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The popularity of Node.js entails the question about hiring Node.js web developers. In this article, we’ll consider possible pitfalls that appear in this way, and offer you various solutions for them. Thus, if you want to hire a Node.js developer that will perform work on the highest level, read the article to get to know how to choose the best ones.


How to hire a Node.js developer is an extremely popular question nowadays. Node.js has become widely used among IT specialists due to various factors, which were described in the article about Node.js Backend Development. However, let’s name them again in order to get a better perception of Node.js development.

The first and probably the most important thing that makes Node.js very common among software engineers is the fact that it is all built around JavaScript. It is, in turn, considered to take the first position in the rating of the most used programming languages, according to GitHub. Therefore, as many developers have already worked with JS, the transition to Node.js will be almost discreet.

The speed of executing codes in Node.js is the second advantage of it because it allows creating highly efficient and scalable applications. The reason for it lies in the V8 engine used in the Chrome browser. Thirdly, hosting is never a problem for Node.js. Due to its growing usage, different servers, and providers that are cloud-based support Node.js apps. Completing this list would take a lot of time so let’s stop here, and say only that the popularity of Node.js is totally fair.

Also, if you hire a Node.js developer, you automatically increase the number of projects that can be developed. Hearing about Node.js, people mostly think about web development forgetting about many other kinds of software successfully built with this technology. Be it compilers, package managers, GUI builders, I/O bound apps, command-line tools, and many more.

Considering the above, it becomes clear why IT companies want to expand their team and hire Node.js developers. It is not very difficult because supplying demands, and the number of Node.js specialists constantly rises. According to the survey, 51% of programmers choose Node.js over other frameworks and tools.

Altogether, Node.js is a popular language now to learn if you want to be in demand among many companies. However, if you want to hire a Node.js developer, you should thoroughly analyze each applicant, as it is not an easy task to choose from a great number of specialists. In this article, we’ll consider the most important aspects of hiring a Node.js web specialist.

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When you know all the advantages the next reasonable question will be how to hire qualified Node.js developers to build a team that will actually help you to leverage all the strengths of this programming language. We’ll try to make a list of the most important things that a Node.js developer should know in order to be considered as an attractive candidate. However, despite that Node.js was released back in 2009, it became widely used only about 2014. Hence, for such a short period of time, it couldn’t ensure the developers a long experience, and that’s why it would be futile to require it from the employees. we should remember that Node.js is relatively new, and it would be futile to require a long-standing experience. Here are the most essential skills to ask for if you want to hire a Node.js developer:

  • 3-4 years of experience would be enough
  • Being familiar with REST APIs
  • Knowledge of Node.js frameworks (Nest.js, Koa.js, Express.js,, etc.)
  • At least mid-level skills in the front-end development (React or Angular)
  • A deep understanding of databases (MySQL, CouchDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB) 
  • Knowing how to use different features that enable good application security
  • Being well versed with error handling process

However, if an IT specialist does not possess all the wanted knowledge, it doesn’t mean he cannot learn them. Again, this is a great benefit of Node.js – it is easy to gain new skills because it is built on JavaScript which is well known by a huge number of programmers. 

Node.js developer skills

Let’s go a bit deeper into the technologies that are essential to know for a good Node.js developer. Frameworks make the process of development easier and more convenient that’s why knowing them would be an upside. Node.js most used frameworks include Nest.js, Koa.js, Express.js,, Meteor.js, and others. For not an advanced Node.js developer these competencies would be enough to start working with Node.js.


When you’ve decided that you want to hire a Node.js developer, it’s time to think about different engagement models. There are so many options that choosing from regular in-house employment, outsourced dedicated teams, and freelancers becomes onerous. Therefore, you should weigh the pros and cons of each alternative thoroughly. Let’s look at the advantages of each option. It’ll make it easier to understand which one is the best.

To start with freelancers, nowadays hiring them for some projects is considered a bad idea. They are not as popular now as before when dedicated development teams just started taking the spotlight away from freelance. Despite all the risks, self-employed workers have many benefits over other recruitment models. First of all, the skills that freelancers have can be very unexpected in a good way, and if you want to hire a remote Node.js developer with some rare knowledge and an uncommon area of expertise, it is much easier to find one among freelancers. In addition, needless to say, that the cost of choosing a freelancer over a dedicated Node.js developer can be more attractive if you have some small project with a fixed scope of work. On the contrary, companies that provide dedicated teams offer premium service for a higher cost. For example, they help with the management of the project, professionally validate candidates, do hiring for you, etc. In case of any issues with the freelancers, you can count only on the support of the gig platforms, such as UpWork, which is known for long response time and lack of the specific domain knowledge to resolve disputes quickly and effectively. 

Speaking about dedicated development teams, another kind of pros comes to mind. Recruiting dedicated Node.js developers is not about reducing costs but it is about the protection of intellectual property, long-term contracts, and no confusion with time zones. The last one might not seem a big problem at first but it is quite a challenge actually to work with people from different continents. If you need just a couple of specialists for your project you can choose them among freelancers but if a number of programmers needed exceeds 3, then working with such a quantity of people from different time zones becomes extremely inefficient. Freelancers can be located across various time zones while dedicated team members are usually sitting in one office and you have a set working hours overlap with them hence the work process becomes more predictable and routine in a good manner.  As for IP protection, it is inevitable that integrated teams win at this point. While hiring self-employed programmers, you trust your property to many people who almost don’t contact each other, live, and work in different places, and, probably, for many other companies. It means that your IP risks are multiplied since the knowledge is not managed under one roof. With the dedicated development team – all the data is managed by one third party and not distributed.

