November 3, 2017

More and more ISVs and SMEs decide to hire the dedicated development team. Often, they’re encouraged by the competitors’ success and positive experience. Sure, many of the software companies are familiar with this process. But how to start if you’re doing it for the first time and what’s even more important, how to make the right choice? In this article, we will give you some general advice on hiring the dedicated development team as well as explain nuances and the process of finding dedicated developers who’ll become a valuable addition to your business.


  1. Dedicated Development Team Model
  2. Why is Dedicated Development Team is Popular as an Outsourcing Approach
  3. Successful Examples of The Dedicated Development Team Projects
  4. The Process of Hiring The Dedicated Development Team
  5. How to Evaluate Dedicated Development Center Service Provider
  6. In Conclusion


Let’s start from the very beginning. The dedicated development team is one of the engagement models where a client and the software development company have a contract on a project with specific requirements for its development process. The outsourcing company looks for the development resources who suit the client’s project scope and framework among other requirements.  The client, in turn, provides the necessary resources for the project such as; information, payment of the team’s salary, provider’s fee which includes the overhead, administrative and infrastructure expenses. In general, the client has full control of the project as well as the team, while the outsourcing provider hires dedicated developers, house team members and provide administrative support.

This business model is mainly used for the long-term projects which over time are expected to have different thus, very dynamic requirements in terms of the scope. Also, the dedicated development center is a suitable approach when the client’s core team lacks specific skills and experience to work on the project, or it is a challenge to acquire such full-time developers from the client’s residential country. Therefore, the general idea behind the dedicated software development team is for a client to acquire quality, unique and project-specific solutions from the offshore developers.

From the start to completion of the project, the communication between the dedicated offshore developers and the client, directly or through a project manager, is usually frequent and very interactive. This allows the client to assess the progress of the project while the offshore team gets to learn more about the project requirements.

dedicated software development team model comparison with other offshore development models
Comparison of the Dedicated Software Development Team model and other outsourcing approaches.

With the today’s technology, access to solutions for office problems is easy, efficient and cost-effective. With communication and collaboration enabling software such as Trello, and project management software like Jira, employees can collaborate in real time, hold online conferences, present business plans, discuss and approve them at the comfort of their couches.

Screenshot of the Jira as the tool for the management of the dedicated development team
Such tools as Jira have completely effaced the boundaries between software developers located in different countries.

Such mobility has enabled any company to hire the dedicated software development team from remote areas with ease.

Dedicated software development centers have become very popular among software companies for the following reasons:

Significantly Lower Developers Cost Expenses and Product Development Time

It is tedious and expensive to either hire new staff or train the current employees for a project, while there is a global talent pool of ready-made skilled and experienced development resources out there. A dedicated development team can work on your project and still be part of your product development team from the collaboration with the full-time staff. While the dedicated software developers are also working, they can train your local employees equipping them with the necessary skills to take part in the project especially, if it is too vast.

In addition, you do not have to tire yourself in searching and recruiting the development resources for the project instead, the offshore development company is the one tasked with hiring the dedicated development team to meet your project’s requirements. Also, you incur zero expenses on office expenses and availing workplace.

Flexibility of The Dedicated Development Team

You can divide the project into different tasks and from the constant and interactive communication you will be having with the dedicated development center, it will be easy to determine task priorities and communicate on changes in project requirements. Also, the offshore developers can openly inform you about any problems they would be facing in the product development.

Better Staff Management

 As a client, you have full control and the option of managing the team in whichever that suits you, just like the in-house team. You can choose to manage it on your own or appoint a project manager from the outsourcing software company or your organization to represent you. Either way, you will have complete hands on the dedicated development team and the project and you can scale it by adding or dismissing members, for the team’s proficiency or according to your actual development resources needs.


  • Marine software used at the Norwegian Research Institute and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation. Its development was first initiated in-house. Afterwards, a dedicated development team was hired to continue with the development. Together with the in-house scientists and interactions with users, the software is now a highly specialized product or database tools used during fisheries research and surveys.
  • UK Promotion Group LLC has also had a chance to hire the dedicated software development team for development of an app whose time to market was essential because of a fixed launching date. However, the offshore development team managed to complete the project ahead the deadline with 20% expenses off and the app was flawless.


Product development requires intensive planning and comprehensive details that cover the project’s purpose, goals, principles of implementation, the time needed for the offshore development, expected results, and any additional technical requirements for the efficient development process. Without a detailed Product Requirement Document and Functional Specification Document, there will be misunderstandings between the client and the dedicated development team; a lot of time will be wasted as well as finances.

  • A Product Requirements Document (PRD) is an initial document, outlining all the projects functionality, requested features, mock-ups work scope, and duration. The PRD is what enables the client and the developer to come to an agreement on the outsourcing project and ideas behind it. The document, help reduce the chances of major changes in the future as a result of the procedural prospective amendments to the project.
  • Functional Specification Document (FCD) is a formal statement between the outsourcing development company and the client. This is the very detailed description of the software system functional requirements. It includes the development sprints description as well as the tasks order, and conditions of the project. As a rule, FCD is used as the attachment to the contract where the outsourcing company takes a commitment to provide the capabilities described in the document. The client agrees to consider the project as completed if it provides the functionality specified in the FRD.


sofrware product development roadmap
An experienced dedicated development team service provider can help you to create product development roadmap or improve the existing one.

Speaking of the dedicated development team projects, as the developers are managed directly by the customer, both documents are used by the customer for internal needs.

As the client has the full control over the dedicated development team, both documents are used by the customer to manage offshore developers.

