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What We Do

Custom Solutions Development

Our team of custom software development professionals designs powerful tools for automation, collaboration, and unification. Just give us your requirements and we'll embody them in the sophisticated custom software solution.

Software Product Development

Existek knows how to build the software product from scratch. Our offshore software product development service eliminates high costs and resource intensity of the new product development and lets you focus on the business.

Enterprise Application Integration

Consolidations often cause disruptions in solid software ecosystems. Existek helps enterprises to overcome integrations challenges with micro services, APIs, data processing, workspaces, and portals. We turn your enterprise software into your ally.

Legacy Application Modernization

We love helping our clients to overcome outdated enterprise solutions limitations. Our custom enterprise software development experts will perform deep analysis of your legacy applications and help you to increase overall productivity.

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Our Works


TextPilot is an assistive learning aid that helps users write better texts. It has advanced spelling check, text prediction, and Text-To-Speech features.


Oil & Gas ERP

Custom ERP and CRM software solution that helps one of the largest global oilfield service company to perform everyday tasks faster, better, and more efficiently.


Our Process

Custom software development isn’t a hard process. At least, if you have a skilled software engineering team at your side. From an idea on the napkin to the complex custom enterprise solution - we know how to get the job done. Our team will guide and support you at all the stages of the custom software development process. Starting with requirements analysis and ending with the post-launch support and updates.

You contact Us
We shape your idea
Executing legal part
Project mapping and management
Launch, support and update

Our Approach

Client-oriented approach lies at the heart of our company. Our team believes that communication and collaboration are the keys to success, thus every step of our work is carefully explained and documented. We are the first line between the client and the challenges of he may meet during the complex custom software development process.

Quality - Our top priority is quality and reliability of the custom build enterprise software. We combine manual QA and QA automation in order to deliver fail-safe custom enterprise solutions.

Low-Risk Agile Methodology - Scrum approach enables us to be truly Agile and rapidly develop custom software solutions of any complexity and adapt to requirements changes on the go.

Deep Analysis - Our enterprise solution consultants will carefully inspect your entire software ecosystem to define flaws and create a improvement plan based on your specific business case.

Intellectual Property Security — We believe that idea is the most valuable part of any product and custom software development project. Our processes and legal documentation stick to the highest security standards to ensure your complete ownership of all the codebase and development assets.

Custom Software Advantages

It is a common situation when off-the-shelf software products can’t address all company needs. Your business process and workflow are unique and disruption of existing processes is not an option. At this stage, many small, medium, and big companies consider custom software development services as the way to avoid that. This approach is cost-effective and, more importantly, gives you feeling of a complete ownership over the development process and final software product.

Cost Effectiveness

You pay only once and bespoke software stays with you forever. The price has nothing to do with the number of users and business divisions. Forget about revenue sharing, buying licenses for the new users, and annual licensing costs.

Quick and Responsive Support

Unlike ready-made solutions, you can always count on our quick response and fixes, since you have exclusive ownership of the custom software.

You Choose New Features and Functionality

Your new business requirements are the only driving force of the new functionality introduction. You get exactly what you need in a timely manner.

Reasonable Development Cost

Often, custom software development costs less than implementation, customization, and integration of the products available on the market.

Give your enterprise a chance to get best bespoke software at an affordable price.

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