Summit Scripting
Toolkit Development

Summit Scripting Toolkit (SST) is an ultimate solution for automation of data transfer between healthcare industry-specialized software from different vendors, including Meditech, Mckesson, HLLAPI, and known complex or proprietary Windows or Web-based applications. SST eliminates routine data entry processes and reduces the number of errors to zero. Powerful scripting interface empowers users with no programming skills to integrate data from any fields between any healthcare software without involving software developers.

Considering the huge number of Healthcare Information Systems, including Electronic Health Record tools and Practice and Hospital Management software available on the market, demand for the tool that consolidates data from different vendors was high. The release of such platform was only a matter of time. Summit Scripting Toolkit (SST) is the first healthcare software of that kind, and Existek is happy we’ve made our contribution.

Project Technology Stack

C++, C#, .NET

Timeframe and Workload

Over 12 months, 3 developers


Since there is no unification between healthcare software and the market is crowded with the tools, all with unique features and functions, there is no ultimate medical software solution that covers all the industry needs. Some provide no API, which becomes a serious issue for integration and analysis of the medical data from EHR or EMR software. Our task was to make Summit Scripting Toolkit able to correctly recognize data in one application to render it precisely to another according to user preferences.

Below is the summary of the scope of work required from Existek for this project:

  • Develop the unified workaround for the extraction and input of the data for the applications that provide no API for all the major Healthcare Information System vendors and proprietary Windows applications
  • Enable Script Toolkit to recognize information from the data fields and execute actions, like sending keystrokes, mouse clicks to the application for data input automation
  • Eliminate any probability of errors during medical data recognition and transfer
  • QA and testing


Summit Healthcare and Existek studied EHR, EMR, CRM and Hospital Management software available on the market and concluded that specific instructions for each medical software aren’t the most effective approach. Having in mind general patterns for healthcare software, we built technology that allows extracting data from medical applications that do not provide APIs. We designed data capturing features for commonly used healthcare software solutions, like Meditech, Mckesson, HLLAPI etc. to improve user experience and functionality.

Here’s what we’ve accomplished for this project:

  • Building of the technology for data export from any healthcare applications and Windows or applications, regardless of the availability of API
  • Developed a technology for texts and fields recognition that allowed to transfer data from application to application with no chance for mistake
  • Achieved zero error rated during data transfer
  • Various bug fixes, performance tweaks, and code improvements


Summit Scripting Toolkit has become the first and unique platform for integration of medical software, regardless of API availability. This predetermined its successful launch and popularity on the market. Healthcare organizations that struggled with duplication of medical data from one Healthcare Information Systems to another finally got the instrument that allowed to create data transfer scripts, without the addition of integration cost and involvement of professional software developers. After joining the project, Existek has introduced and developed a new approach to data transfer, which has improved the final product and cut down the development costs compared to making integrations with each Healthcare Information System available on the market. We’ve eliminated any possibility of errors, which is very important, considering the healthcare industry has zero tolerance for any mistakes and related risks.

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