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Are you curious about how to help your startup develop and grow faster? Do you want to make meaningful connections with potential customers, partners, employees, or investors? What’s the best way to do it than attending a tech conference? However, the number of events is so significant that deciding which ones to visit is challenging. In the article, we’ve created a list of the top tech startup events in 2022 with a short description of each so that you can choose the most suitable options.

Startups often wonder how to become recognizable in the IT sphere, link with the tech giants, and find partners or customers. A tech event can not solve all of these problems. Let’s see how your business can evolve.

There is no better way to launch your startup than participating in a well-attended event. Events can enhance your startup’s credibility, expose it to potential customers, investors, press members and media outlets, and provide you with a platform to attract the kind of talent you will need to succeed. A successful event can go a long way in helping startups win the respect of industry experts and tech vendors.

It’s crucial for startups to become known among their competitors and tech companies in general. To increase brand recognition, being a part of the tech community and developing your network as a company is essential. The thing that can help you with that is visiting tech events in 2022. They allow you to network with other firms and stay up-to-date, which is highly important in the IT world, where releases for innovations are regularly occurring. At IT conferences, you can familiarize yourself with the latest development trends and implement innovative strategies in your business.

As we’ve already mentioned, an event can help you find expert mentors, investors, partners and potential customers. Having such people and partners in the network is essential for startups that only start their journey in the IT-sphere.

There are thousands of tech startup events in 2022 happening in the world. How can you know which one is best for your business? They may take place in different parts of the world, making it challenging to visit them all. So, each startup gets to the point where they need to choose.

Fortunately, in this article, you’ll find a list of the top tech startup events in 2022 and some handy tips on picking one event for your business.

List of the Content

As we’ve already mentioned, thousands of big and small startup events in 2022. Finding the best one for you requires scrolling through many listings and having a solid background knowledge in the tech conferences scene. To make this task more accessible, we’ll provide a list of tech startup events in 2022. There, you’ll find the events for every taste in different regions so you can choose the winning options.

The conferences were held online or even cancelled during the last two years: 2020 and 2021, because of the pandemic. In 2022, the situation with the Covid-19 has settled down a bit, so the events mostly have the in-person format. We believe that being physically present at the conferences is much more helpful because it is easier to remember the information in this way. When people attend online gatherings, they have a chance to be often distracted and, consequently, can’t focus ideally on the essential points of the events. Fortunately, in 2022, most conferences will be held offline. It may seem inconvenient to travel to some distant locations at first. However, in our list, we focused on choosing the events in different regions so that anyone could find the perfect option.

Let’s proceed to the chase. Below is a list of the top startup events in 2022.


June 12-16. Cisco Live – Las Vegas, USA – hybrid.

startup events in 2022: cisco live

Cisco is one of the largest companies that produce networking hardware and software. They will host one of the most anticipated tech events in 2022 in LA. People will also have the opportunity to join online and listen to the most influential speakers in the industry. Cisco Live has the main focus on education and networking. That’s why this tech event is excellent for startups – they can meet many young professionals there and extend their network significantly. Apart from that, Cisco Live suggests hearing educational and motivational stories from Cisco’s executives on the path they’ve made towards their success.

June 14-16. Digital Enterprise Show – Malaga, Spain – in-person.

Digital Enterprise Show (DES) will be held in Malaga, Spain, and implies the offline format. As usual, you’ll be given the opportunity to hear creative educational speeches on various IT topics from the leaders in those particular spheres. DES mainly focuses on artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain, big data, cybersecurity, IoT, augmented reality, and virtual reality. These topics are at their peak nowadays. As more and more companies implement these innovations, it will be helpful to find out more about them and even say your speech. DES warmly welcomes startups to their conference. As a startup, you can pitch your tech solutions and products to gain higher recognition in the tech community and even find investors. You can also schedule private meetings with the stakeholders and potential partners. So, if you have something interesting to share with the IT community as a startup, the DES conference is the perfect place.

June 13-17. London Tech Week – London, UK – hybrid.

London Tech Week

London Tech Week is a week-long event, as we can see from its name, that is all about technological innovations. It is one of the biggest tech events in 2022. This occasion is most famous for being held with a bang and style. It takes place in Westminster, at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, and includes Hillary Clinton and Sadiq Khan as the keynote speakers. Despite the immense scale of the event, it is perfect for startups and large companies. A considerable part of the conference speakers is startup founders. At the London Tech Week, you can listen to the real-life stories of those who have accomplished the transformation of a startup into a corporation and those who are only at the early stages. It makes this conference an excellent place to visit for all visitor categories. Considering that London Tech Week speakers talk mainly about innovations, this tech event will be the perfect place for those who want to become a part of Metaverse and make the technical evolution as fast as possible.

