Web Owner & Admin Panel for the Software Product Management

Our client is the U.S startup company entering the market with innovative mobile CRM product. Like any company that has mobile apps in the AppStore and Google Play – application in the store is only the tip of the iceberg. Their business needed an all-in-one solution for the subscriptions, payments, user management, monetization, reporting, and analytics. 

EXISTEK was tasked with creating such web application alongside with the version of the admin panel for the enterprise users who own the “Organization” subscription.

Project Technology Stack

React, Node.js, AWS

Timeframe and Workload

3 Months, 1 Front-end developer, 2 Back-end


We were asked to create two versions of the web application. First, for our client’s employees to manage user accounts, subscriptions, contact details, advertising, and monetization. The second version – for admins of the “Organization” subscription owners, to manage their sales managers who use the mobile application. 

According to our client’s requirements, their admin panel should allow them to see the list of registered enterprise accounts in the “organizations” tab. Admins required to be able to edit each account’s details, like billing address, and add new superusers that will manage those organizations in their own admin portal for the end users. Also, the client needed such tabs as “billing”, “reports”, and “advertisements”.

Here is a short list of what we had to do for this project:

  • Admin panel for our client’s employees to manage accounts of the end users, billing, create new organizations, add new admins to those organizations, etc.
  • Admin portal for the end client’s managers to control salesforce, organization’s account details, add new users, edit any records, manage billing, and track employees performance in terms of contact gathering
  • Reports with the data about organizations billing dates, payments, number of records
  • Custom advertisement feature that gives customers all tools to manage the in-app ads directly in their own tool


For this project, our team needed to create a progressive web application that can be conveniently accessed with any device. First, we started with selecting technologies for back-end and front-end. For the back-end, we selected Node.js because it would correspond with native iOS Swift and Android Java applications. As the front-end, we’ve chosen  React because it is easy to maintain and add new features.

The “advertisements” feature is worth paying special attention. It was one of the most curious parts of our work. The client asked us to hardcode slots for the advertisements inside their app in order to monetize the free version users. There wasn’t need in integration with any of the mobile advertising platforms like AdMob since they already had agreements with some advertisers which guaranteed them better revenue. This feature should allow them to create ads in the admin panel and upload media like banners. Those advertisements are showing in the applications using predesigned templates.

Summary of what we’ve completed:

  • Responsive web application with Node.js on the back-end and React used for front-end
  • Admin panel for the mobile application management
  • Admin portal for enterprise users
  • Custom ads creation and administration solution integrated with mobile application


With this admin portal in place, our client has all the tools necessary to maintain, administer, and monetize mobile application in the App Store and Google Play. Custom in-app ads feature allows working with the advertisers directly, completely eliminating intermediates like Google to increase the revenue. 

Also, the admin portal for “Organization” level users has become a nice addition to the value offering for enterprise customers. This allowed attracting more “whale” type of the users, which will increase user retention rate since the whole organization is committed to the product.


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