Hardware and firmware development for eXilogic industrial multimeter DMMS

eXilogic – development of industrial multimeter DMMS

eXilogic is a trusted provider of industrial automation solutions for various manufacturing enterprises in Western and Eastern Europe. eXilogic products and services are aimed at improving manufacturing processes, security, workflow optimization and resource consumption. In the context of cooperation between Existek and eXilogic, we have developed hardware and firmware for industrial multimeter DMMS – part of eXilogic’s product line for the global market.


Project technology stack

C, C++, SOLIDWORKS, CorelDraw, Proteus


Timeframe and workload

6 Months


eXilogic has asked us to design the DMMS device in a way that allows for its use in various lines of industry, communal services and the agricultural sector.

Following is the shortlist of the functionality planned for realization in the device:

  • Measurement of electrical parameters;
  • Display of current data and indicators on the LED display;
  • Control of the parameters’ constraints with the built-in relay;
  • Mapping of the data and current parameters via an RS485 digital interface;
  • Mapping of the data and current parameters on the analog output 4-20mA;
  • Control of the parameters with the help of the regulator.


After the screening of our industrial software and hardware expertise, the Existek Dedicated Team was selected to perform the full range of tasks for software/hardware development for the industrial multimeter DMMS.

We have designed multimeter based on the TrueRMS method of measurement. Our engineering team designed the device to function within a temperature range of -20 and +60°С, relative humidity of <90% and pollution intensity of level 2. To ensure a high level of security and immunity, we created the body of the device using fireproof plastic Noryl VL94 V-0 in accordance with the IP54 standard, to protect it from water and dust.

Following are other technology solutions we have used for the DMMS industrial multimeter to address the customer’s requirements:

  • Two discrete outputs (relays);
  • Two LED indicators;
  • Analog output (4..20mA);
  • RS485 ModBus RTU network;
  • Eight virtual relays;
  • Proportional-integral-derivative controller;
  • The ability to measure through potential transformers and current transformers.


The Existek team has developed the multimeter’s scheme, construction, board and firmware. Our embedded software engineers maintained the highest quality of embedded software and hardware development and completed the project within the planned schedule.

Working with eXilogic, we achieved the creation of a reliable multimeter which was later installed on many manufacturing sites across Europe. The end customer’s feedback was extremely positive, especially with respect to the device’s reliability, the high measurement accuracy and occupational safety while employees worked with the electrical grid.

The device includes outputs of the electrical current measurement, analog-to-digital converter, processing controller, display with indicators, control panel with physical buttons and serial interface controls, analog output and relay.


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