Blockchain development services

Existek is a software development company with the mission of helping our customer use the force of blockchain technology and blockchain based apps across various business domains and industries. We have capabilities and experience needed to create the most complex and innovative blockchain based solutions from scratch and successfully integrate them with your business processes.

What we do

Our team of software engineering specialists can help you to leverage the power of blockchain to turn your most bold ideas into the great software that provides your business with secure transactions, track digital assets, events, records, control data, and protect you and your users from fraud.

Blockchain applications

Blockchain development services by Existek include the creation of secure decentralized applications for the vast range of industries and implementation of the blockchain-based components into existing solutions.

Cryptocurrency exchange applications

Existek develops secure and robust cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Our services can help you to quickly get in this business to compete with the most popular exchanges in the market and keep high user retention rate.

Cryptocurrency wallet

We are ready to use our rich background in creating advanced UX/ UI and functionality for software and applications to help you with creating the next advanced wallet applications that will bring coins accessibility to the next level.

Smart contracts applications

Smart contracts are used to automate financial processes and execution of operations. Let’s create together the next application or integrate smart contract into your existing processes to save your business millions of dollars.

ICO technology support

We offer the full cycle of the technical support and consultancy services for your ICO, including token development, infrastructure architecture design and maintenance, smart contracts implementation, and wallet development.

Ethereum app development

Ethereum gives us all the necessary tools to create the next generation distribute applications for the supply chain, financial management, wallets and many others. Ethereum-based apps cannot be hacked and your users would appreciate that.

Peer to peer applications

Verified by blockchain, custom peer-to-peer solutions created by Existek provides your business with the secure token-based transactions and digital assets transfer operations powered by smart contracts technology.

Private blockchain

Existek helps enterprises to create permission blockchain networks to eliminate even the smallest possibility of the data loss, security breaches and desynchronization of the digital assets across all company’s business processes.

Cryptocurrency exchange platform development

Existek spans the full cycle of the services that you may need to build the cryptocurrency exchange or trading desk that will please your user with the convenient experience and will dominate the competition thanks to the advanced feature set.

Below is the list of the features we can implement for your cryptocurrency exchange:

  • Multi-currency support of the digital coins and fiat currencies
  • Automated connectivity to other exchanges for the liquidity
  • Trading module with advanced functionality
  • Bulletproof security with the cold storage features
  • Mobile applications for iOS and Android
  • Development of the external API
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Technologies we use

Latest blockchain-based technologies empower our team to create failure-proof consumer and enterprise applications that take the security, functionality, and user convenience to the next level. Just tell us about your needs, and we will give you an idea of how your business can benefit from the advantages of the blockchain and which technologies to use for that.






We combine industry and technology expertise

Blockchain technologies have succeeded in being adopted for many industries over the past years. Existek development and business teams combine expertise in the vast range of the business domains such as healthcare and business automation with the deep understanding of the technology. This knowledge helps us not just use the technology for the sake of technological achievements but to find the best way to bring real value to your business.

Banking & finances

Verified by blockchain, transactions can be done in a more secure and cheap way thus giving you an advantage over your competitors in the customer's eyes. Existek can help you to leverage the benefits of the blockchain for your financial services.


Leaders of the financial sector see blockchain not only as the threat to the traditional way of their operations but as a great advantage instead. We can help you to make your online financial services even better than before.


With the smart contracts technology insurance gained an opportunity to provide customers with the better services, automate business processes thus saving millions of dollars. Let’s use these advantages for your business together.

Business automation

The blockchain is a great way to implement automated verification and execution of the business processes, procedures, and workflows. We combine extensive know-how in both BPA and peer-to-peer technologies under one roof.

Internet of things

Rich experience in creating hardware and firmware for devices blended with the tools that blockchain provides us help Existek to create excellent IoT devices and ecosystems ensuring stability, compliance and data protection.

IP management & protection

The blockchain is an excellent technology for the management of the digital assets and preventing unauthorized data usage and changes. Existek can create a solution that will help to track your IP usage with the 100% preciseness.

Supply chain management

Existek creates the software solutions that add visibility and greater efficiency across the whole supply chain to bring more value to your consumers and improve your trading operations with all your partners.

Cryptocurrency exchange & trading

We develop solutions with the multiple currencies support that helps your users to perform financial operations with the digital coins, automate trading operations, track cryptocurrencies exchange rate and volatility on the various exchange platforms.

Let’s develop blockchain based apps

Why go with Existek for your next project?

Full-cycle of the services

Existek offers the full cycle of the services you might need to build an application of any complexity, from zero to final product, in one place. These services, among others, include product requirements analysis, UI/UX, development, testing, post-launch support, and updates.

High quality for lower price

Eastern Europe, especially Ukraine, is recognized as one the leaders in IT sphere. Our rates are at least 30% lower than prices in Europe or North America, which allows you to save money. Use your savings for marketing, new features, or other projects.

Agile methodologies

We use Agile as our main software development life-cycle model for the projects. Experienced project managers and Scrum masters will ensure that your project systematically meets all your requirements, goals, and milestones.

Highly-skilled developers

Equipped with the experienced and certified engineers, our team is capable of crafting compelling applications with maintainable and secure code.


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