October 26, 2017


With the rapid growth of technology worldwide, companies do not want to be left behind using outdated know-how for their production processes. Nevertheless, it is still a challenge to find a right dedicated software development team for software company in terms of expenses and scarcity of specific IT talent. The dedicated development model, however, is very economical and efficient for outsourcing dedicated software development teams, for the provision of solutions to the current business challenges.

dedicated software development team

First, dedicated development model allows a fruitful client –developer relationship from the well-established frameworks, project scope, and other well-specified procedures. This is made possible by very interactive and frequent communication between the two parties which is usually for a vast comprehension of the project especially, at the contractor’s end. For this, there is a variety of different tracking systems that can be used from Bugzilla, JIRA, AgileZen, Pivotal Tracker.

So who is the dedicated development model is suitable for?

  • Companies undergoing product development that require software expertise without having to defocus the core team.
  • Companies that are dynamic and find permanent hiring of employees for their ever-changing scope requirements, expensive.
  • Companies in search on specific and rare expertise for a project but should also be cost-beneficial.
  • Also, for startups who require to offshore staff to rump up their team


In general, the dedicated development team model, allows you to grow your business by either scaling up or down as required, use your budget resources efficiently and cut off the time that would have been used for marketing. Plus, all this is done while the client has full management over all the project’s objectives, scope, and all its requirements.

For newcomers at using dedicated development model, here is a summary of procedures to hiring dedicated software development team for software company:

  1. Depending on the company’s project requirements, the developer, brings together a team of software developers, business analysts, software architects, quality assurance engineers and UI/UX designers
  2. The client can choose to manage the project themselves or as for remote dedicated developers, the developer can provide a project manager.
  3. Once all is set that is; frameworks, the project’s scope and objectives and they are mutually agreed upon, the work begins. The team then proceeds to understanding more of the company’s end-user requirements and everything that will allow them to work efficiently.


The dedicated development model is known to be very efficient and cost-effective for outsourcing dedicated software development team for software company. In turn, it has become a very common approach to offshoring dedicated teams especially the remote ones. Companies in Europe and America are outsourcing software development teams from Ukraine, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria and the dedicated development model is the main approach they are offered by a majority of the IT outsourcing companies.


Companies that face hardship attracting good developers in their country

Dedicated software development team for software company, is a beneficial way for companies in countries where finding good developers is challenging. This is usually mainly because of inadequate high quality IT skills and developing the in-house staff, would be expensive and time consuming for example in cities like London and New York. The cost of hiring the local developers could also be extremely costly in addition to the burden of overhead costs.

software development rates
More about software development rates and price making in three popular outsourcing locations in “2017 Globa Custom Software Development Rates Guide ” by Existek. Download.

Also, outsourcing is suitable for companies like those in Sweden where regulations limit companies to change their in-house staff frequently. The law supports employees such that; dismissal for business-related reasons (redundancy) is normally seen as based on just cause.

Extension of in-house Research and Development (R&D) and Startups

The client is usually enhanced by the dedicated development team model, to manage all the processes of the project as well as the team while all along, they ensure the provision of resources, infrastructure and any other requirements for the team to work. For instance, when well-financed, startups are able to efficiently work, get experienced as well as get established in turn, are able to develop products fast and efficiently. It is usually a platform for their growth and expansion.

Plus, with time the team becomes part of the client’s company as they come to share the same culture, technical platforms, work tools and finally, the same objectives. Therefore, dedicated software development is directly enhancing R&Ds and startups to grow to fast-growing IT service providers globally.


  • Jabra brand, Denmark’s GN Netcom is a Danish company that provides wireless and corded headsets for offices, call centers among others. Three years ago it required a software developing partner to enhance its growth and due to unlimited IT resources at it home country, it was forced to outsource. Jabra settled for using dedicated software development teams of currently six members. It has experienced 50% savings and availability of high quality IT expertise.
  • Another example is Sqord a company producing Sqord Activity Pod which in conjunction with the Sqord app creates a play tool for kids. It helps them become more active by introducing them to a world of games; all which was made possible by the help of dedicated software development team.


Cost-efficient and Labor arbitrage

It is evident that outsourcing dedicated software development team is less expensive than hiring a local team and with the extra finances the client saves, they can invest in the creation of a higher quality product. Why spend a lot while you can save approximately a quarter of that amount and get professional developers overseas?

dedicated software development team model pricing
Comparison of the total cost of engagement in the onshore and offshore locations.

Geographical mobility

Dedicated development model requires very engaging communication between the client and the developer. The good news is that despite the difference in physical location between the two, the team and the client still maintain the interaction for example through Skype.

dedicated software development team lower costs
Besides larger talent pool of the experienced engineers, offshore locations are highly appreciated by software companies thanks to significantly lower development expenses.

Access to scarce special IT talent

In the most of the countries like Ukraine, there is a known massive talent pool of IT specialists with different skills and experience in which the clients can choose from. There is unlimited access to potential and talented developers with the outsourcing of dedicated software development teams.

Availability solution-based developers

While in most countries, there is lack of certain IT skills which makes it hard for a company in such of a specific skill to get help. However, with the outsourcing of dedicated teams, there is a great chance of identifying the particular team, the company requires.

Ascertained loyalty

Unlike the in-house staff in which a company’s progress may be limited by their personal issues such as sick leaves, there exist a mutual agreement over the company’s requirements, project scope, and frameworks with a dedicated development team. The client provides resources, infrastructure, and other needs while the team ensures they work in accordance to the agreed terms in completing the project resulting to high-quality products.

Suitable for whatever business

Whether a technical or non-technical business, as long the client has adequate resources, the dedicated development team model is always of great benefit. With the dedicated development teams, there are a great number of differently skilled individuals to fulfill any clients’ requirements and project scope. The developer will combine all the skills they require as a team.

Constantly improving workflow

As a result of the team fluent involvement in comprehending the client’s demands, expectations, and business requirements, the work progress is never stagnant. There is a continuous growth of the client’s idea behind the project and with that, there is growth at work.

Pre-defined framework

Before the team starts on the client’s project, there is usually an already set concept for the project. This ensures focus by the team and acts as a reference tool for confirmation of work progress by the client as intended. Plus, while the client draws the project plan, they can set out their business priorities as well as the end-goal. They get a chance to dictate what they want and how they want it as well as when it can get done.


Dedicated team model has proven to be a valuable approach for the outsourcing companies to adopt in proving dedicated teams as well as encouraging the client who is offshore IT services to use the model. We at Existek have made it our task to help software companies scale their capabilities with highly qualified and experienced IT professionals.

Our core centers are located in Ukraine but the difference in geographical distance has never been a problem as we are always open to interacting with our clients and communicate seamlessly. We have among the best dedicated software development teams for different companies. The members are able to easily work with Microsoft Technology stack including .NET, C#, or Java. We can easily round up specific individuals at your request to provide you with the services you need. We are a one-stop shop for cost-effective and efficient dedicated development team provider. Visit our dedicated development team service homepage to learn more or contact us directly to discuss your requirements to the team today.