September 7, 2017

It is difficult to overestimate benefits of a well-established dedicated development team for startup. Winning funding next funding round heavily relies on the bunch of different factors. Fast prototyping and development are among these factors. Outsourcing and dedicated development team help startup software companies to skip long and expensive hiring process and keep up with tight development schedule. So, how do prosperous startups achieve high efficiency in collaboration with the dedicated development team?

Properly funded and successful startups have expanded on a practical method of stimulating their outsourcing providers and dedicated development teams. Such a method ensures that everyone involved collaborates harmoniously for a shared objective.

An impactful stimulation plan involves a start-up giving its developers offshore the same stock options the in-house staff receives. As such, everyone has the same motivation to help grow the company. Startups utilize the same approach to give incentives to IT outsourcing providers as well. While the concept sounds easy, it’s not very typical. It has proven to be successful for us.

This incentive plan also aids outsourcing providers in alluring experienced and successful developers to be a part of an offshore team for a startup.

A plan to add developers to the list of shareholders in the company allows experienced and successful programmers search for career opportunities while remaining in their native country with their friends and families.

Further, this approach produces an environment of a real startup atmosphere on the offshore team’s side, which is alluring for developers motivated by the new startup boom, especially if they endeavor to launch a business down the road.

Another advantage of this incentive plan is that an offshore team can act as a regular source of talent for a startup’s R&D in-house team to aid in its evolution.

A startup might choose to improve its existing in-house development team with proven employees who can act as a backup to domestic talent. By employing the best performing talent on-site, the business also holds onto all its trade secrets. It also offers career advancement for the dedicated development team for startup, so they can lock-down regular development. Most outsourcing firms will send a portion of its developers to the client’s site since it aids in creating strong associations between the pair of destinations, and also gives more incentive to the offshore team’s development.

At Existek we know how properly staffed and managed dedicated development teams important for startup’s success. Agile approach and overall team experience allow us to build cost effective dedicated development team for startup that is capable of delivering best possible result in tight timeframes. Visit our Dedicated Development Team Service Page or Contact Us directly to discuss your project and start screening resumes. You’re welcome to share the experience of your startup’s collaboration with the dedicated development team in the comments section below and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions and start the discussion.