the essential aspects allows you to make the right decision. Also, it will advance development with the latest approaches.

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Frequently asked questions

How many Flutter developers are there?

The number of Flutter app developers has already grown to 2 million in less than two years. The Flutter community is known for its excellent support as it fosters deep engagement and embraces developers’ feedback. Community collaboration enables constant framework improvements.

What does a Flutter developer do?

Flutter developers are involved in the full cycle of the development process. They can handle the following tasks:

  • Carrying out the requirement analysis

  • App architecture planning

  • Writing comprehensive documentation

  • Flutter app development

  • Testing

  • Maintenance and ongoing support

  • App functionality expansion

How much do Flutter developers make?

The average monthly salary of Flutter developers can fluctuate from $2 500 to $8 000. As it depends on the number of factors that influences development rates:

  • Local market rates

  • Developers’ availability

  • Expertise

  • Cost of living

  • Utility expenses

How to hire a Flutter developer?

There are several options on how to hire a Flutter developer:

  • Regular full-time engagement.

  • Apply for the services of freelance developers using such platforms as Upwork and Fiverr.

  • Partner with the outsourcing service provider that can be found on review and research platforms like Clutch or Goodfirms.

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