One more vital aspect of hiring dedicated Node.js developers is the duration of the contract, which affects the work ethic. Freelancers are self-employed, and they have a right to choose who they want to work for and for who they don’t. It is also up to them to decide how long they want to work on a project, and as the ones with a long duration seem not interesting and boring, the client has to change the working group many times during a year. With dedicated Node.js developers, the customer can be sure that a chosen team won’t refuse to do their job at some point, and will devote as much time as possible to make your project succeed.

Node.js dedicated developers and freelancers

There are many other nuances about choosing between freelancers and Node.js development companies that offer dedicated developers but naming them all requires a lot of time. Moreover, it is not very much objective because different Node.js development companies use different approaches, and their points of view drastically deviate. However, if you’re curious to know more about such a choice, we recommend you to read the article: Why Hire Dedicated Developers Instead Of Freelancers.


If you have doubts about where to hire a Node.js developer that will satisfy your needs, you should think about outsourcing. It is an extremely beneficial practice for those who want to have their projects done quickly, and efficiently, and save not only costs but the time that can be spent on core business. The popularity of IT outsourcing grows more and more, especially in those cases when some rare technologies are used, and thus, finding specialists who have proficiency in them is challenging. Regardless of the used technologies, the list of the most popular outsourcing destinations doesn’t change a lot. It includes countries of Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America.

Node.js outsourcing destinations

These destinations differ in many aspects but each of them is a perfect fit for some customers. However, while choosing an outsourcing Node.js development company, it’s better to remember some main points:

  • The level of education. It includes the number of students who graduate from technical universities, the presence of such discipline as computer science at schools, and others.
  • Developers’ rankings. However, only credible sources can be trusted.
  • English language proficiency. As English is an international language, almost all the work is conducted using it so its knowing helps to avoid communication barriers which will inevitably appear while working with someone whose English leaves something to be desired. While considering this factor in the process of choosing where to outsource a software to, look at the ranking on English proficiency by country.
  • The country’s law and jurisdiction should be considered as well. It affects the way your IP will be treated. It is a controversial topic but most customers are convinced that the safest and secure place to outsource development to is Europe.
  • Cultural peculiarities. It might seem at first that it is not related to the IT industry but it is extremely important to take this fact into account while choosing an outsourcing destination because if you hire a remote Node.js developer in Ukraine and, for example, in India, you’ll face absolutely different approaches. Knowing of the most important disparities will save your time for solving problems and communicating with the developers.

Bearing in mind all these principles, it’ll be easier to choose where it’s best to outsource Node.js development services to.

Let’s also take a glance at such concepts as offshoring and outsourcing. Nowadays, they have almost merged into a coherent whole. That’s why they are rarely looked at separately. However, they are not the same thing and there still are companies who use them individually. Offshoring means developing a project in another country while outsourcing stands for handing jobs over a third party. Among the advantages of offshoring as well as outsourcing are reduced costs, and faster process of development. As for the downsides of offshoring, they cover problematic communication (in case of not knowing the language on the proper level), geopolitical aspect (ignorance of laws, for example). Meanwhile, the main challenge of outsourcing lies only in the communication with the vendor as presumably half of the success of the future project lies with him.


If you are firmly determined to hire a Node.js developer, you most likely need the answer for “How do I estimate their job, and what is a Node.js developer salary?” First of all, programmers of different levels and with different skills and experience offer their services. That’s why, while setting prices, it’s better to analyze the commercial market thoroughly to understand what the approximate Node.js developer salary is.

For this, only verifiable sources should be used. Enough websites on the Internet enable the opportunity to understand the price level and compare salaries by the country, company, or exact skills. We offer you to look at this statistic and compare it with this one. The numbers differ only a little bit. They both show that a Node.js developer salary on average is about $90 000 per year. If you choose the job experience, prices will change a little showing that a junior Node.js web developer earns about $76 000, and an engineer with the experience of 7 years makes $96 000. In this table, you can see the correlation between the years of experience and Node.js developer salary:

Years Of Experience 1-2 3-4 5-6 7+
Salary (per year) 76 000 $ 86 000 $ 89 000 $ 96 000 $

Node.js developer salary

Presented numbers reflect the situation with Node.js devs in America but if you want to hire a Node.js developer in Ukraine that will deliver excellent services to the customer, you should visit this website to check the prices for their job. 

Mentioned websites allow you to compare Node.js specialist prices with programmers’ salaries who use other technologies. Thereby, it is obvious that you can hire a Node.js developer for a comparably small price. The reason for it lies in the popularity of Node.js – the number of developers is constantly growing, which reduces the prices and makes it more profitable for customers to hire them. 


Now you have all the essential information that helps you make the best choice while employing Node.js web engineers. To summarize, if you want to hire a Node.js developer to receive the best results possible and your project succeeded, it’s necessary to contemplate what country to look for specialists in, and there opt for the best companies who outsource Node.js development services. Also, it’s necessary to estimate what amount of money you are ready to spend on your project development, and with that in mind choose a proper Node.js programmer. The duration of your project raises the choice between various engagement models, e.g. freelancers or dedicated developers. Altogether, due to the popularity of Node.js, finding a developer with all the needed skills is, happily, an achievable task, which requires meticulous consideration and analysis of various factors.

If you want to hire a Node.js developer and get your project done fast and on a high level, choose specialists of EXISTEK, an offshore software development company that employs a big group of qualified Node.js developers. To keep in touch with our specialists, use the chat widget on the right or go to the contact page.

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