Even though having a list of the required development resources and their skill set is enough to start to work with the dedicated software development team, it is highly recommended to have both documents prior to the launch of the dedicated development center.

When you have decided to hire the dedicated software development team, you can easily set it up in the following ways but first, you need to know what type of a client you are as far as having is concerned.

The picture that describe how to build dedicated development team process scheme

Client with The Detailed Scope Of Work

client who already have technical specifications for the dedicated development team project illustrationThis is a client who has the whole Product Requirement Document (PRD) and/or Functional Specification Document (FSD) in his hands with the detailed functionality of the product to be developed, planned sprints, technology stack, ready and just requiring a team to work on it. Such a client has the full scope of the project, knows the specific number and skills the team members should have.


  • The client negotiates on the pricing, project scope, and requirements needed for the project, with the dedicated development center provider.
  • The outsourcing company searches for the required number of skilled individuals then avail candidates’ CV’s and certificates to the client who determines whether they fit the description of what he/she is looking for.
  • The client goes through the individuals’ resumes and further organizes interviews either, face to face or remotely with the developers to determine if they fulfill his description. For more tips and tricks on reading the developers CV check our article “How to Hire a Programmer: CV Interpretation
  • However, if the provider’s workforce cannot fulfill the client’s requirements, the outsourcing provider searches for other professionals on behalf of the client. The individuals having gone through the developer, the client also assesses them through interviews and from their CV’s and certificates.

Client with The Pure Idea and Need

Illustration of the client who don't have technical specifications for the dedicated development team projectThis is a client who has some of the outsourcing project’s specifications but has very little know-how of the product development process and in turn, the project’s workforce size and member’s expertise is also unknown.

Nevertheless, from the outsourcing provider’s experience from working with previous clients with various project requirements, they can help you put down the initial document all in accordance with the product development and its requirements.  This will help the client save time and extra costs plus, there are much higher chances for a project development success with a more specified PRD. One of the main benefits of the hiring dedicated development team is that you are free to choose the software development company who has already accumulated experience of the previous customers and outsourcing projects thus bring extra perks to the development process. Their expertise will become your keys to success even in new business verticals and technologies.   

After the outsourcing provider, having helped the client in mapping out the PRD and/or FSD, the process is the same as that of the client with the detailed scope of work.


Geographical Location

Eastern Europe

The most popular locations for outsourcing in Eastern Europe are Ukraine, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, and Russia. Eastern Europe has grown to become an arresting offshore location for the Western Europe and the USA. For example, if you hire the dedicated team in Ukraine, you’ll get access to the great talent pool of high-quality skills, low labor costs and good production quality.

Pros: There is the physical closeness to the Eastern Europe, business relationships and high-quality developers that companies can benefit from.

Cons: The cost of outsourcing in the Western Europe could be more expensive as compared to the Middle East and Africa.


China and India are the two most known countries in Asia as the places to hire the dedicated development team. The region has a growing and developing IT sector whose majority of customers are the Western Europeans.

Pros: Low cost of outsourcing services.

Cons: Lack of Intellectual property security. Thus, the products would be easily duplicated with a low comeback.

Middle East

Egypt, Jordan, Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are the Middle East countries competing with Tunisia, Ghana, and South Africa. The region is also appealing for outsourcing dedicated development teams by multinationals like the Indians companies which have expanded by outsourcing from Egypt.

Pros: Large multilingual population which as a result brings competition, therefore, the labor is cheap and of relatively high quality.

Cons: Most part of this region is political volatile thus could be unappealing to foreigners with interests to outsourcing there.


EASTERN EUROPEThere is the physical closeness to the Eastern Europe, business relationships and high-quality developers that companies can benefit from.The cost of outsourcing in the Western Europe could be more expensive as compared to the Middle East and Africa.
ASIALow cost of outsourcing services.Lack of Intellectual property security. Thus, the products would be easily duplicated with a low comeback.
MIDDLE EASTLarge multilingual population which as a result brings competition, therefore, the labor is cheap and of relatively high quality.Most part of this region is political volatile thus could be unappealing to foreigners with interests to outsourcing there.

Technology Expertise

Contact, meet and discuss with the prospect developer as well as the dedicated team to evaluate their technical expertise. The best way to get the idea about the outsourcing development company’s technical expertise is to have a look at their previous projects build on required technology and request the references from their customers. Also, it is worth to check if you and the dedicated development team service provider share the same vision of the project implementation roadmap. This will show whether they’re experienced in your business vertical, technologies and how likely are you going to get the synergy with contractor’s management staff and the dedicated development team they will put together.


Dedicated development team model should be a win-win situation for you and the developer in terms of finances. They should provide services worth your investment nevertheless, prices as well as the quality increase by the order: Middle East, Asia then Eastern Europe.

Culture and Language

It is essential to hold a meeting with the dedicated development team to determine that communication between you them, should go on smoothly or you will have to add a Scrum Master/ Project Manager as part of the team which means incurring extra costs.

Speaking of the language, most of the Eastern European population is well acquainted with the common languages: English, French and German unlike in the Middle East and India. In this case, the Eastern European outsourcing companies are in the best position, because in the most cases you don’t have to hire an interpreter and be afraid that some technical details can be lost in translation and will cost you extra development time and money.


Hiring the dedicated development team seems like an overwhelming task only at first look. Reliable outsourcing service provider will accompany you on every step of establishing the offshore development center. Including the development of product specifications, hiring the right people and planning development sprints. Share your thought on the subject or leave your comments below and we’ll be glad to help you to gather your dream team together.

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