June 15-18. VIVA Technology – Paris, France – hybrid.

VivaTech is one of the best tech events in 2022 in Europe. Usually, it has near 150k visitors, both on-site and online. Among this number of startup founders, investors, specialists, and business leaders, you will extend your network and have the opportunity to share your startup’s idea with other members of VivaTech. This conference focuses on integrating innovations with the usual business flows to make the global digital transformation faster and more noticeable. VivaTech believes that startups are the primary source of life-changing inventions. That’s why a great deal of the speech time is dedicated to startup founders. At the same time, VivaTech includes many indescribably influential speakers. In 2022, you’ll meet the founders of Wikipedia, Binance, Ethereum, Snap Inc., CEOs of Linkedin, Renault, and Salesforce, the director of UNESCO, Sanofi, etc. Undeniably, it’s worth visiting VivaTech at least for having the opportunity to hear the success stories of such prominent figures in the IT world. We believe that learning from such speakers can be life-changing for small companies because the organizations they represent were once startups too. So, there’s a lot to catch for everyone in VivaTech – one of the top tech startup events in 2022.


July 11-15. Esri User Conference – San Diego, USA – in-person.

Esri User Conference

Esri User Conference isn’t designed for broad audiences. The event concerns the topic of GIS most of all. So, it probably won’t be helpful and interesting enough for people who are not going to implement this system into their workflows. However, geographic information systems have become increasingly popular nowadays, and many companies that use them appear. GIS is used for information storage, spatial data management and visualization, geographic data planning, remote sensing, etc. Considering the vast number of industries that use GIS, it can be very beneficial for startups to shift their focus to such systems. Fortunately, Esri User Conference is the perfect place to learn about this technology, talk to the specialists who work with it and implement some strategies for your own business. We should also mention that only fully-vaccinated people are allowed to attend the Esri User Conference.


August 6-11. Black Hat USA – Las Vegas, USA – hybrid.

Black Hat USA is one of the best tech events in 2022 for cybersecurity specialists and the hacker community. It lasts five days. August 10-11 are briefing days. All briefings will be recorded, and those who participate in the conference online will be able to watch them at any time. In addition, on August 11, Black Hat will present innovative security products and solutions, which will provide a range of curious opportunities for visitors, vendors and the cybersecurity community in general. For the first four days of the event, training sessions will be held by the most prominent specialists in the industry. So, at Black Hat USA, you’ll be able to learn something new about cybersecurity and find potential partners and customers as a startup.

August 9-10. Blockchain Futurist Conference – Toronto, Canada – in-person.

startup events in 2022: blockchain futurist conference

Blockchain Futurist Conference is among the biggest tech events in 2022 for IT professionals with innovative thinking. We could probably name the Blockchain Futurist Conference the most trendy event that looks to the future. More than 100 speakers come to this conference to discuss cryptocurrency, NFTs, DeFi, Metaverse, DAOs, and blockchain to build the Web3 finally. And you can be a part of that. As a listener, you’ll gain helpful information about the latest trends. As a startup that wishes to find new investors and partners, you have a fantastic opportunity to participate in the exhibits, show your business to greater audiences, and network with industry-leading companies. If you know much about NFT, but have never seen it, Blockchain Futurist Conference will fix it by presenting a gallery of the NFT products. If you’re new to the blockchain world, this tech event would also be great – specialists will conduct the crypto and blockchain bootcamps for beginners. Have you dreamed of seeing a robot in real-life or visiting the augmented reality gallery? You’ll find all this at the conference, along with many other breathtaking innovations. All the listed advantages undoubtedly make the Blockchain Futurist Conference one of the top startup events in 2022.

August 15-17. CIO 100 Symposium and Awards – Rancho Palos Verde, USA – in-person.

CIO 100 Symposium and Awards gather about a hundred executives that have come their way from the startups to large successful companies. During the three-day conference, they will give speeches on business transformation strategies, digital leadership, success stories, and many more valuable topics for startups and enterprises. The event speakers will cover the issues of cloud, big data, automation, crypto, etc. What makes CIO 100 even more charming is the location where it’s held. It takes place at the Palos Verde Peninsula. It’s a place with a calming atmosphere where nothing can disturb you, so you can focus entirely on the event’s content. CIO 100 aims to bring the executives of different levels together to exchange ideas and knowledge and provide ample opportunities for extending your network. That’s why we included the CIO 100 Symposium and Awards in the list of the top startup events in 2022.


