Existek believes that well-executed custom developed software is making a difference between being ahead and trying to catch up with the competitors

Oil and Gas

Existek is an experienced provider of custom software solutions for oil and gas industry. We have proven track record of successful custom ERP and CRM development for some of the top-notch oilfield service companies and we are ready to apply our expertise for new projects.

Oil and Gas CRM

Today, effective communication is a key to the success for any business sphere. Oil and Gas industry is not an exception. Here, in Exsitek we’ve obtained expertise needed to develop sophisticated yet simple custom CRM solutions for oilfield and petroleum companies. We are convinced that the main purpose of CRM tools for oil and gas industry is to achieve higher revenue by increasing customer loyalty level. To do that, oilfield and petroleum companies have to be equipped with software that makes everyday interactions faster, better and smoother. And we are ready to develop that custom software for your specific business case.

Oil and Gas ERP

We know that main values of the software for Oil and Gas industry is the effectiveness and precise control. Our team has accumulated experience to develop custom ERP for the Oil and Gas industry and knows exactly how it is supposed to work and what challenges to solve. Existek is superior in designing bespoke ERPs for Oil and Gas software that improves all aspects of oilfield company work like field force efficiency, order tracking, payrolls, assets management and real-time analytic reports.


Existek, as a provider of full range of software development services, is focused primarily on helping startup and enterprise software companies to overcome any obstacle on their way.


If you’re startup with a brilliant idea you’re probably seeking for an experienced software development company who can help you to establish the foundation of the complex product. Our well-rounded offshore development and project management team is experienced in assisting startups with writing clean yet sophisticated codebase and prevent development from turning into a mess with a solid project management process.

Software Products

It is hard to predict what technology requirements may be around the corner when you start development of your own software product. Even companies with the products already at the market can face the problems with the development process or integrations. Whether you’re struggling the lack of cost effective yet qualified professionals on the local market or problems with processes optimization, our experienced offshore development and business team is always ready to handle any of your requirements and support you at through all the development lifecycle, including software design, architecture, integration, and QA/Testing.

Let’s develop your project


E-health and Pharmaceutical industry software has changed the way how healthcare stakeholders interact with each other. Practice and Hospital management software make healthcare services more convenient to millions of patients each year. At the same time, custom pharma CRM and eDetailing tools have introduced closed loop marketing to pharmaceutical companies which enables new ways to increase revenue and communicate with HCP


Existek gathered the experienced team who can develop Practice and Hospital management software designed with one simple purpose, make your healthcare services more effective and accessible at the same time. Implementation of the custom Hospital Management Software is a win-win solution for both patients and healthcare industry business. In our company, we develop web portals for consultation, applications for smartphones and smart devices that helps to collect and analyze data that help to improve healthcare services.

Pharma Software

We know that workflow is unique for every pharmaceutical company. Main difficulties for mid-sized pharma companies is high license cost for pharma CRM or pharma ERP software while big pharma companies struggling to render their processes in ready-made ERP and CRM tools. Therefore Existek is focused on the development of custom pharma CRM and ERP tools carefully tailored to each case. Our team has the expertise to develop custom pharma software that will significantly improve your operations, field force efficiency and reporting.


Software has added new value to the learning process. Educational tools market experiences constant growth. Since Existek has a proven track record of custom learning software development, we can make a significant contribution to your education software product or develop custom e-Learning solutions from scratch.

Educational software product

Existek team know how to embody your idea of game changing learning management system or learning software in ready to market product. We have developed a number of custom language learning systems and LMS for some of the training software market leaders and we are ready to enrich your project with best practices of educational software development to help it to be one step ahead of the market from the moment of launch. No matter it is online educational software platform, distance learning solution, E-Learning, testing or reading and writing aid, leave it to the best and focus on the business side. We’ll do the rest.


Here in Existek, we believe that interactivity and engagement are the keys to the successful e-Learning development. With these principles on our minds, we always achieved superior results in educational software and the development of custom e-Learning management systems. Show us your idea for the e-Learning solution and we’ll tell you how to bring it to life and enhance its value with our expertise.


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