eXilogic Industrial Automation Device Design and Development

eXilogic is a provider of hardware solutions for industrial automation that operates mainly in Central and Western European markets. Existek and eXilogic established a long-lasting collaboration on a product line of industrial power management systems.

After successful completion of the hardware and embedded software for the industrial multimeter DMMS, eXilogic appealed to Existek to collaborate on the wireframing and prototyping of the next device for the industrial automation discrete inputs/outputs card DIO0808.

Project Technology Stack

C, C++, SOLIDWORKS, CorelDraw, Proteus

Timeframe and Workload

3 Months, 2 Engeneers


According to eXilogic, requirements and specifications for the product, the DIO0808 card, should be designed for the input of eight discrete signals and the output of eight discrete outputs that have a galvanic interface between inputs/outputs and the device. Each input channel must have a pulse counter and a signal lock (in a blink mode).


Existek approached hardware design and firmware development for the DIO0808 in the most effective manner possible. Our efforts resulted in a device with eight independent inputs, a central processing controller, a serial interface, and discrete inputs. Also, we have designed control buttons and a display with indicators to allow users to inspect and control the power grid.

Input and output signals were displayed on LED indicators and could be read or recorded via RS485 ModBus RTU network.


The discrete inputs/outputs card DIO0808 that Existek designed has become a top-selling device in eXilogic’s portfolio of devices for power management of production facilities. This result was achieved due to its reliability, simplicity and extremely high usability. The body of the device has been constructed using fire-proof plastic and has an IP38 level of dust and water resistance. The device’s service life typically far exceeds the assured life, as we created it using high-quality materials and a significant strength margin.

This and other advantages of the device helped us receive very positive feedback from end customers. They also helped eXilogic once again prove the quality of its hardware and nail down both its success as a global industrial solutions provider and the long-lasting trust of its partners and customers.

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