September 7-8. Intelligent Health – Basel, Switzerland – hybrid.

Intelligent Health is among the top tech events in 2022 for the healthcare industry. It can significantly impact pharma and perform a digital transformation of their usual workflows. At Intelligent Health, the best developers and health community gather to develop strategies for implementing AI in healthcare. If you’re eager to become a part of something innovative and impactful, you can participate by claiming your exhibitor booths or giving a talk on AI-related topics. Intelligent Health will inspire you and allow you to have fun and collaborate with like-minded specialists.

September 19-20. Industry of Things World – Berlin, Germany – hybrid.

Industry of Things World is strongly focused on digital transformation and smart products. So, it is the perfect event to visit for the forward-thinking people who want to contribute to the bold initiatives, such as carbon-neutral production with IIoT, data management with quantum computing, security of the IIoT, etc. You can start interacting with people at the event before you arrive. Industry of Things World provides a chat where you can introduce yourself to other conference members and book private meetings with potential partners or clients beforehand.

September 28-30. SpiceWorld – Austin, USA – hybrid.

SpiceWorld Startup Conference 2022

SpiceWorld has been one of the top startup events in 2022 as well as for 13 years previously. Their speakers focus on security, cloud computing, networking, automation, etc. For example, in the last year, participants heard the speeches on hacks preventing, passwords in the hybrid workforce, hacking the multifactor authentication, 5G future, network visibility, etc. You’ll be able to access everything happening at SpiceWorld online. During the three days of the conference, you’ll participate in brainstorming sessions, network with peers, and acquire actionable insights and takeaways that will help your startup grow.


October 10-14. DevSlam – Dubai, AE – in-person.

DevSlam is the most prominent developer and tech skills-building event, and this year, it will be held offline in Dubai World TradeTrend Centre. More than 15000 professionals, executives, and aspiring entrepreneurs will participate in this large-scale conference in 2022. It will include workshops, hackathons, training programs, speeches, debates, and many other forms of communication. During the five days of the conference, you will hear about DevOps, machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain, NFTs, Metaverse, cloud computing, quantum computing, etc. If you want to be up to date with the latest technology trends, DevSlam is definitely for you. You’ll collaborate with a large number of specialists that share your goals and ideas. You can also participate in exhibitor booths to increase your startup’s recognition and expand the network.

October 18. INDUSTRY Virtual – online.

INDUSTRY Virtual 2022

INDUSTRY Virtual is a unique experience every product manager should go through. It is not a usual event where you can learn new business tricks and listen to other people’s success stories. Apart from these forms of participation, this conference focuses on communicating with other product managers one-to-one and having a chance to discuss your specific situation. It’s the place where everyone can exchange ideas, experiences, and challenges. It makes INDUSTRY Virtual one of the most anticipated startup events in 2022. A product manager is a person who can make a startup highly successful and, at the same time, turn it into a complete disaster. That’s why in the initial stages, it’s essential to surround yourself with people with similar challenges and tasks and learn from them. Though INDUSTRY Virtual lasts only one day, its program includes everything necessary to bring your product management skills to the next level.

October 25-27. Talent connect – TBA – in-person.

Talent Connect is one of the most anticipated upcoming tech events in 2022. It is organized by LinkedIn. It gathers professionals from Patagonia, LinkedIn, NBC News, and many other significant organizations. This tech conference focuses most on employment issues. As we know, one of the main challenges startups face is recruitment. The problem is that specialists prefer bigger companies that guarantee a prominent career. In light of this, startups often remain unnoticed and experience difficulties finding professionals. Talent Connect brings together highly qualified IT specialists and business executives, which helps establish great valuable relationships.


November 1-3. ODSC West – San Francisco, USA – hybrid.

ODSC West is one of the top tech events in 2022. It includes numerous professional speakers with experience in various IT spheres. They are responsible for artificial intelligence, NLP, NLU, deep learning, cybersecurity, data analytics, MLOps, and computer vision. You’ll hear the specialists in Python, TensorFlow, SciPy, Scala, OpenAI, Airflow, SpaCy, and many other popular frameworks and tools. ODSC West includes face-to-face bootcamps, hands-on trainings, etc. You’ll meet the employees of Facebook, IBM, Nvidia, Google, Salesforce, and other tech giants. It’s an excellent opportunity for startups to learn from and expand their network. Besides, ODSC West suggests special discounts for startups and non-profit, academic, and government organizations.

November 1-4. Web Summit – Lisbon, Portugal – hybrid.

startup events in 2022: web summit

Reuters considers Web Summit Europe’s biggest conference, and The Guadian claims it defines the ecosystem. So, why not add it to a list of the top tech startup events in 2022? It will last five days and take place in Lisbon. At Web Summit, you’ll have a chance to meet more than 70 000 attendees and speakers. A significant part of conference visitors is startups. Web Summit itself counts about 2300+ startup representatives. This event gives a perfect opportunity to network, learn new things, and gain valuable leads.

November 17-18. Slush – Helsinki, Finland – in-person.

Slush presents itself as an event designed specifically for startups, so we should include it in this list. 4200 startup executives and operators will attend the conference as keynote speakers. They will share their challenges and experiences with the audience and media representatives. This event is perfect for entrepreneurs who have already started their businesses and those who are only planning to do it. At Slush, you’ll be in the center of the founders’ community and will gain meaningful insights.


December 1-2. Cyber Security & Cloud Expo – London, UK – in-person.

Cyber Security & Cloud Expo is one of the top startup events in 2022 with the primary topic of security. It will take place in London, UK. What’s curious about it is that on the same dates, 1-2 December, you’ll also find the related conferences in the same place. They are IoT, AI & Big Data, Edge Computing, etc. Cyber Security & Cloud Expo includes 100 speakers. It may seem minor compared to other listed conferences. However, their professionalism is undeniable. You’ll meet the executives and operators of Adidas, Google, SAP, Amazon, BMW, IBM, Cisco, Intel, and many other tech giants. They will discuss digital identity, network, cloud defence, DDoS, malware, and other security-related topics. Cyber Security & Cloud Expo is worth visiting if you want to generate new leads, network with your peers, attend one-to-one meetings, and see the innovative product launches.

December 6-9. Cisco Live – Melbourne, Australia – TBA.

Cisco Live is already on this list among the June events. However, Cisco Live prefers to arrange conferences regularly so that more people can visit them. In December, the place where it’s held has changed from Los Angeles, the USA, to Melbourne, Australia. The content remains the same: networking hardware and software development, security, data protection, and others. Unfortunately, the event format remains unknown so far. Closer to the date, organizers will announce whether it will be online or offline.

December 19-21. Internet 2.0 – Las Vegas, USA – in-person.

Internet 2.0 Startup Conference 2022

Internet 2.0 concerns general IT topics and brings together a wide range of professionals with various qualifications. Among the attendees and speakers, you’ll find artificial intelligence and machine learning, SaaS, fintech, IoT, e-commerce, and blockchain companies. Robotics startups, cloud computing experts, marketing specialists, and investors will also be there. They come to Internet 2.0 to extend their frontiers of knowledge and gain valuable information about the latest technology solutions and innovations. Business aspects will be concerned as well as the technical ones. At the event, you can connect with thought leaders and like-minded people to broaden your horizons on the business possibilities and fascinating opportunities.


So as you can see, there are plenty of events poised to explode in the upcoming months. By going to these forthcoming tech startup events in 2022, you can get a first-hand look at where the entrepreneurial world is headed and maybe even take part in the following breakout idea.

We’ve tried to choose events held in different world regions and concern a broad range of topics so that everyone could choose those that most match their interests. Thus, in our list of the top big tech events in 2022, you’ll find conferences for cybersecurity professionals, AI and ML developers, the hackers’ community, big data engineers, robotics pioneers, and even the healthcare industry that is ready to experience digital transformation.

We hope that among the named top tech events in 2022, you’ll select your winners and, by going there, will meet partners, investors, and employees that will help your business grow.

This is the ultimate guide to the hottest tech startup events in 2022. Choose the one that fits best into your plans!

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to visit a tech startup conference in 2022?

It's nearly impossible to name the specific cost of visiting a conference. Usually, prices vary depending on the event's scale and the pass type. The fee may range from $50 for the regular ticket that allows you to listen to speakers to $2000 that provides the opportunity to attend one-to-one meetings, access the exhibitions, visit the VIP lounge, and talk to the most prominent speakers.

Why should I visit tech startup events in 2022?

Attending tech startup events in 2022 is an excellent way to build brand recognition for startups. Conferences have many other advantages for both small and big companies. At tech events, you can meet potential partners for your business, customers, and even investors. And what startup doesn't want to make meaningful acquaintances?

What are the top tech startup events in 2022 with a focus on innovation?

In 2022, there will be held numerous conferences, and they all focus on different IT spheres. However, speakers at many of them prefer to talk about innovations: web3, blockchain DeFi, NFT, etc. To name some of them: London Tech Week, Blockchain Futurist Conference, Industry Of Things World, DevSlam, and VIVA Technology. There, you'll be a part of the community that drives real progress.

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